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Looking for decent headphones for Yamaha A-S2000 amp.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by al10, Nov 6, 2011.
  1. al10
    Hi all,   trying to choose between ATH-W5000,HD-800,T-1,LCD-2,maybe something else.No any specialized headphones amps. Any opinions or advices? Thanks.
  2. Gwarmi


    Here is an excerpt from Yamaha's own product page for the S2000
    Your Yamaha amp will drive the W5000 and probably do ok with the LCD-2, it will most likely
    drive the 300ohm HD800 and 600ohm T1 quite poorly.
    Low impedance headphones generally means 24-80ohms approx.

    Headphone Amp for Low Impedance Drive

    The fully discrete, high performance headphone amp is compatible with low impedance drive. Its pure and powerful sound quality is best appreciated with high quality headphones.
  3. al10
    Thanks a lot, Gwarmi for reply.If I understood correctly,impedance is the only question for compatibility between hp and amp.That is good news for me,because I like ATH-W5000 and going to buy them. And one more thing: I been told somewhere about so-called "synergy" between components-does anybody knows about it for my case. Thanks. Alexei.
  4. Ra97oR
    Erm... Nope?

    Picking just a random amp to pair it with a pair of W5000 is a VERY VERY bad idea. It is "drive" anything, you will be able to hear sound, if that is what you are implying.

    The LCD-2, is no where near as picky as the other phones on the list. You might have a better luck with them. That thing sounds good even out of an iPod, just don't get it if you are looking for spacious soundstage.
  5. Amarphael
    Arnen't Yamahas amps all bright? [​IMG]
    Yeah not a good idea with the W5000, You might want to look into the W1000X instead. That  also depends on musical prefernces of cource.
  6. al10
        Is top Yamaha "just a random amp"? If so,what class/price headphones  do I need? What about AKG K701?   Though it is a pity about W5000.
  7. Ra97oR
    K701 is another amp picky phone, unlike the W5000 which have a very unique sound signature, the K701 is just very hard to drive. As I said LCD-2 is one of the least picky top tier phone if you are going that direction.
  8. RexAeterna
    weird...going by specs it can only output 30mw and output impedance is 32ohm so yea it will not drive lot of headphones very good from the headphone out. usually amps are driven from the same power amp section with couple of dropping resistors.

    an idea many people do is drive the headphones straight off the analog outputs back of the amp due to having at least 1v/150mw@1k ohms at the record out. another thing is you can build a DIY speaker output box and use the headphones straight off the speaker outputs. the power transformer of the power amp section will have no issues with 300-600ohm loads and can deliver enough voltage to kill any headphone. shame yamaha doesn't make them like they use to. i loved their early and late 80's power amps and receivers.
  9. al10


         I think these data is about  measurement conditions and does not means any requirements.        
  10. al10
              "..... K701 is just very hard to drive"   -maybe that is right for iPod or some other mobile devices,but the question was about Yamaha A-S2000.Do you know anything about it?
  11. Ra97oR

    K701 is very hard to drive, even for many dedicated headphone amps. It is one of the headphone that nearly always needed a dedicated headphone amp.

    Going by specs, the 30ohms output impdence can mess up many headphone's frequencey response and the mere 30mW output is no where enough for most headphones. I have not heard the Yamaha A-S2000, but if what RexAeterna said is true then the headphone amp on it is terrible.
  12. Amarphael
    Looking at the owner manual it  does indicate the output power is a mere 30mW and was measured with a 32ohm load at 1khz. FWIR it's a dedicated circuit but it seems it's also severly underpowerd.
  13. al10
    What about Sony Z1000?
  14. Amarphael
    Highly effcient, My DAP also outputs a 30mw (albeit to 16mW prolly) and they went plenty loud at 30/40 setting. I wish i'd had the chance to hear them amped but even without i'd enjoyed them a lot.
  15. al10
    http://www.head-fi.org/t/567608/integrated-amplifiers-with-good-or-excellent-headphones-out-contribute-to-a-list     -they say amp is ok, so whom to beleave?Is someone auditioned it with good headphones around here? Thanks.

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