1. Andy Fang

    Shure SE215LTD Cheap, Good Looking, Remote Control Cables?

    So I just ordered the Shure SE215LTD today, I was wondering if anyone has some good cables to reccommend, because I want to be able to quickly switch through songs, volume and pause/ play. My must have criteria is a quick way to control the volume and pause the current song. I'm not willing to...
  2. kfki

    Do Amps need a good old fashion burn in time to get the good sound as possible?

    I just got myself a Fiio E07K amp, at first I was reluctant whether do I need it or not. You see I feel SE535 sounds pretty good without an amp, but then after auditing it with the amp, it does give an extra punch to bass and treble. It gives the music a robust effect like wearing an full body...
  3. pseud0nym

    Accessory Jack I want to order these earphones and I can't find it any place else, but I don't know if this site is safe or not.  Has anyone here ordered from them before?
  4. M Coupe

    What Over Ear To Get?

    Hi All,   First Post. I am a long time audio nut.  I have had the likes of Levinson, Classe, JM Lab and etc... for my 2 channel needs.  A few years ago, I settled in on my Revel Salon, Jeff Rowland, Transparent set-up and love it.  In that time, I found that having a wide/deep/accurate sound...
  5. JuzModa

    Iem suggestions

    Ok guys i have a shure se425 with me now but i think that it is time to upgrade. I am in a dilemma of what to buy so i am asking for help from you guys. I have 1000 sgd budget and i want an iem. Shure se535ltd caught my eye but i want more suggestions. As the se535 some people said have bad clarity
  6. K-MONEY

    Which Shure IEM?

    Hey, I heard somewhere that the 315 or 215 come with a smaller cable than all of the other models.  I'm not sure which one though.  I purchased the 535 and their cable is HUGE...why is it so long, I wish I knew.  Does anyone know the model that comes with the smaller cable?   Thanks
  7. s0ny

    Is Ultimate Ears 18 pro worth the price difference of SE535LTD-J?

    I have a pair of Shure SE535LTD-J. I am thinking about getting customs, especially the Ultimate Ears 18 pro. I was wondering if it is worth the price difference. If it's $1350, I expect $1350 sound quality, not $500 sound quality. Can anyone who actually owns the UE 18 pro tell me the quality...
  8. SomeRandomDude

    Which IEM is the best for my musical taist

    Songs I listen to: A Day in Life, Twist and Shout, Wild Honey   Clarity and sound stage is the main priority for me.   Here is a list of my current contestants. Feel free to suggest other IEM   Shure SE535 Shure SE425 Etymotic ER4 Etymotic HF5 Westone 4 Westone 4R Logitech UE 900
  9. jeffisflyboy


  10. moss23

    Baldur MKIII (MK3) reviews

    Anyone used on the newer Baldur MK3's on any rig?  I am looking to get for my portable set up with Shure 535's and trying to decide on the mk2 or mk3.  Sunricky says there is more bass on the mk3, then otherwise same characteristics as the mk2, but am wondering about the synergy with the 535s...
  11. lukair

    Looking for Shure SE535 foam sleeves inbeetwen "small" and "medium" size

    Hi   Is any of you aware of any foam sleeves between the sizes "small" and "medium" for Shure SE535 that I could find somewhere?   Lucas
  12. ShooterMacG

    AH-C300 base disappears with solid silicone and foam tips.

    Hi Everybody Just thought I'd say hello, and share a little fact I'e noticed about the Denon AH-C300. I'm a complete newcomer, to headphones, its amazing that I thought the standard apple cans that came with the ipod were as good as it gets,, I've since bought a cowon and a little fiio amp...
  13. roadrat

    Shure 535

    Bug fan of Shure construction but.... Bought them, returned them They suck compared to UE TripleFi 535 are more comfortable but SQ is immensely better in the TripleFi What did I miss? Sent from my XT1060 using Tapatalk 4
  14. ubs28

    Closed headphones vs IEM?

    Are IEM better than closed headphones for portable music for the same price? (If we take a B&W P7 against a Shure SE535 / Westone 4R for example which are both mobile headphones / earphones around the same price)
  15. Bum0

    IE8 Replacement

    Well I bought an IE8 a few years ago. But I've seemed to have lost it. Now I'm looking for a replacement. I do still have a Shure 535 set when I'd like a more flat response. So, I like the fit of the IE8s, they're comfortable, light, and has a very flexible cord which is good since I take them...
  16. Catastrophe

    Sony Ex1000 vs Westone 4R vs Shure 535

    Hey guys,   I'm looking for an upgrade to my Shure SE215 as I find the bass too overwhelming and lacking details and mids. I've narrowed down to these 3 and having a hard time to make a final decision.   Sony Ex1000, supposed to be one of the best with well controlled bass and good mids, but...
  17. Nachkebia

    Earphones with best isolation for outsiders?

    So, as much as I love my IM05 and IM02 series but are very loud headphones and they distract my colleges. I want something that leaks very little sound, right now I have customs and it is working perfectly but I have to send it for remolding meaning, i will be 1-2 without headphones in the...
  18. Meh

    Q701 or no?

    Hey guys, the Q701's are on sale right now for $150.. I already have the Fidelio X1s, Sennheiser Momentums, and the Shure SE535s. Should I buy them? I have a feeling they won't be much better than anything I already have but 1) they look cool and 2) it's such a good price.
  19. JessJessf

    Shure 535 Limited vs Audio Technica ATH-IM04

    Hey guys,    Recently, I am looking to upgrade my earphone. I had a look around and downsized to Shure 535 Limited VS Audio Technica ATH-IM04. I am still very new with earphones and stuff. Definitely would like to hear from all of you experts advises.   One of my major concerns would be the...
  20. TheSacredSoul

    Misplaced my Westone 3, thinking about getting the Shure 535...

    Recently I misplaced my much beloved (6 months old Amazon set) Westone 3 after they slipped out of my bag. I wanna get another set of IEMs but not the W3 again and the W4 is out of my price range.    The S535 seems to fit the bill. Also found a one month old set being sold for USD$280. What do...
  21. smsmasters

    Soundmagic E10 as a backup for the Shure SE535 and UE900?

    How does the Soundmagic E10 compare to the Shure SE535 and UE900?
  22. ArchetypeS

    Shure 535 vs. Noble 4

    Hi guys, I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a new set of earbuds and I think I narrowed it down to the Shure 535 and Noble 4. I'm looking for fairly musical sounding earbuds that will immerse mento the music while still allowing me to listen analytically. I listen to a lot of indie...
  23. enapace

    New Cable for Shure 535 SE

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could recommend a replacement cable for my Shure 535 SE current one is failing on the left side part. Not looking to spend a massive amount on one but say £50-100 hopefully I can get a decent cable for that price. Nothing is wrong with the IEM's themselves thankfully.
  24. IaHawkeye

    Why does my gaming headset sound better

    Listening to my Astro A50's connected to my ps4 or PC through the MixAmp, I think my music sounds far far better on them than coming through my P7's, Shure 535's, or even my JH Roxanne's. Even if I'm watching music on YouTube through my Astros, I think it had better sound than my Roxanne's...
  25. failai

    RWAK100 to feed an integrated amplifier/home audio system?

    Hi there,    Recently bought a RWAK100 - superb little gadget, sounds great with my se535 red. Was trying to connect the RWAK100 to an integrated amplifier the other day, the sound quality is terrible - extremely muddy! It even sounds better with my mobile phone plugged in. Not sure if I've...