1. sjondenon

    New IEM, hard choice

    Hi fellow headfi'ers, After having enjoyed my sennheiser ie8's for two years, I think it is time for something new. I had a love/hate relationship with the IE8's, sometimes they sounded like crap considering the fact that the bass is quite muddy, mids are recessed and the highs are not really...
  2. RustA

    Changed title: SM64, or EX1000, or RE272 for a Senns HD800 fanboy?

    I want to get as close to HD800's sound as possible... It's neutrality from the bottom to the top, separation, imaging and expansive soundstage with incredible width and depth. I understand that IEMs are different from full-size, of course, but there are IEMs that are offer the best in terms of...
  3. sinefine

    Most comfortable Supra Aural or IEM ?

    I recently tried Beyer DT990 Premium but I find them very uncomfortable due to the pressure on the jaw joint. I suffer from TMJ and the headphone is making it worse.   My budget is up to 400 dollars. Which Supra Aural or IEMs are the most comfortable, provide great soundstage and good for...
  4. quantx

    Best IEM for contemporary orchestral and 1950/1960 jazz ?

    I'm new to IEM and look for a good pair for under 400 USD. Mostly 20-th century (from Chostakovitch to Boulez) and 1950/1960 jazz.
  5. orenco

    Buying new IE

    I own a pair of ATH M-50 I bought half a year back and I'm quite satisfied with 'em, but they're messy to carry around with and I'm afraid to leave them in my room when I'm gone. I was thinking about getting new pair of headphones that would give me a different experience from the M-50 (aka...
  6. Inks

    Apple ME186LL/A Dual Driver Improved Revision?

    First off, a MUST read.   While the ADDIEM fell under the radar for a while [being vastly underrated?], Apple discretely revised the build of the ADDIEMs , but may have also tuned the sound a bit differently. The ADDIEMs labeled MA850G/A are now ME186LL/A. Certainly the performance of the...
  7. foxwoods

    Yet Another Headphone recommendation thread

    Hi all,   Looking for a set of headphones for work (need to not leak much), most likely over the ear (though if people have good in-ear suggestions, let me know) for roughly $200-300 (open to suggestions of what I could upgrade to). Genres are best defined by bands: Radiohead, Parov...
  8. canikickit1

    Complement to er4p/s?

    I currently have the er4p and love the insane clarity and detail of this cold sounding iem. I am looking for an iem that is the perfect complement (warm, fun sounding , smooth) , while maintaining at least half of the clarity an ety provides. I am looking to spend up to $250 and have tried the...
  9. Othello3

    Universal fit IEM for jazz– Shure or Aurisonics ASG-1 or Heir 4ai?

    Hi all,   I've been looking to replace my Shure 420 iems for a while now, but the situation has become untenable. I love these phones, at least I love them the way that you love your first real high end anythings. I'm a big jazz fan, and I spend most of my listening time with straight-ahead...
  10. betudontbet

    Help !!! to choose a powerful earphones

    Hello , its my 1st post so i dont know if this is the right section , anyway   Can u suggest me a powerful earphones with good quality for max 300 $   I looked for Klipsch x10i , but i dont rly know if they are rly powerful , i like to listen to trance/harstyle with good bass , can u...
  11. Skwalla

    In-Ear phones: unbreakable/fully warranted/replaceable - which to choose?

    Hi all, I am looking at buying a new pair of in-ear headphones. I run through these as crazy though, typically due to the chord breaking. In the last year I've gone through two pairs of beats along with a pair of Etymotic HF-5's.. Therefore, for my next pair, I want a pair where this problem...
  12. ubs28

    IEM overrated?

    So I bought the Shure SE535 expecting that it would destroy my designer B&W P5 (much cheaper than the Shure SE535), however it doesn't. It has got a different character but I wouldn't say it's better. ( the shure sounds cleaner, thinner but more seperation while the B&W sounds full and warm )...
  13. sfwalcer

    VSonic VSD5 Impressions Thread. VSonic's answer to Sony's EX1000???

    Let's see if VSonic is full of it or can they REALLY bring the heat with this VSD5. No detachable cable is a bummer but the clear smoke color scheme is pretty elegant with that silver cable of theirs. Not bad not bad......    
  14. SilverEars

    Your top Japanese IEMs (can you rank the ones you have heard? Or point out ones you like)

    Hi, I don't have much experience with Japanese IEMs except Fitear TG334.  I know there are lots of threads about Japanese iems, but I think it's better for me to ask those that have lots of experience with them to rank them and list them.   So, can you rank Japanese iems you have tried from...
  15. time3211

    Top in-ear headphone monitors advice please

    Hi peeps :)    first of all I did research on google and also searched the forum but there wasn't any results on the questions i would like to ask today.    I am joining a course for audio production at the same i have always used a decent headphone's currently using Klpisch X10i the...
  16. kevms89

    Iphone only, no amp, am I not giving my IEMS justice?

    I have had the RE0, R50, ETY, and now have the XBA-1 and 3, I am now wanting the MDREX1000 which would be the highest class iem I buy, am I not doing them justice using my iPhone 5, should I get an amp? I almost feel bad. I certainly like the sound my XBA3 produces and it blows away my previous...
  17. M

    Rewiring a pair of Sony Earphones

    Hope this is the right forum and website for this. So I just generally like Sony earbuds all around, for away-from home listening, and I enjoy the ability to use the iphone controller integrated into most of their cords. But I bought a pair of the Sony XBA-1ip's which I was thoroughly...
  18. JoeDoe

    Universal IEM Dilemma

    So in an effort to thin the proverbial herd, I'm come to a weird decision on which I'd like your input.   My two primary IEMs are TF10s and W4s. If I use a 10 point scale, the TF10 is a hard 9 and the W4 is an 8.5. Since I'd like to sell one, the problem lies here:   I'm not a big fan of...
  19. sdugoten

    The top-tier (USD 300+) "Bassy enough basshead IEM" list.

    I have been trying to search for the best basshead IEM for a while.   I am looking for a earphone that gives the MOST quantity of bass as well as sub bass rumble without using an amp.  I have tried quite a few IEMs, the following (supposed to be basehead recommend IEM) do not give me enough bass...
  20. kevms89

    Some IEM that are bright with clear bass?

    Treble>>>Bass to me all day, I love the clear sound rather than the bumping bass, still bass is needed as long as its clear. What is the cleanest sounding high quality IEM you can think of? In short I hate muddiness, hate hate hate it!
  21. nastynice

    looking for high quality iems with short or two piece cables for armband

    I need an iem that has a short cable because I want to use it on my armband when I'm at the gym.  I tried working out with full length cable iems, and as much as I wished it was ok, it just wasn't, it was very annoying to workout in.   I currently own meelec sport fi6, but I want something...
  22. AndroidVageta

    Sony MDR-EX1000 vs. T-Peos Altone200...FIGHT!!!

    Well...just got a pair of MDR-EX1000's! Something I've always wanted but never quite pulled the trigger on. Upon first listen I have to say that these must be compared to the Altone200 that I owned before these as the similarities are pretty striking in some regards.   I no longer own the...
  23. JamesM

    Various types of high-tech, bizarre headphone diaphragms

    Human imaginations are always extraordinary.   To start with is a astounding biological diaphragm here. On the left is the image of EX1000 liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm, whereas on the right is that of E888 biological material diaphragm.   The manufacturing process of...
  24. Catastrophe

    Sony Ex1000 vs Westone 4R vs Shure 535

    Hey guys,   I'm looking for an upgrade to my Shure SE215 as I find the bass too overwhelming and lacking details and mids. I've narrowed down to these 3 and having a hard time to make a final decision.   Sony Ex1000, supposed to be one of the best with well controlled bass and good mids, but...
  25. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] Final Audio Design Adagio III: Who Needs Accessories?

    Final Audio Design Adagio III Review   Intro Final Audio Design or FAD as I will refer to them from now on is a high-end audio company from Japan. They are known by me and many for having some of the most expensive earphones as well as a pair of single balanced armature IEMs for over a...