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Quality in-ear monitors with "mike"?

  1. RixNox
    It may be a nonsense, but I wonder if are there any quality in-ear monitors with microphone (for phone calls). Just to avoid carrying one headphone for music and one for phone calls
  2. bluejay
    Yes there are! But it all depends on your budget, what kind of sound you like, and what you are going to use them for!
    If you need to hear your surroundings, Bose makes some really great ones (the Freestyle series). It might not be the best value, but it's fairly decent.
    Also, Sennheiser just came out with a new series that are great (the cx 3.00 and 5.00 available with a dedicated android version too!)
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  3. coldbeverage
    Hifiman RE-400, Etymotic HF2 or HF3, RHA T10 or MA750, or any IEM with replaceable cable and then you can get a cable with mic.  There are many others, but those are some good examples.  
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  4. RixNox
    Thank you guys!

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