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Yet Another Headphone recommendation thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by foxwoods, Jan 31, 2013.
  1. foxwoods
    Hi all,
    Looking for a set of headphones for work (need to not leak much), most likely over the ear (though if people have good in-ear suggestions, let me know) for roughly $200-300 (open to suggestions of what I could upgrade to). Genres are best defined by bands: Radiohead, Parov Stelar/Koop/Royksopp (as in jazzy electronic), Salsa/Latin. Was thinking of Sennheiser HD 598s. Also, would be nice if an amp is not required, but again I'm flexible on this.
  2. MrViolin
    598's are out of the question. Those leak all the sound since they're open phones. 
    I'm not sure what the recs sound like, although latin music sounds nice n smooth. From what I can remember from taking spanish last year. Something like Tengo La Camisa Negra? Sorry, only song name that I can remember... or at least was told about/had it said the whole year for a year of spanish. I guess Livin' la vida loca buy Ricky Martin can also be considered latin? From what I can remember, latin tends to be pretty smooth and laid back.
    Radiohead for the minute that I listened to it, sounds smooth, too.
    As for kpop, I can't say.
    But since you want over-the-ear (around ear/not on ear) and want isolation, I think the M-100 might be the way to go. It isolates well and seems to be an all-rounder from what I've read. For bass and isolation.
    If you want a bit less isolation, but something more refined (for when you're not in a noisy area), the MDR-1R's are probably the way to go. These are more smooth and laid-back than the M-100 (from what I've heard).
    Those are both circum-aural phones. As for in-ears, I think the EX1000 from Sony might do the job (though out of production I think, you can still find some on amazon). Their successor, the XBA-4, was... a flop from what I've seen. 
    You can also check the gift guide that was made not-so-long-ago by the gods of head-fi :)
  3. foxwoods

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