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Your top Japanese IEMs (can you rank the ones you have heard? Or point out ones you like)

  1. SilverEars
    Hi, I don't have much experience with Japanese IEMs except Fitear TG334.  I know there are lots of threads about Japanese iems, but I think it's better for me to ask those that have lots of experience with them to rank them and list them.
    So, can you rank Japanese iems you have tried from the best to worst?  
    Thank you,
  2. PCWar
    Flat4 Kaede >= Flat 4 Kuro > Sony EX1000 > JVC FX700 > Sennheiser IE8/IE80

    I know the last is german but just for a reference.

    On a side note, the Ocharaku Flat 4 family probably are the most under rated iems in head-fi. It's striking how they can compare even with my HD800 in detail retrieval.
  3. mochill
    ^:smiley:...i recently got the suis and I'm amazed why people don't love them:sunglasses:....im going to buy the kade for sure:yum::two_hearts::heart_eyes:
  4. mikaveli06
    jvc fx850 is one of best ive heard.  For budget minded, zero audio makes fantasticc iems, from dynamic basso and tenores and BA singulo or doppio
  5. mochill
    Flat 4 is more revealing then the fx850 and so is the dn2k:smiley:
  6. ryanjsoo
    CK100 = FX850 > FX800 = Flat 4 Kuro > FX700, Audio Technica`s older flagship ba iems are definitely worth a look, their new range doesn`t seem to scale well in terms of price to performance.
  7. PCWar
    Strange, I thought that FX800 are basically FX700 for the Chinese market.
  8. Grayson73
    Agree, although I'd skip the basso and go straight for Tenore, Singolo, or Doppio.
  9. mikaveli06
    I really enjoyed the basso....big sound and fun...it was great for in the gym. Love the doppios, lookin for tenores in classifieds, or on next amazon.jp order.
  10. EarArtworks
    Ex1000, then I sell it to buy 334 and ie800, then, sell 334&ie800 to buy (again) ex1000 and (I hope) can retire from this hobby, LOL.

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