1. boneburglar

    WTB VSonic GR07X

    Primarily looking to buy specifically a VSonic GR07X. Feel free to send offers! If this stays up for a while with no luck, I’d be willing to settle for a regular GR07 Classic or a Tin T4 but feel free to shoot them my way at any time.
  2. VSonic VSD 3P

    VSonic VSD 3P

    Description Handmade, every pair is unique VSONIC brand first Vice-flat earphones High-quality diaphragm, 16mm high dynamic driver Tri-band equalizer, suitable for popular, vocal Bullet-proof wire, tensile and not winding 3.5mm gold-plated L-shaped two-channel plug Fashion wearing way Using...
  3. Ian Balisy

    VSONIC GR01 Earbuds

    After a long while not using these GR01s, it seems time to sell them. They’re great and are in like new condition, and I’m throwing in the Procase hard case I got for them for free. Original packaging, extra tips, etc. all included.
  4. adolchristin

    SOLD - 2017 VSonic GR07 Classic Detachable Cable

    In excellent condition with all original accessories included. A fantastic starter IEM for those looking to get into the hobby. Ranked B- by Crinacle. Looking for $50 which includes shipping to the United States and paypal fees. International shipping is possible but at the buyer's expense.
  5. adolchristin

    VSonic GR07 Classic Detachable Cable

    Looking to sell my beloved VSonic GR07 Classic Detachable Cable. I haven't used it much since I got myself an Etymotic ER2XR. It comes with all the original accessories and packaging. I'll also include a pack of Spinfit CP100 medium tips which I think are perfect for these headphones...
  6. bogginhead

    (WTT) (US-AL) Mint Trinity Audio Icarus III (F) Audbos P4 / Tenhz P4 Pro / BGVP DM6 or Art Magic VG 4 /Vsonic GR07 or GR07 Classic

    In mint condition; I've used these maybe 5 hours since purchase. Come with all original accessories and packaging.
  7. steviewonderbread

    FS: VSonic GR07 Classic

    Continuing to clear out some of the gear I hope would be used more in a different home. These are the highly-rated VSonic GR07 Classic edition (not Bass edition) from 2017-ish, which means they don't have detachable cables like the newer model. I managed to keep all original packaging and...
  8. Vsonic VS9

    Vsonic VS9

    Feature: VS9 Iceberg Series -- flagship IEM. New Mysterious Diaphragm. Aluminum-magnesium alloy, Built by pure CNC technology. 24Ω ,Better representation of tone quality. 99.99% sterling silver cable with 2 Pin 0.78mm Connector Detachable Cable Humanized Auricle Structure Design Conforms to...
  9. atikin

    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition (BE)

    Price: 65 USD shipped Selling my old pair of VSonic GR07 Bass Edition (BE) IEM. One of the best audiophile sounds for this price range. Those are original VSonic earphones, 100% authentic and genuine. This model has enhanced bass response with generally v-shaped sound signature. Very airy and...
  10. takato14

    Vsonic GR09 (LNIB)

    Second owner. Used a total of maybe 5 hours between the two of us. Stock cable developed a short at the earphone side and was replaced with a DIY solution. Bassy and clean, but not enough isolation for my use case. Would have kept otherwise. Asking for $90 shipped and PayPal'd. Photos later...
  11. Yetsman

    Upgrade to my Vsonic GR07

    Hi guys, Been looking for a significant upgrade to my GR07 for up to 250$ The gr07 are a little cold and distant for me and I want something warmer and bigger Any ideas?
  12. Tautvydas

    VSONIC GR09 vs VS7

    Hello, Looked over and over for information, can't decide which one to pick. Maybe someone could provide some information, which one would be better, since both seems quite similar. GR09 would be with plastic casing, VS7 - night mirror (Resin) Thanks!
  13. Vsonic VS7

    Vsonic VS7

    Vsonic VS7 is the successor to the wildly successful Vsonic GR07. In terms of sound signature, it is similar to the GR07 classic with better controlled highs. The sibilance which plague the previous models has been reduced. Housing: Resin Specification: Drivers: 11mm CCAW drivers...
  14. VSONIC VS3


    Vsonic VS3 Vsonic VS3 is the successor to the beloved VSD3S. It features a brand new attractive diamond cut housing as well as a 2 pin detachable connector cable design. It retains the mid-centric sound signature that Vsonic is known for that will be sure to delight long time fans...
  15. G

    What IEM’S for under 300$?

    Hi, im currently looking for iems for under 300$. A removable cable is must and preferably a over-ear design. I usually listen to hip hop, electronic music but i usually mix things up. I did some research and some did catch my eye: Vsonic GR09, Campfire Comet, FiiO FH5. I own a fiio q1 mk2.
  16. Vsonic Ares

    Vsonic Ares

    Vsonic Ares Universal Fit In-Ear Monitor The Vsonic Ares is a Single Dynamic Driver IEM with a pretty unique design. Features: All new full metal design And handbraided 4 core cable. Specification: Driver: 11 mm CCAW carbon nanotube driver Frequency: 10Hz- 28000 Hz Efficiency: 50...
  17. Cya|\|

    Vsonic GR07 37th ae

    I am selling my Vsonic GR07 37th anniversary limited edition. They are in excellent conditions; I've used them very little. I've sometimes bought iems, but ended up using almost only my speakers :darthsmile:. They sound close to the gr09. I'm selling them at 99 euros, with 20 euros for shipping...
  18. ohsigmachi

    VSonic GR07 37th Anniversary Special Edition Impressions

    I know the GR07 already has a (lengthy) impressions thread, but since there are so many different variations, this one in particular almost never gets mentioned. I feel like since it supposedly has a completely different driver than the rest of the GR07 line it should get it's own thread. I was...
  19. William Song

    Earphone Painting Help/Advice Thread

    I picked up a pair of Vsonic gr07s and I absolutely love the sound of them. Instead of buying the fixed cable version, I bought the detachable cable version, but it only comes in black. Does anyone have any experience with painting earphones? I'm only looking to spice it up with a single block...
  20. TikantiXD

    Upgrade from SE215, Recommendations

    Hi head-fi(ers)! As the title suggests, I'm looking to upgrade from the Shure SE-215. I have a small portable amplifier if needed, but I'd like to avoid carrying it around if possible. Qualifications, in order of importance: - In-Ears, with over-ear cable - Under $200 - Durability matching...
  21. nothing4me

    WTB: GR07X

    Looking for a GR07X
  22. dbdynsty25

    VSonic GR07X - MINT Condition

    Up for sale is a pair of the VSonic GR07X. Mint condition, used for a few hours. Come in the original box w/ all of the original accessories, most of which have never been used. Payment via Paypal, ships to USA only. Price includes priority mail shipping w/ tracking.
  23. fir3st0rm9

    Good IEMs for under $80

    Looking for good IEMs for under $80.  I listen to mainly EDM and dubstep and some classical and acoustic music also.   Thanks!
  24. SplashArtist

    JVC HA-FX700 OR Vsonic V7007

    Hey guys! I haven't posted in awhile, but my headphone fever has returned (of course). I have been using Vsonic GR07 and BrainWavz HM5 the past couple of years (I found the HM5's to be severely overhyped and had a very flat, boring, and distant presentation). While they have lasted me I feel I...
  25. yarin153

    fake vsonic?? realy important!

    two weeks ago i orderd the vsonic GR02 AND GR06 from lendmeurears from ebay and the box came was very weird one  like so :    so was the gr02 in some parts such the soft plastic that can be ripped off very easily and the long paper with the vsonic logo that is diferrent from the other...