Closed headphones vs IEM?
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Aug 2, 2013
Are IEM better than closed headphones for portable music for the same price? (If we take a B&W P7 against a Shure SE535 / Westone 4R for example which are both mobile headphones / earphones around the same price)
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  They're just different. IEMs in my opinion can give an immersive sound, but you lose the relaxed, more spacious sound coming from full size not to mention comfort for some. 

So, a $400 closed headphone will sound better than my Shure SE535? 
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As I stated, the sound is different, One comes from inside the head the others from outside. Isolation is different, comfort is different. I can't compare my w4r against the momentum or the LCD-2...
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I have had a lot of both, and if an iem could sound identical to a full sized, you wouldn't register it as the same. Technically BA drivers are significantly faster than there's that, but what is most important is which you're going to have on/in your ears 24/7.

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