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VSonic GR07 37th Anniversary Special Edition Impressions

  1. ohsigmachi
    I know the GR07 already has a (lengthy) impressions thread, but since there are so many different variations, this one in particular almost never gets mentioned. I feel like since it supposedly has a completely different driver than the rest of the GR07 line it should get it's own thread.

    I was just wondering if there are any other 37 Anni owners who would like to share their impressions.

    I've only had my set for about 3 weeks and they are not burned in yet and so far the sound is...inconsistent? It's hard to describe, sometimes I put them on and it's like they are the most energetic, detailed, and full sounding IEM ever, and sometimes they sound... thin. It could be that they are extremely sensitive to the mix/mastering of tracks, which I guess would make them "transparent."

    When the track is mastered well (if that is what is happening) good looooooord they sound good! Like, I can't believe these are under $200 kind of good. The GR07s have great detail and very good bass and sub bass, plus clear analytic mids and upper mids. They falter a little bit up top, but they’re great sounding.

    That’s where the good new stops. They fit poorly, I spend the first 5-10 minutes trying to get them seated in my ear and the wings over my ear to sit well and seal.

    My biggest gripe with them is this:

    You don’t get good sound out of general CE sources, even my brand new LG V30+ struggles to drive them. Unless I use my Fiio Mont Blanc IEM amplifier I don’t get the best out of them. They sound great, but they are a kind of pain in the a$$ to actually use.
  2. kova4a
    Well, I sold mine quite some time ago. My overall impressions were that it was less clear than the standard gr07 with a bit weightier notes and darker overall presentation. Definitely smoother and more forgiving than the more aggressive treble of the standard gr07, but for me they went a bit too safe in that regard. One could argue that the anniversary addition has more realistic timbre and note thickness, but the overall clarity and openness of sound took a hit, so it was more of a "you win some, you lose some" case rather than clearly being an upgrade in every regard. Of course, for all the people complaining about the hot treble of the standard version but still liking its general presentation, the anniversary edition might be a big upgrade.
  3. ohsigmachi
    Did you use a portable amp? I find that it actually brightens up a little with the Fiio, but you right it doesn't present sparkly or detailed highs very well. For me that is it's only sound quality issue, but I find the overall sound to be very enjoyable.
  4. kova4a
    I tried it out, but portable amps are helpful only if you have a weak source like a smartphone - pretty much any DAP nowadays has plenty of power for any iem (with small exceptions). And I wouldn't really use an amp to brighten the sound. Anyway, I enjoyed the slightly more realistic tone and weight, but couldn't accept the trade-off of it sounding less clear and more congested in comparison to the old gr07.
  5. ohsigmachi
    Sorry to keep asking you all these questions... I guess we’re the only HFers that feel like discussing these. Which DAP were you using? Did you burn yours in? I’ve seen recommendations for 100 hour burn in times for the carbon drivers.

    I didn’t employ the Fiio for the express purpose of brightening the sound, it was just a secondary effect of trying to get them the power that they need. I think the LG v30 has a bit of warmer sound signature, running it through the Fiio just happened to brighten up the highs on the GR07s. It’s surprising (to me at least) that the GR07s needed the extra power, my V30 can power the huge drivers in my Fidelio X2s (32 ohm I believe) with zero issues, in fact it’s my preferred source for them, but it struggle to drive the GR07s.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2018

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