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New IEM, hard choice

  1. sjondenon
    Hi fellow headfi'ers,

    After having enjoyed my sennheiser ie8's for two years, I think it is time for something new.
    I had a love/hate relationship with the IE8's, sometimes they sounded like crap considering the fact that the bass is quite muddy, mids are recessed and the highs are not really sparkling. On the other hand, I really love their 'thick' sound, huge sound stage, superb build quality, smooth highs and (even tough it;s muddy) 'big bass'.

    Getting to the point, bearing in mind that I haven't monitored the whole IEM business for the past two years, I would like to ask for some advice.
    What I'm looking for (with the IE8 as reference point)
    - similar build quality
    -Highs: just as smooth as the IE8 but with a tad more presence and clarity. (not much more, just a bit)
    -Mids: A bit less recessed.
    -Bass: A decent amount of sub bass (more than the IE8), a tad less mid bass than the IE8 and better impact. --> overall less muddy.
    -Soundstage: identical to the IE8 if possible.
    -Pricing: <€200, cheaper is better.

    The genres i'm listening to vary quite a lot. I usually listen to 80's but also progressive house and some hiphop.
  2. ZARIM
    The JVC FX700 offers realy deep clean bass which reverb like fullsize subwoofers, highs are extended on these with great midrange details but they suffer same as on IE8( on both IEMs they are not forwards but behind bass and highs, FX700 mids are mored detailed) and it offers wide soundstage not as IE8 but still fairly wide. The other IEMs like EX1000, SM3 are pretty good for the price(more detailed mids, highs than IE8 with good punchy bass and wide soundsatge)and they are not as bassheavy as IE8 or FX700.
  3. sjondenon

    Thanks for your input! Unfortunately, the FX700 is not available in my country (Netherlands). Besides, i've read that vocals sound quite distant on these awhich isn't exactly what i'm looking for.
    Regarding the EX1000, their sound signature seems to appeal to me but their form factor (size, design) is a big dealbreaker for me. The Earsonics are also not available here and they are quite pricy.
  4. mark2410 Contributor
    from what you describe the closest i can think of would be the TF10 other that the IE8
    have you thought of getting a better source or adding an amp?

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