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VSonic VSD5 Impressions Thread. VSonic's answer to Sony's EX1000???

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  1. sfwalcer
    Let's see if VSonic is full of it or can they REALLY bring the heat with this VSD5. No detachable cable is a bummer but the clear smoke color scheme is pretty elegant with that silver cable of theirs. Not bad not bad......
    [​IMG] [​IMG] 
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  2. sfwalcer
  3. kova4a
    lol The Master Troll himself starting the VSD5 appreciation thread. That will be interesting.
  4. sfwalcer

    Hey it's da New Years meng, anything is possible.
                             ............. you staying sober so you can finally get to ma' level??? Who am i kidding anyways. YOU SOBER??? HA!!!
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  5. Shawn71
    Massa troll.....:D
  6. willy156
    Ayo can't wait for some reviews. Lend me ur ears says the target reference for VSD5 is the sony ex 1000
  7. kova4a
    Yeah, Happy New Year! LOL  I've been drinking for the past 12 hours and the sun should be rising soon.
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  8. sfwalcer

    Dats Messiah Troll to you meng.
    tumblr_lqycejiSXn1r1u0b4o1_500.gif .... i have a vision!!! :wink:
  9. sfwalcer
    Will see about that....
    I gots monies to burn so i am all ova' this hype train from the get-go. hoho if they indeed live up to their proclaimed hype, then my master write is gonna be interesting to say the least.
    LMAO, yeah meng i don't doubt ya' whatsoever. You don't have to brag. I haven't even had dinner yet, it's only 7 something PM here for god sake you damn drunks!!! [​IMG]
    Happy New Years ya'll and may 2015 be the year of the...
    flying-kick-bruce-lee-26691209-350-182.gif ... Chinameng Can!!!
  10. Shawn71
    Ok,so, now lets begin w/supplied accessories......looks like the stock accessories have 4 pairs of silicon tips....the foamies,bi-flanges and ear-guides are not mentioned in the LMUE's description....which I think is either lmue missing something or Vsonic didnt update lmue clearly as far as the supplied stuffs are concerned.....coz bi-flanges and ear-guides are must part of vsonic family atleast if not foamies.....(I wish it cld be :D )

    Sound signature: Referenced after the Sony EX1000. 
    * Driver Unit: CCAW Dynamic Drivers
    * Connector: 3.5mm plug
    * Cable: 1.2m±0.3m Silver plated copper wire
    * 4 pairs of silicon tips
    * 1 X pouch 
  11. kova4a
    Well, that's the standard affair - 3 pairs of single flanges and one of bi-flanges. The foamies are still quite sub-par, so I wouldn't miss them (not to mention that I already have more than 10 pairs of them).
  12. waynes world
    Whaaaaaa? The vsd5's are actually REAL??? Coolios!
  13. Shawn71

    I just didnt expect any claimed sound for vsd3/3s and I was so happy for its sound and the price I paid as of now and same here, my expectations are like a clean slate for vsd5......:wink: And its better to be that way,just me sayin....coz there'll be no surprises even if it doesnt sound as ex1000, and btw, I didnt get a chance to listen or own ex1000 either so I really cant say between them......:D

    We'll just enjoy what budget IEMs has to offer....:tongue_smile:

    And like masta said,we'll wait & see....:popcorn:

  14. Shawn71

    Yeah im neither a fan of foamies.....good that 4th pair is biflanges,I like them just like MEE's.....
  15. altrunox
    Subbed cause Vsonic is love [​IMG] 
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