1. ksimm033

    Through this journey, I have learned I like treble and vocals

    Right now I listen to music using my W4Rs. I've noticed that when I get done at the gym using my M6s and then laydown to use my W4Rs, the W4Rs come off to warm (use medium star tips). I use a rockbox clip plus and have the treble set to +12, with everything else on default. I'm guessing this...
  2. koven

    need some advice on $300-$400 universals

    looking at either the heir 4.ai or maybe westone um3x/4r..... prefer a warm rich sound that does well with vocals and bass   im not keen on waiting a month+ for the heir's though... westones look like a good alternative... been out of the audio scene for a while just using my RE0 + TF10 for...
  3. Synchronised

    Need advice.

    Hello guys, I have Audeze LCD3, Burson Audio HA-160D and Weston 4R's. I am thinking of selling the LCD3's and replace them with a cheaper headphone that pairs well with the Burson Audio HA-160D. I bought the LCD3 for $2000 so how much can I sell it for? It's almost brand new, I bought it...
  4. stan122289

    looking for iem under $500

    I usually listen to ost,jazz and classic, I will also listen to the pop like u2 as well, I would like the good treble and mid on the iem. I tried the sm64,w4r,um3x and thunk the most I like is the sm64 Do you have any above or other recommendations on the iems (source will be unamped j3)
  5. music-meister

    Need In-Ear Recommendation:

    Greetings All,   First time poster here, but I've read through a number of threads regarding various IEM's.  Nevertheless, I'm hopeful some head-fi 'experts' can chime in and make a recommendation for me.   Our church worship team is about to move to Aviom's and we're all purchasing our...
  6. johntheman123

    Hybrid (Balanced and Dynamic) IEMs?

    Other than the Unique Miracle Merlins, what other universal and or custom IEM's out there have a hybrid Dynamic and Balanced setup?   Thanks!
  7. crazyguy306

    new headphone from shure or westone

    does anyone know if shure or westone is gonna release any new headphone to replace their 535 or 4r this year as both of the headphones have been out for almost three years. I'm thinking to buy one of the headphone but if they are gonna release a new one i would like to wait instead. thanks 
  8. Veritas94

    Time for a new IEM

    Alright, so I'm really new to serious listening. I've always loved music, but have just now begun to realize that all my earbuds have sucked pretty badly. Cheap skullcandy ink'd buds, and some cheap Panasonic buds have been my staple pretty much. So I've just recently ordered a pair of Mc5...
  9. fluffyberry

    normal or custom?

    hi guys im kind of knew to the IEM market but i do own a pair of westone um1s, thing is, im looking to upgrade that in the next few years and can't decide if i should get normal IEMs or custom made ones. i've been looking mainly at things like the westone um3x, 4r, or es3, either that or the...
  10. kzhlin

    Good DACs/amps for relatively cheap?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find a DAC and/or amp to connect to my MacBook Pro and iPhone to drive the following: - Sennheiser Momentums - Westone 4R - speakers like B&W A7 or similar (connecting this to my computer via dac) Any recommendations? I heard the Dragonfly is a good dac, but would I...
  11. topear

    if there is a specification CD in the box of w4r

    I have bought a w4r.The SN is 1306192700.There is not a specification CD in the box.Please tell me whether it is a change of the new packaging or not. Or,it is a mistake of their packing.
  12. kzhlin

    Durability of Westone IEM's?

    Hi,   I have had a pair of Westone 4R's for a few months, and I dropped them (the IEM's itself) onto the ground and I was wondering if it is possible for them to have suffered internal damage? They sound fine and don't show any cosmetic damage, but I was just wondering if they have any...
  13. AlbertoDN

    IEM nozzle comparison

    Dear all,   I have recently purchased the Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10 IEM's including a pair of custom fit sleeves. The Triple-Fi's don't realy suit my hearing 'taste' and therefore I would like to change them for another pair. I would however like to keep using the custom tips without...
  14. sunghlin

    where can I try IEMs in Bay Area, California?

    Hi all   I want to buy a IEM, and I want to try it before I buy it. However, I really don't know where I can do that in USA.    Currently, I am watching Westone 4r, um3x, Grado gr10 and Shure 535. Because of their high prices, I don't really want to buy the wrong one. (I don't think I...
  15. yours truly

    Are high end IEM's a waste on an iphone?

    Hello,   I'm looking to purchase a new pair of earphones as I managed to damage the cord on my old ones (CX-300). After searching the forums, the two IEM's that keep popping up are the Westone 4R and the Shure SE535 but from what I've been reading they can both benefit from being amped for...
  16. glory102

    Sub $300 IEM for Galaxy S3

    Looking for a set of IEM's to replace the stock Samsung Galaxy S3 (GS3) headphones.  These are primarily used at work so isolation and comfort are high on the list, do not want to use an amplifier with them and audio control on the headphones are not necessary. Budgeting for under $300.  I have...
  17. Code07

    Best IEMs for Noise Cancelling + Comfort?

    What are some good IEMs out there that offer good noise isolation + comfort.  Both of these two things are very very important to me.  I have been reading that earbuds offer more comfort than IEMs, is that true?  I don't even know if IEMs is what I should be looking at if I'm after noise...
  18. kskwerl

    Earportz Proguard for Westone 4R....how do I put these things in?

    I just can't figure out how these are actually suppose to go in my ears
  19. mogumagnus

    Improving my W4R

    Been enjoying the W4Rs with sony hybrid tips, listening straight from an iPhone 4S. This forum, being what it is, has got me thinking how I can improve the sq. Should I...   1) Get an portable amp. Thinking either a Pico Slim or ALO Rx Mk2?   2) Upgrade cables to Moon Silver or TWags. I...
  20. Royalman

    Please see 3.5 jack of my Westone W4R

    I buy Westone W4R on jan 2013 but I found the 2 line in 3.5 jack is black color . That difference with W4R in 2011-2012 Year that have 2 line color green. I want to know your W4r that by in 2013 year have 2 line in 3.5 jack  color green or black .

    Adventures in Balanced Cables for IEMs

    I've had several IEMs with balanced cabling for a while - HIFIMAN RE262, RE272 and RE600. I didn't have an amp or player with balanced output, so I just used the included TRRS-to-TRS adapters. Then along came the HIFIMAN HM-901. I go it with all of the different amp cards, but so far, I having...
  22. ete_pl

    Looking for people who auditioned Audeo PFE 232, Westone 4r and shure 846 - is shure se846 much better?

    Hi all,   the question stated in the Topic is pretty much it - I am looking for people who had/auditioned/extensively compared these 3 iems. Are shure SIGNIFICANTLY better than audeos? I'm asking, because I am in the market for new universal iems and I want to hit it right at the 1st time.  ...
  23. adammax

    Increasing bass for W4R

    Hi guys,   Just got a pair of W4R. However, coming from ATH M50, I find the bass lacking in W4R. Is there any ways I can increase the bass? I'm using star tip. The foam tip seems to increase the bass, but for comfort, I'll prefer the star tip, Any advice?
  24. SnailsAndSlugs

    Can't get the hang of IEMs!

    Currently using Sony MH1C. I see people walking around, on the subway, jogging, etc. with IEMs and I just don't get it. No matter what I do, my earbuds pop out, constantly need adjustment, are uncomfortable, etc. My MH1Cs came with a tube of 4 or 5 different sized rubber plugs, and I've...
  25. jrhaze

    Value of my headphones?

    Hi, I have a pair of headphones I would like to sell.  I am no expert and bought these used some time ago...don't even remember what I paid to be honest.   They are Sennheiser HD650s with a blue Cardas cable and cherry wooden cups from headphile.  The cable measures 7ft from the plug to where...