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Vsonic VS7 is the successor to the wildly successful Vsonic GR07. In terms of sound signature, it is similar to the GR07 classic with better controlled highs. The sibilance which plague the previous models has been reduced.

Housing: Resin


  • Drivers: 11mm CCAW drivers

  • Impedance: 24? +/- 10%

  • Sensitivity: 1111+/- 3dB (@ 500 Hz)

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz- 28kHz

  • Channel Balance: <2dB (at 500Hz~10KHz)

  • Distortion: <1% (at 500Hz-1000Hz)

  • Rated Power: 10mW

  • Maximum Input Power: 30mW

  • Plug: 3.5mm 24K gold plated stereo plug

  • Cable: 1.30m

  • 3 pairs of silicon eartips

  • 1 pouch

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: GIGANTIC Soundstage, Balanced and natural sound, Weighty bass, warm and clear mids, good construction
Cons: Housing is on the big size, tigher 2pin connection would be welcome

SOUND: 8.5/10

VALUE: 8.5/10


VSONIC are in the audio industry since 1980, they are one of the first serious chinese earphones company to produce great sounding budget earphones and they always follow their own path, without compromise, with a unique vision for housing design as well as an obsessive passion about the potential of dynamic drivers.

The lengendary Vsonic GR07 put this company on audiophile radar since at least 5 years now and they are now a well respected brand that inspire trust when it come to sound quality.

After a rather long hiatus where they mostly lauch different style of their best selling GR07, Vsonic finally come with an all new earphones serie call the VS.

From what I know, this serie have 3 models caming in different housing material wich is the VS3 that I have review before, the VS7 that I will review today and the flagship VS9.


The Vsonic VS7 and all other models use a single 11mm CCAW dynamic driver, but tuned differently.

The VS3 that I review before was slightly bright with mid bass emphasis while the VS7 is warmer with more sub bass and better imaging.

Priced at 125$, the ‘’Transparent white’’ VS7 is suppose to be the follow up of the king GR07 and promess a more balanced and polished soundsignature to avoid any unpleasant imperfection in sound rendering. Having listen to GR07 in the past, I can sure say the VS7 isn’t as harsh with upper mids and have a less fowards treble too, but I can’t comment further as I do not own them right now.

Let’s see if Vsonic still is competitive in today audio world where new excellent chinese audio company take the market by storm.

You can buy the Vsonic VS7 for 125$ direcly from VSONIC STORE.

Or take a look at Lend Me Ur Ears STORE for more info.

Disclaimer : I wanna thank Lend Me Ur ears for lending me this review sample in exchange of my fully independant review. I’m not affiliated to this distributor and all impressions and toughs are my own. When it come to evaluating price value, it isn’t hard for me to judge this aspect when its a product I can afford like this one, so, i try to be as objective as my subjective human condition permit me.



Vsonic VS7 is the successor to the wildly successful Vsonic GR07. In terms of sound signature, it is similar to the GR07 classic with better controlled highs. The sibilance which plague the previous models has been reduced.

Housing: Resin


  • Drivers: 11mm CCAW drivers

  • Impedance: 24? +/- 10%

  • Sensitivity: 1111+/- 3dB (@ 500 Hz)

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz- 28kHz

  • Channel Balance: <2dB (at 500Hz~10KHz)

  • Distortion: <1% (at 500Hz-1000Hz)

  • Rated Power: 10mW

  • Maximum Input Power: 30mW

  • Plug: 3.5mm 24K gold plated stereo plug

  • Cable: 1.30m

  • 3 pairs of silicon eartips

  • 1 pouch


P1010334.JPG P1010333.JPG

UNBOXING from the nice and unique cylinder box is a very pleasant one. And an handy one too as you will not struggle to open the package like with some other (too) boxed product. Its like a pringle box, you pop it up open and enjoy the audiophile snack! What you have with all VS7 model is the same whole package that include 3 pairs of silicone eartips, a basic earphones pouch and and excellent quality 4 cores silver plated cable. Just enough, but one or two pair of foam eartips would have been welcome.

P1010356.JPG P1010357.JPG

CONSTRUCTION of VS7 come in 3 version : all transparent resin plastic, metallic black and chrome. As I have transparent white and metallic black with me I will only comment those two.

P1010313.JPG P1010317.JPG

TRANSPARENT WHITE is very light and particularly beautifull to look at, we can see the big dynamic driver because the plastic is perfectly transparent. The finish give a magnifying glass aspect to the earphones wich is quite cool and most importantly it look quite sturdy and not prompt to easy scratching. Nozzle end is made of metal wich is confirm great attention to details and good craftmanship.

P1010349.JPG P1010350.JPG

METALLIC BLACK feel solid like a tank, the finish is mate and have good grip in hands. It’s slightly heavier than plastic VS7 and have a different nozzle end with slightly bigger hole as well as the same metal over the screen as the GR07 (i guess the purpose is to tame any micro vibration of screen mesh). For 40$ more than plastic VS7, I think the investment worth it only if you really care about durability as the thick metal housing sure is invincible to any impact.


All VS7 have the same 2pin upgraded 4 cores Silver plated cable wich is a refreshingly unique one that you will only find with the Vsonic product as they are the one who produce it unlike many chifi brand that use any cable that fall in their hands. I would personally have prefer a cable without earhook, but it’s possible to get rid of it easily if you have enormous ears like me that can’t deal with strange pressure around the ears.

P1010338.JPG P1010328.JPG

DESIGN look like a polished comet or a precious rock from other space. Fora single dynamic driver, housing is on the big side but the universal custom organic shape is really well done and offer high level of fitting comfort. Nozzle is quite long with an angle that make it easier to stay still in ear. As said, the ear hook being quite tigh can be problematic for big ears but its easy to solve by taking off rubber around cable hook.

ISOLATION is excellent, even more with the metallic version, due to big housing it block sound quite intensely. Sound leakage is very minimal and make the VS7 the perfect buddy for any situation where silence is sacred around you.



The VS7 soundsignature work for me since the very first listen and this is especially due to its enormous soundstage that have a very immersive around your head presentation. With this vast spaciality come a very good sens of imaging that offer an innoffensive wow effect to the listener that is put right in the middle of (musical) action.

The Vsonic VS7 have a warm and bassy soundsignature, slightly U shape with lush timbre and great mid range presence and definition. The bass dig deep without overshadowing anything, it tend to warm mid bass a little so the punch feel thicker and more rounded in its impact but let plenty of space for mid range to come alive in a wide and transparent way. Some may even find the VS7 mid centric due to how well the vocal are rendered and that without any sibilance.

Muscular but natural, the VS7 do not have a sharp treble and even feel roll off in upper highs, but lower and mid treble is very rich and lively, giving to voice and instrument a meaty timbre. To my ears, perhaps I find the greatest all arounder with the VS7, you know, this type of earphones that is more than satisfying in all department without forcing specific frequencies range to outshine other? Yep, the VS7 is ahve this type but with extra agility to it.


SOUNDSTAGE is caplock GIGANTIC, this is really the particularity of the VS7, it have a circular, wide and tall holographic spaciality that make you wonder if you listen to earphones or open headphones. Its is not the deepest due to a wide sound presentation, but we can ‘’swim’’ into sound layers and explore deepnest like we explore a book -by turning (sound) pages.

IMAGING is great and have a circular presentation, it isn't the clearest but instrument separation presence and distance is accurate and lively.

LOWER END dig low very low, without going into basshead territory it sure will make smile any bass fan. Bass line sound thick and accurate and just mix slighly with midbass to give extra body to kick. Timbre have enough details to make slap bass or acoustic bass realist and rich. Its hard to believe the VS7 only use one single dynamic driver to be able to be as bassy and impactfull as it is without sacrifying imaging or accuracy, but yes, it is.

MID BASS have great weight and impact, its not the faster or tigher punch you will find but permit to give extra body to elevated mid range in a very natural way, wich proove transient response is excellent with the VS7. Unlike too U shape sounding earphones that lack kick definition and punch, the VS7 can deal with fast rock or complex percussion in a energic way. Well rounded with a natural timbre that do not sound too bright or out of place.

MID RANGE is where the magic happen, its where the imaging is at its best too. If it wasn’t due to little warmnest that bass give to them, I would call the VS7 as mid centric, this is how delicious and fowards the vocal are. Talking about vocal, its as good with male than female signer, both have lush timbre and great presence and avoid upper mids sibilance even if there a little emphasis to give them more definition. The VS7 have a very special way to deliver full sounding mid range, even if thick, transparence is nice enough and permit impressive layering in the vast soundstage. Only imperfection I can find is in attack, piano is okay but violin will lack some grip.

TREBLE is just slightly recessed to give a buttery, thick timbre to instrument and an overall smooth and natural sound. We have a bit of darkness in upper range, especially above 14khz. It look like VS7 do everything to avoid sharp peak or artificial highs, the upper highs sound polished while lower and mid treble is lush and thick but never too grainy. This stole some speed to attack and decay and you will not find lot of sparkle with percussions, acoustic guitar or micro details but this for once its a good thing as I find the treble very balanced in musicality, avoiding splashyness, shrilling or analytical agression to render richer timbre and effortlessly natural musicality that you can listen forever without any fatigue. Laid back, but accurate, the treble is refined, permissive and versatile.

SUB BASS : 8.5/10
MID BASS : 8.5/10
MID RANGE:8.5/10
TREBLE : 8/10
IMAGING : 8.5/10
TIMBRE : 9/10

Both Metallic black and Transparent White VS7 sound pretty much the same. Perhaps the Metallic black have slightly wider soundstage and a hint more controled bass, but it's so subtle I can't even be sure.


VS IKKO OH1 (130$) :


The OH1 are among the best earphones you can get under 150$ right now, especially if your a bass lover. It have a similar U shape signature than the VS7, but its a dynamic and balanced armature hybrid while the VS7 have a single dynamic driver. Both selling at exact same price, let’s see how they compare.

SOUNDSTAGE of VS7 is wider, taller and more around your head, while the OH1 win in deepnest but with a more intimate overall presentation.

BASS is where the OH1 is just unbeatable in its price range, even if more coloured than the more linear VS7, it have a thicker sub bass that is incredibly well separated from mid bass and mid range. VS7 isn’t light on bass either, but tend to mix lower end with mid bass more easily and even if incredibly capable in term of tonality and timbre, the OH1 have a more weighty, lively and heavy bass presentation, VS7 sub line are more about timbre than proper weighty slam. OH1 sound like you have a sub woofer, a good one. So juicywith pumped up accuracy, just unbeatable.

MID RANGE is brighter with the OH1, as well, its more intimate and centered while the VS7 have wider vocal presentation and richer frequencies response that make it more versatile with female and male vocal. OH1 vocal are fabulously clean but a little dry and with a more evident uper mids peak. Vocal sound a little more canny with the OH1 while the VS7 have warm, thick and more transparent mid range.

TREBLE of OH1 is more peaky than the very smooth and balanced VS7, you have more highs sparkle and more micro details especially in upper treble with the IKKO, in another hand, the VS7 have more emphase on lower and mid treble without important peak that make it sound to fowards with some percussion like the OH1. Here, it make me consider the VS7 as W shape against more U shape OH1.

These two sub-150$ champion are both great, but if your all about bass that do not sacrifice a near analytical treble, the IKKO OH1 is for you, if you prefer a smoother and more balanced approach, VS7 is your answer.



KS3 are excellent all arounder with a balanced slightly bassy sound, construction is incredible as well as the housing shape is smaller and more comfy than big VS7 housing. Let’s see how they compare in term of sonority.

SOUNDSTAGE is more spacious, airy and hoographic with the VS7, and KS3 feel underwhelming and very intimate compared to this gigantic VS7 spaciality.

BASS is thicker, more weighty and impactfull with the VS7, while the KS3 have a faster and more balanced approach. Sub have some rumble with VS7 but none with KS3 wich is more about texture in this region, but KS3 mid bass is more punchy and again faster than the thicker slower VS7 that have more emphase on lower end wich affect separation in this region.

MID RANGE is warmer with the VS7 that have little bass bleed on lower mid, it have thicker timbre and wider vocal presentation compared to more intimate and centered vocal of KS3. Mid range is cleaner and more fowards with KS3 and instruements have better attack as well as better definition. VS7 offer a more full bodied vocal for male due to extra bass but it sure sound more recessed in bassy music.

TREBLE is slightly more extended with the KS3 even if both earphones are rather smooth and far from being trebly or analytical. Still, it give better grip to attack over softer VS7, percussions sound more accurate and have more texture and realist decay while the VS7 feel darker in its treble presentation. KS3 feel more maturely tuned but have less grandeur in its sound rendering than VS7.

All in all, VS7 sound more spacious and seriously U shape compared to more balanced and energic KS3.

VS IBASSO IT01 (100$) :


So, here we have a fair fight, both using great dynamic drivers this comparaison will be very interesting.

SOUNDSTAGE is seriously wider and deeper with the VS7, spaciality is holographic and airy compared to more restraint panoramic IT01 with a less spacious presentation.

IMAGING is really where the VS7 feel from another league compared to more intimate IT01.

BASS performance is strangely similar with the difference that VS7 sound tigher and better separated from mid bass is if it use more than one driver. This permit to have more accurate timbre and clearer overall presentation. IT01 have more sub presence and bleed that tend to slow the bass attack.

MID RANGE being more fowards as well as less warmed by bass, VS7 offer clearer and more accurate presentation with better instrument separation in this area. IT01 mids are thicker and more recessed as well as less textured. VS7 have slightly more presence in upper mids but avoid sibilance by a magic trick only Vsonic know the secret.

TREBLE is more linear and slightly brighter with VS7, extracting more overall details, timbre textures and giving a more airy and well layered presentation. IT01 have a peak in upper highs that give illusion of more detailed presentation when in fact it will lack low and mid treble to offer an as rich treble than more balanced VS7. VS7 treble is more natural and balanced, while IT01 is more coloured and sharp. For acoustic instrument the VS7 deal better and have more decay and acoustic guitar is not underwhelming like with the IT01.

All in all, VS7 sound like an upgraded IT01 wich would be tuned more accurately and have better imaging and attack-decay.



Vsonic aren’t new to audio industry and they proove with the VS7 model that this long experience into tuning and designing multiple earphones models pay off.

Without overemphasizing too much any frequencies range, the VS7 is a refined warm sounding all arounder that will please a wide crownd of audio enthusiast as well as more serious audiophile looking for a laid back, fun, balanced and musical earphones.
Sure, I always wonder if we can have more details or this or that to enjoy pinnacle perfection with all earphones I try in 100-200$ price range, but sometime you search for something energic and natural that without blowing your mind with all music style you try will at least render it with grandeur and excitment, wich the Vsonic VS7 do brilliantly.

If you search for a relatively affordable universal custom in-ear that offer gigantic soundstage, spot on imaging and a warm, weighty and natural sound that have thicks bass and lush mid range, I really suggest you to give a try with the VS7 as I think its even a better all arounder than the mythical Vsonic GR07.

For more audio reviews, please give a look at my BLOG


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How is it compare the Kansas?
Nice one! Very helpful.
What about Vsonic VS7 vs FLC 8P?
accurate bass huh?



500+ Head-Fier
Great review. I bought these a few days ago and promptly sold my Kanas Pros. Particularly good with acoustic jazz. I'm still playing around with tips, What tips did you find worked for you?