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Best IEM for contemporary orchestral and 1950/1960 jazz ?

  1. quantx
    I'm new to IEM and look for a good pair for under 400 USD.
    Mostly 20-th century (from Chostakovitch to Boulez) and 1950/1960 jazz.
  2. TwinQY
    First off - http://www.head-fi.org/t/596233/buying-portable-or-in-ear-headphones-seeking-guidance-dont-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here
    Genres are helpful but stating sound preferences would be even more so (unless that was intended to not have been considered within the criteria). If you mind a loss in ergonomics and isolation the EX1000 do Classical and natural instruments extremely well for some people's tastes. Again, depends on how you like your genres to be presented and which areas you would put the most priority in.
  3. wjklli11
    Monster turbine pro Miles Davis might suit your taste since it is designed for Jazz music.
  4. xaddictionx
    Do check out the W4 as well. Sounds extremely smooth and relaxing with jazz.
  5. quantx
    Thank you all three.
    First, I must admit the thread about 131 IEM left me a bit perplexed : 669 pages counting. Felt like entering a jungle in bikini.
    Regarding my preferences, I mainly favour soundstage, clarity and timbers. My main system has been built and tweaked by one the french masters in sound engineering and retains more or less these qualities (Cochet PS1 + ALS1 tubes pre-amp and amp, modded Klipschorn).
    I intend to buy a Sennheiser 800, a Ultrasone Edition 10 and possibly an Audeze 2 or 3 to complete this.
    But I need a good IEM on the go, retaining the same qualities.
    I've read a lot of good about the SE535.
    Finally, I won't spend more than 300/400 euros (450/600 USD).
  6. TwinQY
    1) I think there's more than 131 in the running by now :p Of course no one expects you to read the entire thread - in fact that would be completely against the point. Use the reviews as reference and ask questions if you have any remaining - it's just that you're more prone to get answers on a thread with more traffic (that's not to say the previous 600+ pages mean anything when all you're doing is just asking questions - I fail to see how that would cause any confusion).
    2) Going to quote myself on something from another thread regarding the soundstage and timbre thing - 


  7. quantx
    Thank you so much. That's enlightening.
    I think I'll take advantage of the Amazon return policy, order the EX1000, W4R, Monster Turbine, SE535, do my homework and return back within 30 days
    the one I deem unfit.
    Practically speaking, I must say I'm impressed by the sturdiness of built of Monster and Sony offerings, (even the S535) and unimpressed by the apparent flimsiness
    of the W4R.
  8. TwinQY
    They are rather plastic aren't they? And that's coming from someone who owns a pair :p
    In order to further my devious selling-you-on-the-EX1000 agenda, I have to say that the Sonys have stupendously industrial yet refined build. Just screams luxurious.
  9. quantx
    In fact, I just read a thread where multiple users complain from the Turbine's repeated reliability problems and lousy customer service from Monster.
    Exit the Turbines and narrowing the choice to EX1000, SE535 and W4R. [​IMG] 
  10. wjklli11
    I had my Monster turbine Miles Davis Jazz replaced for free, not sure which thread you read, However, I did wait for 3 months for them to send me the new pair.
  11. TwinQY
    Perhaps he's referring to the normal Turbines (in which case, I can't remember whether or not they have the generous warranty the upper-end models have) but that would make less sense as he would then be putting them with far more pricey competition.
  12. quantx
    + many more Googling
  13. Tom Yum Goong
    Earsonics SM64 :)
    Some of the sweetest highs you could come across and a huge 3Dish soundstage! My old Rat Pack records sound super awesome with them.
  14. quantx
    I ordered several pairs : Sony EX1000, Westone 4R, Turbine Copper.
    So far received and tested the Turbine, which I find disappointing. Comparing to my reference system (Cochet PS-1 & ALS1 & Klipschorn) which renders
    tones with a dynamic rarely heard except in concert, I find it tinny, lacking impulses. All timbers of instruments are shrill, for instance with Pierre Boulez
    Pli selon Pli and Miles Davis Kind of Blue.
    When comparing with my B&O 8, granted, the Copper in more finely detailed, but lacking musicality and not justifying the price gap.
    I'm waiting for the Westone and the Sony to compare. I'll receive the Sure 535 later, as they're out of stock on Amazon now. 
  15. kevinpwhite

    I'd definitely give consideration to the Westone W4R, W3 and Shure Se530, each with triple flange tips to maximise seal.
    Good luck  and good listening :)

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