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Sony Ex1000 vs Westone 4R vs Shure 535

  1. Catastrophe
    Hey guys,
    I'm looking for an upgrade to my Shure SE215 as I find the bass too overwhelming and lacking details and mids. I've narrowed down to these 3 and having a hard time to make a final decision.
    Sony Ex1000, supposed to be one of the best with well controlled bass and good mids, but isolation and wind noise is my concern
    Westone 4R, better isolation than the Sony, with a very neutral sound signature, best overall choice? But heard that it may sound boring and flat for some
    Shure SE535, best isolation of the bunch and the cheapest, but from the reviews it looks like the SQ of the other 2 is better. And is the Japan limited edition better SQ wise?
    Also considering the Sony Ex600, which seems to be a cheaper version of the Ex1000 with slightly lower SQ but much better value.
    Any thoughts or inputs from people who have heard these earphones before?

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