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    Audeze LCD-2
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    Audeze LCD-2
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    Audeze LCD-2
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    Audeze LCD-2, LCD-X, LCD-3 and LCD-4
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    The iFi Pro iCan Amplifier w/ Audeze LCD-2
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    The iFi Pro iCan Amplifier w/ Audeze LCD-2
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    My DIY PPA headphone amp & sigma11 power supply, driving my Audeze LCD-2 rev 2.
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    Audez'e LCD-2 (with modded headband) See post #408 in The Audeze LCD-2 Ortho thread (New) -
  11. Duper

    What music( songs) you listening with Audeze LCD 2

    What music( songs) you listening with Audeze LCD 2 ?
  12. KimChee

    Do You Guys Take Your Mid-Fi/High End Headphones Outside of the House Or Do They Live Inside Only?

    Do You Guys Take Your Mid-Fi/High End Headphones Outside Or Do They Live Inside Only?
  13. headinclouds

    In praise of the Shure SRH -1840. Best frequency response?

    In the top headphone market another product the  Americans should be proud of is the Shure SRH-1840.     Having owned several high end offerings (T1, HD800, LCD2) the phone I enjoy the most is the Shure. I find that listening through these I am singing along or tapping my toes, etc.   They...
  14. Joeybgood

    LCD-2 Rosewood vs Bamboo

    Clearly the Rosewood version is more coveted. Why is this? Purely aesthetic reasons or does the Rosewood version also have improved performance over  Bamboo? Thanks in advance for an explanation.
  15. chrisjorg

    Balanced Cables to Lcd-2

    Is there a way around balanced Cables to my new amp?   All the budget went into the amp, and i have a pair og Q cables, so is it a way, i can still use my Q cable?   In advance: Thank you.   Chris.
  16. 1974

    Headphone calibration plugin.   I just saw this and figured some head-fiers may be interested. It's mostly for recording pros who need flat/neutral sounding headphones for mixing, but an interesting concept...
  17. bangraman

    LCD-2 or 3?

    Finally decided to keep an Audeze around as I'll have a second living room. Ear time vs bang for the buck is the issue here so I'm wondering which I should pick.     Ear time can probably be measured in minutes per year. I've had the HE/V90 for years now in my existing living room (under a...
  18. J

    Not sure whether I should upgrade or have two pairs of headphones

    Hey everyone, i'm trying to decide whether i should upgrade to the audeze lcd-2s or not. I have the hd650s now, and although i love them, they don't really suit my needs for when i listen to bass heavy electronic music. The mid-bass is there, but i can tell that there is a huge dropoff when it...
  19. Rewkie

    LCD3s vs LCD2s

    Before I start asking questions yes I know there are a ton of threads about this. But I couldn't find one asking which had punchier bass. So yeah I like a lot of bass and I've been looking for different headphones for a long time. Narrowed it down to two. The LCD2s and 3s. I heard the 2s had...
  20. Mattimis

    How often do you wax your wood? (audeze owners)

    Excuse the crude title, but I felt it appropriate.   So lets hear it; how often do you wax your wood rings and condition your leather pads?
  21. styler

    Cost No Object Portable Set-up Without an Amp

    i need some headfi opinions. i would like to have the ultimate portable set up but one that is truly super portable. Price range for entire setup 1500-2500.   constraints: 1. no open back phones - IEMs or closed only; must not disturb those around me. 2. no amp, i want this set up to be...
  22. retskrad

    Is the LCD-2 worth the $1k price?

    I currently have the HD650 and HE-400, would the LCD-2s make a difference in sound? Or would I be better of buying a speaker?
  23. eddie75

    Best Headphone for Rock & Metal 200 - 600 €

    Hey guys,   I'm searching a new headphone for home listening. Price range 200 - 600€. My favourite music is rock and metal. I listen to nearly everthing in this two genres, except most death & black metal (although i love Death or Opeth for example). My favourite metal bands are Iron...
  24. WeggliNet

    High End closed Headphones for me

    Hi,   i own a pair of LCD-2 rev.2 for over 1 year now and i like them very much except for the weight. They start give me headaches because of the weight if i wear them for more than 3-4 hours. Plus i work now in a different environment that is not that quiet as before so i would prefer...
  25. Noobmachine

    Headphones and their Equivalent IEMs

    I've been perusing around the forums in the IEM and full sized sections for a while now, and the thought stuck me, " Don't some headphones sound almost identical to some IEMs?"  I just recently purchased a pair of Heir 8.As, and as I read some of the posts in the appreciation thread, I keep...