1. T

    Hey / Repairing Bowers and Wilkins P7 Headphones?

    Hi. I'm new here. I have a pair of B&W P7's(out of warranty) of which have suddenly stopped working. There is no sound coming out of the right side. However, on the left side, sound is being produced. I'm going to eventually get some new one's but want to take this opportunity to try and...
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  5. antsin3d

    Senn HD630vb vs B&W P7?

    Hey guys,    I work in an open office so I have to use closed cans to jam out. I always liked the sound of open Sennheisers but when it came to M2 the sound was ok but not wonderful. They were also tiny on my ears. The P7's sound awesome to me, but aren't the most comfortable things in the...
  6. Prolificaudio

    Endgame portable over ear advice (please help!!)

    Alright my friends. For the last 3 weeks I have been spending at least two hours a day on here looking for the perfect portable over ear for me. I listen to indie, rock, hip hop, dubstep, some classical. Really a little of everything. I want something with more forward mids  and treble sparkle...
  7. Prophet293

    Looking for that perfect pair

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking for a pair of headphone that looks good, light/compact and sounds great.   The Bowers & Wilkins P5 was my go to headphone for almost 2 years until I recently purchased the Denon D7100. While the 7100 sounds absolutely amazing off the iPhone 6, it's just too dam...
  8. Prolificaudio

    What is a closed headphone upgrade that is leaps and bounds above the Ath m50x? Lets make a list of the step ups in quality help me out my friends!

    The title pretty much says it all. I don't want something that is a side step or a little upgrade I want something that blows the M50x out of the water. I want something that is superior SQ, Very Fun sound,l bright, analytical, detailed, Lush, warm, beautiful soundstage, with good speed. I have...
  9. keanex

    [Review] Bowers & Wilkins P7, a highly musical closed portable option

      Pros: Sturdy build, removable pads, removable cable, inline mic, controlled bass, lively upper mids, clean sound, spacious sound for a closed headphone, forgiving of mediocre recording. Cons: Proprietary cable and pads, cable feels cheap, sub-bass is inconsistent, mid-blass bleeds. Style...
  10. Ultimate Audio

    Philips Fidelio X2 vs Bowers&Wilkins p7 vs Focal Spirit Professional ??

    i'm between this 3 cans i have hard time to choose one :(    1. I'm excited to buy my first open back HP , but i never heard one i'm little bit worried 2. the p7 seems to be a great HP but it cost almost twice the price of the x2 ( here in Italy) it is really worth the extra money ?? p7 sound...
  11. SomeRandomDude

    Shure SE535 vs Bowers & Wilkins P7

    I'm not a bass-head by any means so detail is a priority for me. The fact that the se535 are more portable is a big bonus for me but also don't want to sacrifice sound quality. Also, since I will be listening in places like the library I really don't want any sound leakage.    Thanks 
  12. audioops

    Much difference in high end CIEMs to NAD Viso HP50/ B&W P7s/ B&O H6/ Focal Spirit Pro?

    I'm trying to get my portable setup going, and from my research I think I have a decent understanding of how cans like the Viso HP50s, P7s, Momentums, H6s all relate to each other, and also a rough idea of how the JH13s, JH16s, K10s, Roxannes all supposedly relate to each other. Where I am...
  13. Ultimate Audio

    Bowers&Wilkins P7 vs Sony Pulse Wireless Elite Headset ?

    I have sony xb500 ,sony pulse ,pioneer se mj5 , bose ie, bose ie2 , but until now i never heard so good sound quality and so deep deep sub bass like in the sony pulse elite ,i think every basshead on the planet must try this cans and i mean, stuning performance , ok now i have a question: do u...
  14. ubs28

    Closed headphones vs IEM?

    Are IEM better than closed headphones for portable music for the same price? (If we take a B&W P7 against a Shure SE535 / Westone 4R for example which are both mobile headphones / earphones around the same price)
  15. prac843

    Suggestions For Biking Headphones

    Big audio fan, have a couple of nice systems set up at home. Never been much into headphones but I have recently gotten into biking. I am currently using an iPod with some cheap skull candies and looking to buy a mid-grade set of headphone. These will specifically used for biking outdoors so I...
  16. randy98mtu

    B&W C5 + Comply TX-400 = Compliment to P7's I have been looking for

    So I bought a pair of C5's at the beginning of my search, and loved the sound but they were uncomfortable and difficult to get situated right.  A short time after returning them I tried the P7's and fell in love.  I've been using the P7's ever since and love them, but have been looking for a...
  17. h1a8

    Good Replacements for NAD Viso HP50 with stronger bass?

    I have the NAD Viso HP50 and think they are excellent for the price. They are very clear, smooth, ok comfort, balanced, and have a good sized soundstage for a closed can. However, I hate the way they look on my head in public and wish they had some more bass slam. So I'm looking for a closed...
  18. akdms

    Portable headphone or IEM similar to Q701?

    At home I use Q701's at my computer (running to a Xonar STX). I'd like to get a set of portable headphones or IEMs for work that have a similar sound. I work in an office with low cube walls, so full headphones are out because I don't want to appear "unapproachable". I'm not looking for sound...
  19. charlie875578

    Philips Fidelio X1 vs Bowers Wilkins P7

    I don't have the ability to test the Philips Fidelio X1. I'm looking at these two as a HP for mainly home use with some travel use (not so much using on a plane/car, rather a over ear that doesn't require a full amp rig to get enjoyment. Most of the listening will be Concert DVDs, Netflix...
  20. weissshay

    my music rig for 2014

    Headphones B&W P7 to Fiio X5
  21. Pedro Oliveira

    Sennheiser Momentum over ear replacement..... Denon AH-D600 vs Nad Viso HP50 vs B&W P7 vs B&O Beoplay H6 vs Dt770 80/32ohm

    Hi guys... :)   Sorry for bothering but here is the deal... i had the sennheiser momentum and i absolutely loved the sound they had..... problem is.... my ears dont fit inside the pads and therefore the seal is deficient and i am always readjusting the momentums every 5 minutes and its jut...
  22. Ultimate Audio

    Bowers&Wilkins P7 vs Philips Fidelio X1

    i'm stuck between this 2 cans, somebody tried both ??  i love bass but also the clarity and the soundstage,
  23. audiowatts

    Beats Solo 2: Is the Head-Fi community willing to give these a fair chance?

    Unlike past Beats releases these have a pretty good build and a good sound for a portable pair of headphones. (Subjective) Many comments on YouTube and other places on-line are quick to dismiss them based on the brand name. So many negative comments were even made when reviewers had...
  24. Bartez75

    B&W P7 with standalone headphone amp and it's 22 ohms and 50mW of max input power

    B&W P7 has written in the spec that it can handle 50mW of input power. Impedance of P7 is 22 ohms.   Does it mean it can be burned with headphone amp like Luxman p-200 which can give 727 mW?  I guess at max level of volume amp can do this? Which means in normal volume it will be ok?
  25. Zero25mg

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Vs bowers & Wilkins P7

    Hi, I listen to a mainly a mix of electronic (Protoculture to Tycho ) , post rock (Mogwai, worlds end girlfriend, etc) classical music and some Female vocal J-POP   I have had a Ultrasone DJ pro for about 7 years and its sound is cracking up so I need a new set.  I have managed to narrowed...