1. Hawaiibadboy

    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

          THE BEST IEM FOR BASS ARE.. .       The 10 Best....(impact)     Hawaiibadboy's list   1.  Sony MDR EX800ST/ 7550 *taped vent + 500mW max input. Studio tuned,mids stay relatively clean with elevated bass - Need to tape vent, stock cable SUCKZ * I own this     2. Aurisonics...
  2. sid12345678910

    $600 good sub bass Custom/Universal iems recommendations

    Hay guys   So recently i have lost my beloved atrios mg7 with the custom sleeve on them and i am now searching for replacements. I have increased my budget allot since when I was buying my atrios witch was $250. My new budget is now $600. I am looking for mostly costume iems since they seem...
  3. Dragoon47

    Office Head Phones for RWAK100

    I am about to purchase RWAK100 and I will pair it with the ALO RX3, head phones LCD 3 and Future Sonics MG6PRO with Toxic Cables I am looking for a recommendation for head phones that I can use in the office, I am thinking Sen Momentums, would welcome thoughts Thank you
  4. oneofthem

    MG6PRO vs AS-2 does anyone heard both?

    please let know if you know who heard both :]   thanks in advance   cheers
  5. Starsky5000

    Is An Amp Needed for the Future Sonics MG6Pro Ear Monitor?

    I like dynamic earphones more & more since I recently bought and have been listening to my Future Sonic Atrios. They really reproduce bass really well and I think I found my sound signature in Future Sonics. I also am extremely pleased with their customer support and the way they treat their...
  6. shotgunshane

    [Review] UM Merlin, FS MG6Pro, AKG K3003

    Unique Melody Merlin     Foreword:   At the time I ordered the UM Merlin, I had been a registered Head-Fier for right at a year, and like many members who have been around any length of time, had run the gamut of mid and top tier universals.  I have had a great time buying, selling...
  7. oneofthem

    ♠♠bass impact mothership CIEM♠♠ anything out there worth over MG6PRO?

    hello friends,   looking for bass mothershop ciem   anything today that worth getting over mg6pro? merlin, 3DD,  AS-2, 1plus2...others???   thanks in advance   cheers
  8. king8888

    Need your advice: UM Merlin or UE18?

    Hello head-fiers   I have been saving money for my next custom since last year. I have been using JH16 for 2 years and I really want a side-grade. The 2 customs that get my attention are UE18 and UM Merlin. I'm very curious about this 2 customs. I have read a lot of reviews about the Merlin...
  9. sNapatz

    Audio Engineering: UE Reference Monitors or FS MG6Pro?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the board. I am looking for cIEMs that I can use to mix or master my music on the fly. I sometimes do live sound mixing. I use Beyerdynamic DT 880 pro as my working headphone. I did research and have only two choices left for me: UE Reference Monitors 3 BAs driver...
  10. SpaceBeatZ

    Dubstep IEM's

    So I've been reading through reviews but still don't know what to go for. Price isn't a factor just looking for good IEM's for portable use. I listen mainly to dubstep (Zomboy, Eptic, datsik, excission, killabits etc) mostly american style UKF sometimes. I like electro as well. I'm looking for...
  11. zambiland

    Future Sonic MG5Pro experience

    This is my review I posted at Gearslutz. Since then, I've broken them in a bit and they just sound amazing. Unless you need really high sensitivity or the very last word in low end, I would recommend these over the MG6Pros. It might be because they fit me better than my 6's, but there it is.  ...
  12. Future Sonics mg6pro

    Future Sonics mg6pro

    mg6pro™ 13mm Ear Monitors® Custom Fit Professional Earphones, celebrating 25 Years, now feature our NEW mg6pro™ 13mm proprietary miniature dynamic transducers. The mg6pro™ are multi-driver & crossover free; delivering full range audio w/ natural hi-end sparkle, warm mids and a low-end frequency...