1. Hawaiibadboy

    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

          THE BEST IEM FOR BASS ARE.. .       The 10 Best....(impact)     Hawaiibadboy's list   1.  Sony MDR EX800ST/ 7550 *taped vent + 500mW max input. Studio tuned,mids stay relatively clean with elevated bass - Need to tape vent, stock cable SUCKZ * I own this     2. Aurisonics...
  2. SkyBleu

    IEMs: Sennheiser IE8 Vs. UE TripleFi 10 - Which is better?

    Hello all,    I made this thread in search of an answer to my question in the title, as there wasn't already a thread on this topic.    I am just curious, between the two, which IEM is the better option? Why?   It'd be appreciated if you could leave a reason(s) why you chose one of...
  3. WarCable

    Samsung Galaxy S2 owner looking for good headphone solution for EDM

    I've been browsing these forums for weeks now cause I'm on the lookout to replace my in-ears but the more I read the more I get confused!   I listen alot of Electro / Dirty Dutch mixsets (Afrojack, R3hab, Bingo Players, etc) and the forums here have multiple threads about a suitable...
  4. Golila3

    Looking for the "Best" Universal IEM

    HELLO~~~~ HeAd Fi~~ I'm trying to get myself some really good high end Universal IEMs. I just don't feel like doing custom right now since my last JH-16 gave me a really hard time with fit issues.    I've owned/borrowed  a few IEMs in my until today and here's my ranking for SOUND...
  5. egokun

    Any portable/full can that sounds like Sennheiser IE8?

    Hi everybody. I am a proud owner of a Sennheiser IE8. I also own three headphones: Audio Technica AD2000, Sennheiser HD 558, and AKG K518 DJ (Euro model of K81, if I'm not mistaken). As much as I like all of them, the IE8 is my absolute favorite when it comes to PRAT and engaging sound. To my...
  6. M

    A fun exercise (I hope): Which IEMs best define each sound signature?

    Hi folks.  Let me freely admit that I come to this question with more than a casual interest.  My firm designs and installs custom listening and viewing environments in homes.  Joining this site has led to a brainstorm with my partner about how to help our clients understand what sort of sound...
  7. galaxygrrl

    Suggestions on Earphones

    Hi all,    So, I'm on the market for a new set of headphones given I just lost my IE 8s :(  And I thought I would ask people for suggestions of what to look at.     I loved my Shure 535's becasue they were good with the mids, not to heavy on the base and sounded great for Jazz, talk...
  8. k923

    t-Jays four style headphone?

    Are there any other headphones that have the same style as the t-Jays?   Angled Nozzle. Other portion of earphone sits in ear and is semi flat. Has iPhone controls.   I really didn't like the short cord on the t-Jays.  I have tried apple earpods and bose triports and they are both...
  9. Dreamnine

    What is the general/average lifespan of iems.?

    My Sennheiser ie8s lasted 2 and-a-half years before they died in one channel, 6 months outside the warranty. Not too good for £200 ear phones, I thought. But I wore them everywhere including many outside activities (although I was careful to not get them wet.)   My Beyerdynamic MMX 101iE...
  10. krismusic

    IEM's Soundstage

    Well I am now happy with the sound of my set up tonally but something that is really bugging me is that the sound is coming either directly in line with my ears or slightly behind. Giving the sensation of sitting with my back to a pair of speakers. Anyone else have this? Is it a characteristic...
  11. sjondenon

    New IEM, hard choice

    Hi fellow headfi'ers, After having enjoyed my sennheiser ie8's for two years, I think it is time for something new. I had a love/hate relationship with the IE8's, sometimes they sounded like crap considering the fact that the bass is quite muddy, mids are recessed and the highs are not really...
  12. KimChee

    Do You Guys Take Your Mid-Fi/High End Headphones Outside of the House Or Do They Live Inside Only?

    Do You Guys Take Your Mid-Fi/High End Headphones Outside Or Do They Live Inside Only?
  13. Jabse

    Very airy/detailed headphones for EDM <$300 that can compete with sennheiser ie8 unamped

    So Ive had dt770/80, xb700 and the ie8's.. i ditched the 770's a while ago because they just didn't hit the spot with regards detail/clarity.. sounded a bit blunt tbh.. then i switched to xb700 which were good  for a while and then finally one day I tried my ie8's on the computer and despite...
  14. Sauce021

    Help deciding on IEMS, please!

    HI everyone. I'm new here. Let me get right to the point.  Okay. So I've been doing a ton of research on many different IEMs. I've only just found out that there are far more superior IEMs than Bose has to offer in that price bracket. I wanted some expert advice on which to choose...
  15. Cmcintosh

    T-jays three, sennheiser ie8 or urbeats

    Hi all, I am new to head-fi so forgive me if I sound like a idiot. I need some new iem's and i have cannot decide between the t-jays 3, the ie8's and the urbeats. I am a bass head and so need a lot of bass but I also need to factor in the sound isolation and comfort. I simply cannot make up my...
  16. sentine

    most BASS earphones for dubstep

    iam looking for a earphone that has lots of bass but still have clarity. do the UE 900 have basshead bass? budget: $400
  17. HEaDAchES

    1st time reviewer/ Sennheiser IE8/ semi-audiophile in training.

    ::DISCLAMER:: This is my 1st review on Head-Fi so I will do my best to be accurate and precise. I don't know all the audiophile terms but (I'm learning) i'll give you my honest opinion and thoughts on what I'm hearing. I decided after years and months of reading on this forum the best way to...
  18. wingtsun

    IE8s Are Still Doing It For Me!!

    Rather pleased with this little portable rig! The iPad is with me pretty much everywhere I go, anyways so bringing along the Predator and the IE8s isn't much of a chore. Bit of a pain having to have both the CCK and the T3 Hub but hey ho.. Running AIFFs this little rig sounds pretty good!!  ...
  19. izver

    SQ and loudness In-Ear vs Cans

    Hi   Okay so I'm going to buy headphones for commuting, riding my bike, riding my moped. So sort of noisy enviroments. I am not anywhere near being an audiophile. I dont appreciate pure and clean sound. For example when I put the on a pair of Beats I was incredibly impressed by the sound. I...
  20. blix55

    Null Audio Lune Mark II cable for Sennheiser IE8

    Hello! I just recently bought the Lune MKII cable replacement for IE8 from Null audio. I was just curious to see if it was possible to safely remove the plastic and metal wire right below the sockets. Thanks! 
  21. DavvyJones96

    Best step up from GR07s?

    I've been loving the GR07s (CCE, but don't judge) for over the past year I've had 'em. Sadly, the wiring in the left monitor was doomed from the moment I got them, as it wasn't fitted into the cable sleeve properly, and it didn't occur to me as being an issue, and they still served me well. I...
  22. A

    Life expectancy of IEM Drivers

    Hey guys,   I just wanted to ask if anyone knows the average life expectancy of IEM drivers?   I'm getting reshells+additonal drivers for a pair of TF10 and a pair of IE8. They're still working fine but they're at least 2 years old now, should I be worried about the original drivers...
  23. MagicX

    Question about Sennheiser IE8 Warranty Repair

    Hey Head-Fi'ers,    I have a quick question about my warranty repair for a pair of Sennheiser IE8s. Unfortunately, my beloved IE8s stopped working properly but I found that I was still within my 2-year limited warranty (based on my purchase date from Amazon). So I mailed in my IE8s and...
  24. caravanapalace

    Am I paranoid or is there really something wrong

    Hey!   I think I am cursed; not sure if in a good or a bad way, but I can really tell any slight difference in sound balance and I always have problems with that. I have Sennheiser IE80s for almost one year now, I am extremely satisfied with them, however, last month the right piece went...
  25. 3

    CKS1000 vs IE8

    So I purchased MXW1's a while ago for $190 brand new. Later I learned that the rechargeable battery was out of production so average usage will limit me to one year with those.    That being said, I want a good pair of IEMs that I can use instead of my MXW1's, and I'm stuck choosing between...