Apple ME186LL/A Dual Driver Improved Revision?
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First off, a MUST read.
While the ADDIEM fell under the radar for a while [being vastly underrated?], Apple discretely revised the build of the ADDIEMs , but may have also tuned the sound a bit differently. The ADDIEMs labeled MA850G/A are now ME186LL/A. Certainly the performance of the new ME186LL/A is outstanding rivaling stuff that is way above it's price range. This IEM doesn't lack the bass presence of the Etymotics while having an airy, extended, smooth treble, that lacks any big resonants unlike a GR07, EX1000 or R50. With better treble bandwidth, treble smoothness, bass depth and soundstage than RE400. This is the IEM to beat at this price range.
Of course, there are some things to note as no IEM is perfect
A 30ohm adapter is a must, it decreases it's main distortion flaw and makes the midrange more clear and transparent.
This Cowon cable is a 33ohm adapter. 
Almost all aftermarket tips kill an aspect of it's sound. Sony Hybrids and Comply Whoomp tips are the only ones that provide the best performance, besides the brilliant stock tips. 
Feel free to post any questions or concerns. 
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An old version is on way to Rin [thanks to Tinyman392], so that's going to be confirmed. Highly appreciate the offer, I would let you know if we somehow need another
FYI, this Cowon cable is also a 33ohm adapter may be more practical than the one I linked as I find big plugs like that are very sensitive to bending in one's pocket which results in the channel cutting off. I found of this Cowon adapter yesterday, certainly may be worth a try, not only that the cable looks meant for these 
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Sony Hybrids are the best with these.

I found the rating from a Japanese blogger that was testing the impedance of various adapters.
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Very intriguing. I'll keep my eye on this one. Maybe I'll get a pair to compare to the older version.
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Is the "ME186LL/A" product code on the box? I'm going to my local Apple center to check if they have it.

yup, it should be there
Originally Posted by glove4 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have the old version.  How much different does this new version sound?  

that's coming soon. 
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It measures identical to the old version. The difference will be the control portion which is what generatied the new PC. Apple would jump on the chance to call it improved. No reason to think that they are acoustially changed in any way. I have never seen 2 devices measured with different kit more identical.
I also think them a VG value and have a pair but they are bit vague in the bass and lean in character. Nice viable product at the price but not really giant killers.
You could have tried just asking Apple before speculating..
"No changes have been made to the actual earphones."
I forgot. You don't believe anything manufacturers say.
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i compared them directly to the ue900 and heir audio 4ai. and while both are clearly superior, the addiem was not that far behind, the pricetag could make you believe it would.

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