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    PT, DPT, OCS
    Lifting weights, music, playing guitar, piano, tattoos, cars/motorcycles, gaming, painting
    Craft Beer, Cigar-Fi, Movie-Fi, Ethnic Food-Fi
    Headphone Inventory:
    Currently Own
    JH Roxanne-Beat Audio Silver Sonic MKV
    Denon D7000
    LCD-2 R1
    Custom Ultimate Ears TF10- Gym Duty
    Shure 215
    JVC HA RX700-office duty
    Koss KSC 75 Headband mod DIY Toxic Cables Scorpion

    Current Mobile Setup
    JH Roxanne Ibasso DX90 rockboxed, Beat Audio Silver Sonic MKV


    JH16 Pro
    JHA JH-5
    Unique Melody Miracle
    Unique Melody Merlin
    Thousand Sound TS842 Hybrid Custom

    Top Tier Headphones
    Audeze LCD-2 R1
    Denon MD7000 fully Markl modded Alpha pads
    Denon D7000
    Denon MD2000- Lawton mods on driver, Extra deep Cocobolo Rosewood cups by Martin Custom Audio
    Fostex TH-900
    Mid Tier
    ATH WS99
    Denon D5000
    Denon D2000 Toxic Cables 24AWG OCC Copper Scorpion, Full Mark L mod
    Denon D2000 Mark L Modded 18AWG Jena Labs Cable
    Fostex T20RP modded
    Grado Magnum v5, Vibro Classic Mahogany Cups
    Sennheiser HD600
    AKG K550
    AKG K701
    Grado 325

    Top Tier Universal IEMs
    Audio Technica CK10
    Etymotic ER4S
    UE Triple Fi 10
    Westone 3
    Westone UM3X

    Regular IEMs
    Cyclone PR1
    Etymotic MC5
    Fisher Eterna V.1
    Hifiman RE252,Hifiman RE0x4, Hifiman RE2
    Maximo IM-590
    MeElectronics M6
    Sennheiser IE6
    Thinksound Rain TS01
    UE 700 Sony Hybrids, Ultimate Ears Metro-Fi 170, Ultimate Ears Super Fi 4, Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5,

    Beyer DT531 with Grado 60 Drivers Mogami Recable
    Creative Arvana Live recabled with Toxic Cables 24AWG DIY Scorpion
    Fostex T50RP
    Grado 325i-removed plastic ring, Martin audio Wooden inners, Jumbos,recable, rescreen
    Grado 325i Goldies (Mogami Cable)
    Grado SR325 Silver
    Grado 225 Woodied
    Grado SR225
    Grado SR125
    Grado SR80
    Grado SR60i
    Grado SR60i Cocobolo Cups, 4 Braid Silver Cable-HGA/Neutrik Connector, Leather headband, vented,dynamat, cloth removed, quarter modded, rescreened, Grado SR60, iGrado
    JVC HAR-X700x2, JVC HAR-X900
    Kanen M880-Wooden Orthodynamic DIY with 32ohm SFI drivers recabled
    Koss Ksc75 Kramer Modded, Headband,naviship SPC recable,Neutrik plug, Koss KSC75 (Kramer-modded,headband,px200 pads),Koss KSC75 Kramer Modded, Headband
    Panasonic RP-HTF600
    Sennheiser Px200ii (modded), Sennheiser PX100, Sennheiser HD202
    Sony XB500
    Thinksound Rain TS01
    Ultrasone HFI780
    Yuin G2A
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Headstage Arrow 3G
    Schiit Vali

    Little Dot MK III, Mullard M8100, RCA Black Plate tubes
    Little Dot II
    Matrix M Stage OPA2227P opamp, bigger volume knob

    Fiio E11-portable amp
    Fiio E9i-desktop amp,
    Fiio E5,
    Bravo Audio Amp
    Fiio E12
    Headstage Arrow 4G
    Source Inventory:
    Iphone 6
    Schiit Modi
    Ibasso DX90

    Rocoo P, Cowon D2+, Cowon D2, Cowon O2 32GB+16GB SDHC, Cowon X5 60GB Rockboxed
    Cowon X5 20GB Rockboxed, HP Pavilion DV6, Hifiman 601, Iphone 3gs, Ipod Nano 3rd gen 4GB
    Sansa Fuze,Silver LOD with Blackgate Caps, Fiio E11,Rockboxed Ipod 5.5 30GB Video, Ipod Nano 4gb 2nd gen
    Cable Inventory:
    Toxic Cables 8 Wire Hybrid OCC Copper/Silver
    Toxic Cables Scorpion 24AWG
    Toxic Cables Scorpion 24AWG 6 feet
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Home Theater:
    Onkyo HT S6200 Home theater system

    Car Audio:
    2 12 Rockford Fosgate Punch Subs,
    Rockford Fosgate Punch P500-2
    Infinity Reference Plate Speakers
    5.25 kicker KS series comps
    Music Preferences:
    Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Ska, Rockabilly,80s music, Symphonic Metal
    I like ghetto booty


    IEMS | JH Roxanne-Beat Audio Silver MKV | JH16 | UE TF10 Custom | Shure 215
    Headphones | Denon D7000 | LCD-2| JVC HARX 700| Koss KSC75
    Amps/Sources | Ibasso DX90 | Arrow 3G x2 | Schiit Modi
    Past JH16, Denon MD7000, Fostex TH-900, LCD-2 R1
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