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    Fostex HP-P1 Venturecraft Go-DAP JVC/Victor FX700
  3. Y

    Tenso forwarding services

    Can people that have used this to get Japanese only earphones please chime in their experience with it. What happens is a delivery from Amazon Japan was attempted but not complete because they're closed at the time of delivery. Any good or bad Tenso experiences would be appreciated.
  4. Spyro

    Mid-Bass "Bump" and Clarity

    It seems the general consensus is that an IEM with a mid-bass bump has a tendency to "cloud" or "veil" the midrange a bit (like W4).   The W3 is known as an IEM that has one of the more significant mid-bass bumps out there yet the clarity and crispness is top notch.  So how can this be?
  5. sjondenon

    New IEM, hard choice

    Hi fellow headfi'ers, After having enjoyed my sennheiser ie8's for two years, I think it is time for something new. I had a love/hate relationship with the IE8's, sometimes they sounded like crap considering the fact that the bass is quite muddy, mids are recessed and the highs are not really...
  6. Folex

    Fully open IEM in US?

    Is there any fully open IEMs that can be bought in America online ?
  7. SplashArtist

    JVC HA-FX700 OR Vsonic V7007

    Hey guys! I haven't posted in awhile, but my headphone fever has returned (of course). I have been using Vsonic GR07 and BrainWavz HM5 the past couple of years (I found the HM5's to be severely overhyped and had a very flat, boring, and distant presentation). While they have lasted me I feel I...
  8. Skwalla

    In-Ear phones: unbreakable/fully warranted/replaceable - which to choose?

    Hi all, I am looking at buying a new pair of in-ear headphones. I run through these as crazy though, typically due to the chord breaking. In the last year I've gone through two pairs of beats along with a pair of Etymotic HF-5's.. Therefore, for my next pair, I want a pair where this problem...
  9. JuzModa

    Iem suggestions

    Ok guys i have a shure se425 with me now but i think that it is time to upgrade. I am in a dilemma of what to buy so i am asking for help from you guys. I have 1000 sgd budget and i want an iem. Shure se535ltd caught my eye but i want more suggestions. As the se535 some people said have bad clarity
  10. Mcarter3

    Replacement for my Westone 3's

    Thread has been relocated to Help and Recommendation section. Apologies      Been quite a while since I have been on the site. I have my dream setup for over ears and amp and have been very happy with my portable rig (Ipod 5 running rockbox and westone 3's) until the time I decide to try...
  11. ubs28

    IEM overrated?

    So I bought the Shure SE535 expecting that it would destroy my designer B&W P5 (much cheaper than the Shure SE535), however it doesn't. It has got a different character but I wouldn't say it's better. ( the shure sounds cleaner, thinner but more seperation while the B&W sounds full and warm )...
  12. SilverEars

    Your top Japanese IEMs (can you rank the ones you have heard? Or point out ones you like)

    Hi, I don't have much experience with Japanese IEMs except Fitear TG334.  I know there are lots of threads about Japanese iems, but I think it's better for me to ask those that have lots of experience with them to rank them and list them.   So, can you rank Japanese iems you have tried from...
  13. Shub-Niggurath

    Could you explain balanced armature to me?

    In layman's terms as much as possible? :) I read the relevant section of the Wikipedia article on headphones and while I understand most of it, I don't really get the practical applications in terms of the actual listening experience or sound quality or whatever. Are they better/worse/it...
  14. egosumlux

    Clarity One EB110 Review

    This is my first review so bear with me if I sound less than accurate for I am just an aspiring audiophile tight in budget.   I totally disagree with reviewers that says these canalphones are average. The sound they provide is superb. They render instruments naturally, have a wide and deep...
  15. richbass

    JVC HA-FX700 vs JVC HA-FX850

    Hello Audiophiles, I have been looking for a comparison between the two but looks like no one has done so. I have narrowed down both of them as per my requirements and i don't want to go with the custom route. I would love to hear the impressions of both from their respective owners. Thank you.
  16. Wolvebain

    Suggested IEM for rockboxed Sansa Clip+

    Hi all.   Please suggest some IEM to be used with a rockboxed Sansa Clip+.  Would be using it to listen to the follow music: Guitar Instrumental [Buckethead, Satriani, etc] Classic Rock [Led Zepp, Cream, etc] Prog-Rock [Dream Theater, Tool, etc ] Rap-Core [RATM] Some R&B & Rap [Public...
  17. ryanjsoo

    JVC FX700 vs FX750

    Hi, big fan of JVCs FX700, anyone own both the FX700 and 750?, what improvements are there and how do they compare in design/size, thanks.
  18. Shark

    Wood IEMs: What do you suggest?

    I'm looking in to picking up some wood earphones.    So far, I'm looking into The House of Marley (People Get Ready), ThinkSound (ts02), or something by Woodies...   Does anyone have experience with one, or all, of these? What's my best bet for sound? I've heard some people say that wood...
  19. ryanjsoo

    JVC FX700 vs Cardas em5813

    From what i`ve heard they`re both high end dynamic iem`s with an emphasis on bass, can anyone compare them? I currently own the FX800`s and am a large dynamic fan, if anyone can comment on the Cardas in particular that would be appreciated, thanks for any responses.
  20. ljokerl

    Woodees IESW101B vs Thinksound TS01 Review: Got Wood?

    Intro Anyone who has spent significant amounts of time browsing Head-Fi’s full-size forum is sure to have noticed that head-fiers’ obsession with wood borders on unhealthy. Wooden housings in full-size headphone design are nothing new - upmarket offerings from premier manufacturers have...
  21. geoxile

    Best tips for JVC HA-FX700?

    Right now I think I have Sony hybrid tips on them but I'm running out (lost a tip today). Is there anything better?
  22. Eugguy

    IEM's with huge soundstage and bass?

    What IEMs will offer huge soundstage and bass? I like the deep rumbling sound the ie80s can offer. I listen to a lot of house/edm. I also love softer female vocals such as Norah Jones, Sia... I own and have tried a number of popular IEMs such as: 1. Sennheiser IE8- I owned. Loved it. I liked...
  23. milk

    Best IEMS in my budget?

    Haha, hey guys! Well I may have finished my time with headphones :/ I loved them very much and got a nice collection but they seemed a bit too bulky nowadays for how much i want to use them in public now haha! So after researching a lot i hear IEMS can deliver up to par or surpass the quality...
  24. matthewh133

    Tried the Westone 4, nice but looking for something different.

    Ok so I'm relatively new to the portable world, and I recently purchased the Westone 4R. They're very nice, a good all-rounder. The bass impact is decent, mids are nice, but I am looking for a bit more sparkle and air in the treble. These feel rolled off at the top end. Any suggestions for me...
  25. Peculier

    IEM/CIEM with a V-Shaped Sound?

    I've done extensive auditioning of Westone 4s, SM3v2, Westone 3, Shure SE535 and other top tier universal BA earphones, but I never seemed to be able to like any of them. I have been a long user of TF10s, and I really enjoy their V-shaped sound signature. I always felt that the other top tier...