1. djangomango

    1MORE Triple Driver IEM vs HiFiMAN RE-400?

    I was originally going to get the RE-400, but I just found out about the 1MORE: http://www.amazon.com/1MORE-Triple-Headphones-In-line-Microphone/dp/B01A7G35S0 It seems to have gotten great reviews everywhere I've seen. Does anyone have experience with either? I am coming from a Yamaha EPH-100
  2. devluxe

    Shure se215 or Hifiman re-400?

    Hi everybody, I need a new pair of iem for about 100 dollars. I read many reviews and I'm interested in these two models: Shure se215 and Hifiman re-400. According to this review ( http://tinyurl.com/multiiemreview ) Hifiman re-400 sound better (9/10 vs 7.9/10 of the shure). I found these two...
  3. J

    what are some good in ear headphones under 100$

    i was looking to spend 100$ on in ear headphones.was about to get the klipsh s 4 but i would like to know if there are better headphones then the s4   
  4. RixNox

    Quality in-ear monitors with "mike"?

    It may be a nonsense, but I wonder if are there any quality in-ear monitors with microphone (for phone calls). Just to avoid carrying one headphone for music and one for phone calls
  5. azmodien

    Marshall Mode EQ, a very underrated set

    I liked the sound of the Marshall bluetooth speaker and think their headphones have one of the most satisfying sound signatures out there. I am using the "Mode EQ" in-ears at the moment and they are very nicely balanced. Definitely prominent in the bass department, but not in an exaggerated way...
  6. devilmonk

    Has anything emerged better than Shure SE215 in its price range?

    Is Shure SE215 still the leader of ~$100 earbuds? I've been browsing the forums for a while and it seems like they were the best for several years, but they came out in 2011 and its 2015 now. Has any new In-ear surpassed it yet?
  7. eddypoon

    Hifiman: Terrible experience with RE-400i and the company's customer service

    Facts:    Bought a Hifiman RE-400i. The remote controller / volume controller is dead on arrival.    Raised a refund request, but Hifiman refused to compensate for all related shipping charges.    So now, I am penalized to pay, out of my pocket,  both shipping and return postage, totaling...
  8. stigmata92

    Looking for IEMs in the $100 range

    Hello everyone! I'm relatively new to posting on these boards, but I'm in desperate need of some guidance on helping me find the ideal set of IEMs. I'm looking for IEMs in the 100 dollar range. My last pair of IEMs were the RE0's, which were quite good but the durability really was a huge...
  9. R

    £65/$100 IEMs

    Hi all,   The cable on my old Shure SE210s has just conked out, so I'm taking this as an opportunity to replace them with some more up to date earphones. I've been doing my research and it seems like the HiFiMan RE-400 and HiSoundAudio Crystal are well regarded, but I'm open to any other...
  10. xphynance

    Bowers & Wilkins C5 worth a try? Need help

    Hello to everyone!    I am new to Head-Fi, just found this place, my new home...   I may need some guidance. Recently I am looking for a nice in-ear headphones for daily commute and outdoor use. I have been using HD650 + NuForce HDP at home for a while, and most of the time I listen...
  11. redarecoba

    The Best 100 $ IEMs

    Hi , i want to buy a new IEMs , so what is the best ones with 100 $ , i listen to electronic music , hip-hop , pop ect   The HIFIMAN RE-400 is a the best solution ?   Thank you and sorry for my english
  12. Veritas94

    Time for a new IEM

    Alright, so I'm really new to serious listening. I've always loved music, but have just now begun to realize that all my earbuds have sucked pretty badly. Cheap skullcandy ink'd buds, and some cheap Panasonic buds have been my staple pretty much. So I've just recently ordered a pair of Mc5...
  13. 1337RYoN

    Which earphone is the best among these?

    Hello. I'm planning to buy a pair of good earphones and would like to request your opinion on them. I'm currently considering the following. -Shure SE215 -Nocs NS400 -V-Moda Remix Remote -TDK BA200 -Klipsch Image S4i (II) -Westone UM1 -HiFiMan RE400 I'm looking for earphones with...
  14. nickmakp

    The Famed RE0

    Does anyone know where I can get my hands on RE0? I've try to search various websites over the past months. Would anyone be kind enough to point me to the right direction. I take both used and new. 
  15. St0RM53

    Help me make a choice with your experience! Anyone with EDM taste!

    I've made a post in the question thread but didn't got the answer i wanted. That's why i made a thread. Here's how it goes:   Hello again. After making lots of research i'm ended up having to decide between these: -Vsonic GR01 -Fischer Audio DBA-02 mkII -Vsonic GR07 bass edition...
  16. DavidGiles

    Under $100 In Ear Headphones

    I was looking to get in ears and after searching the internet for  a while, I've found nothing. I'm looking for quality under $100 in ears that aren't too bass heavy. Flat or thick cords would be nice also, but I'd rather have good sound than cords that don't tangle. I listen to Alternative...
  17. RDUBiker

    Low profile, excellent sound headphones (similar to etymotic er6)

    Hey all - I've been using etymotic ER6 (and hf2) for years and love  them. I ride a motorcycle and need something very low profile (i.e. doesn't stick out of my ear too far due to helmet ear pads) and my ER6 have finally bitten the dust. Short of finding an old set still left somewhere, can you...
  18. redrich2000

    Closest shallow fitting ER-4S alternative?

    I have narrow and sensitive ear canals. Despite trying every conceivable tip and a few different IEMs, I just can't use the deep-fitting ones. If I could, the ER-4S would have ended my journey here years ago. I found them to be perfectly flat, clear, detailed and natural sounding. Despite trying...
  19. sabag123

    earphones recommendation for iphoen 5 / 100$

    Hi , I'm looking for Earphones for Iphone 5 with good quality. price : 100$ I'm looking for earphones only and not over-ear. Thanks !
  20. Inks

    Apple ME186LL/A Dual Driver Improved Revision?

    First off, a MUST read.   While the ADDIEM fell under the radar for a while [being vastly underrated?], Apple discretely revised the build of the ADDIEMs , but may have also tuned the sound a bit differently. The ADDIEMs labeled MA850G/A are now ME186LL/A. Certainly the performance of the...
  21. UpWaiting

    Best all around IEM $80-$100.

    Hey Head fi ,   I'm planning to get a new pair of IEMs for the price of $80-$100 US, but I need some advice. I will use these mostly for going to school or outside and will listen to a mixture of rock and electro. I prefer not to have an over the ear design when going outside. I have been...
  22. bluesrocktitan

    HELP!!! need to find the right pair of headphones/earphones

    Can anyone help me! I am looking for a pair of great sounding in ear headphones in about a $100-$200 price range, I am big on sound quality and want ones that sound really clear, I like rock, blues, soul and some pop music so none of this deep bass rubbish. Anyrecommendations?
  23. whirlwind

    What Is The Best I Can Do For $100

    What is the best that I can do for $100   HiFiMan RE400   Shure 215   Is there anything else that I should be considering at this price range ?   Are both of the above a nice upgrade from JVC HA FX40
  24. MSHDigit

    What are comparable IEMs to Sunrise Xcape IEs with similar pricing and sound quality?

    Hello Head-fiers,   I've gone through two pairs of Sunrise Xcape IEs which each only lasted me a few weeks due to their durability issues which are laughable at best.  They always overheated and eventually the wiring came unattached in one side in both pairs, meaning that one ear was...
  25. mzangus

    IEM for under $200

    I am currently a user of the Apple Earpods, but I want to upgrade to something much better, while staying under $200 (currently using an iPod Touch 5)   What I am looking for: Great build quality (to last me a couple years) Very low leakage, preferably none at all Comfort Must sound...