1. dannyking

    Shure se535 for sale

    Hi, I have a great conditioned shure se535 for sale. It's in great condition and had the cable (worth $50) just recently replaced about 4days ago. It comes with all the accessories as well as different sized tips. I am selling this to save up for the se846. If there's anyone willing to trade...
  2. Aurality

    Shure 535, Westone W40, what else?

    Hi everyone!    New here, and relatively new to the world of higher-end audio equipment.    Here's my story thus far:  Started with the Logitech TripleFi's when they were like $90 during the Amazon Black Friday sales. Used them for about 3 years until I lost the left bud during a long...
  3. subguy812

    500.00 and below

    I am looking for an iem in the 500.00 and under range. I own rockit r50's as my primary listening iem's. Musical tastes are rock, classic rock, jazz and blues. Suggestions please.
  4. kfki

    Do Amps need a good old fashion burn in time to get the good sound as possible?

    I just got myself a Fiio E07K amp, at first I was reluctant whether do I need it or not. You see I feel SE535 sounds pretty good without an amp, but then after auditing it with the amp, it does give an extra punch to bass and treble. It gives the music a robust effect like wearing an full body...
  5. Meh

    Comply Tips

    Hey guys I'm looking to get a set of Comply tips and was wondering how any of you decided on what size to get? I use the small olives that came with my SE535' so would the TSX-100 smalls be best for me?
  6. Tourmarcom

    Best IEM for RSA Tomahawk & Electronica Music? SE535, Klipsich10, Westone4

    I recently lost my bronze Shure SE535's. Personally I did not like the cable, in particular the connectors (don't personally belieeve a wire should have any breaks in it); I had them 2 years after my previous Shure E5c's died on me which I loved.     Must have's: - Ideal for electronic...
  7. nestea

    Westone 4 , SE535 or Westone UM3X?

    Hi, people, i want to buy some new earphones (IEM), for listening Thrash, heavy, progressive Metal (basically Dream Theater, Iron Maiden...), Hard Rock, a little of Jazz and some Classical. One important thing is that i like to hear the guitar clearly, over all the things. Another important...
  8. minidy

    Sennheiser ie800 vs shure se535 red

    Hi, I'm new to the head-fi world. This is my first post, but I love music and that's why i joined. Can someone here help me out? I love music as i said and always have it on, while im on the go, when i can and when I'm home. These are the two that I'm stuck between and hope that someone here...
  9. Kika244

    The Sennheiser Amperior vs beyerdynamic DT vs Sennheiser adidas Original HD 25 ?? Help me choose

    The Sennheiser Amperior vs beyerdynamic DT vs Sennheiser adidas Original HD 25      which of these headphones are the best money isn't an option and it would really help me any of these would be better then anything i have had in the past 
  10. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  11. SmettMark

    Which IEM should I get?

    Hi guys, sorry for creating another thread, I changed my mind a bit about my preferences. This is what I'm looking for in the IEM:   -I listen mainly to vocals (mostly male), rock, heavy metal, and some soundtrack.   -I want the IEM to be mid-centric. I want the mids to be lush, thick...
  12. Mulder89

    Which pair of IEM should I go for?

    Hi everyone! First post on head-fi! I'm not exactly what you would call an audiophile as most members here are but I've learned to appreciate good sound mostly thanks to my father's passion for Hi-fi. Anyways I'm currently looking to replace my Sennheiser MM30i in ear earphones which I guess...
  13. altaxc

    high end IEM or mid range w/ amp?

    Hi all! I'm pretty new to high end headphones and am thinking about switching to a pair of IEMs (because at school I can't always have a hefty pair of over-ear) and I have two ideas. 1)buy a good quality westone IEM and run it through my laptop or 2) get a pair of etymotic IEMs and a...
  14. Thracian

    Review of le Tzar 350

    Where do i begin?   Writing a serious to me is like writing a book. Anyone who actually knows me knows I've never written a book. Still, i was given the chance by the now magnificent John from Heir Audio. One fine day(night actually), i got bored and started chatting up John bugging him...
  15. quantx

    Best IEM for contemporary orchestral and 1950/1960 jazz ?

    I'm new to IEM and look for a good pair for under 400 USD. Mostly 20-th century (from Chostakovitch to Boulez) and 1950/1960 jazz.
  16. IA64

    Need help deciding between JH16 pro and Unique Melody Miracle

    Hello guys,   So I have decided to register after literally spending the last 17 hours reading this forum ( took day-off at work - haven't slept yet ) looking for an answers to how does the JH16 pro compare to UMM.   I read all 274 reviews (...
  17. Couch Potato

    Substitute for ATH-CK10

    after 1 year of regular usage, my ATH CK10 broke down, doesnt cover the warantee.   Im trying to find an iem that offers the same amount nor better Clarity and quality bass that CK10 Possesses, the superb Isolation, and of course the price. Preferred: Treble clarity is important, Mids i...
  18. Earbones

    Upgrading from Westone UM2... Suggestions?

    So my go-to earphones are Westone UM2's with a Plussound Exo cable (cryo-treated silver-plated copper). I'm looking for a nice upgrade. Before I go any further I should address three things: Firstly, many people hate the UM2s, I am not one of them. While I totally get that they don't provide...
  19. PiteCZek

    Unique Melody Miracle, Merlin or something else?

    Hello guys,   I now have Shure SE535, but now I decided to try CIEM. I am from Czech Republic, so i would prefer companies that are from Europe, because of the shipping, taxes etc.    Main music genres are metal, classic, rock and electro. I am really considering CIEMs from Unique Melody...
  20. dqope21

    Former Westone 4 Owner looking for new IEM in similar price range

    I owned the W4's for about 2 years and just recently lost them sadly :(.  Now, I'm on the search for a new set of IEM's in that similar price range.  I found the W4's to be very pure but a bit boring. The sound was very balanced but I would prefer something more engaging and exciting this time...
  21. IhateZumba

    Suggestion needed: Headphones to block out music and female screams

    Hello dear members,   I like to work out and do this between 5-7 times per week. Currently I am getting my 245pounds into perfect shape through a combination of heavy lifting with cardio at the end every second day.   For the regular workout I was using Jaybird Sportsband II, which is...
  22. weize1234

    Hello, I am looking for an decent IEM for sleeping, Not willing on spending more than $700

    Im sleep on my side. Currently I am looking at Shure se535, are these comfortable enough for sidesleepers?  Dynamic driver headphones are too long, I can feel its putting pressure in my ear canal which is very uncomfortable. Balanced armature headphones are usually not as long and much flatter...
  23. Profoundsoup

    Need help deciding on new IEM's / Closed headphones but ive kinda given up on the closed headphones lol

    Would you guys say the Shure SE535 / Westone UM3X / Audeo PFE 232 / and the Westone W4 sound better than any under $1000 closed headphone on the market? If so witch one out of the 3 is the most comfortable and sounds the best? Please comment below. Thank you!!!    Edit - Im not looking for...
  24. adrenc94

    Need recommendation

    Hi there, please help me out with some recommendation for my home set up.   Rig: Laptop > Foobar 2000(Will be playing mostly FLAC and 320kbps MP3) > Schiit Modi & Magni > Headphone Usage: Music & Gaming(FPS) Genre: Non audiophile collection of :P consisting of the following : Rock...