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    Latest IEM. A real fun 'phone.
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    My "modern rig" with new RHA MA750's. Sweet.
  3. djangomango

    1MORE Triple Driver IEM vs HiFiMAN RE-400?

    I was originally going to get the RE-400, but I just found out about the 1MORE: http://www.amazon.com/1MORE-Triple-Headphones-In-line-Microphone/dp/B01A7G35S0 It seems to have gotten great reviews everywhere I've seen. Does anyone have experience with either? I am coming from a Yamaha EPH-100
  4. Flyinace1

    Good SQ and isolation for on the go

    Howdy. I'm new around here so let me give some background. I used to be a sound engineer. During that time I found that I really enjoyed a V-shaped sound for the most part. And high female vocals. I listen to a weird range of music mostly consisting of hard rock, alternative rock, metal, folk...
  5. RixNox

    Quality in-ear monitors with "mike"?

    It may be a nonsense, but I wonder if are there any quality in-ear monitors with microphone (for phone calls). Just to avoid carrying one headphone for music and one for phone calls
  6. Ardian

    Bassy Etymotic HF2

    Hello everyone! :) I need help. I habe the Ety Hf2 and is my best IEM, I love the derails and precision!! But I need somethin to complete these IEM, with more bass and sub-bass (lacking in Ety), but with the same details or quality? What can you reccomend me? Maybe Sony EX450, Pioneer Dje 1500...
  7. dfranco

    5 days with the RHA ma750

    Hi guys, After significant time spent reading reviews I eventually narrowed down my search to the RHA ma750 and Shure SE215. In the past I have used Shures and more recently, the qJays. I was really impressed with the sound from the tiny qjays but there were also significant problems with those...
  8. FeedingNation

    I can't make up my mind

    Hello! I have been reading up about good recconendatuons and reviews here on Head First. Currently, I own a Sony Nwz-e384 and a RHA Ma750, and I was thinking of upgrading my portable setup. For the mp3 player, is the current one I have considered "high resolution"? And are there any other...
  9. onebigunion

    Sony hybrid tips for RHA-M750

    Are there more than one type of Sony hybrid tips?  I only see on type on Amazon and am wondering if they fit the RHA-M750.  For reference the comply foam tip would be the T200.
  10. C.C.S.

    RHA MA750 Review

    Background:   About two weeks ago, I was selected to be a member of a review program that RHA was holding for their MA600 and MA750 IEMs. I had not heard any of RHA’s IEMs at that point and was only vaguely familiar with them and their growing reputation. However, I could not miss out on the...
  11. Mr Jalaf

    RHA MA750 vs Brainwavz S5

    Does anyone have any experience with either of these two in-ears? My beloved GR07BE is starting to die so I'm looking for a replacement.
  12. Zelda

    REVIEW: RHA MA750 - Flawless Victory!

    REVIEW: RHA MA750 - Flawless Victory!         Specifications:   Driver: 560.1 Dynamic Frequency range: 16-22,000Hz Impedance: 16ohms Sensitivity: 100dB Rated/max power: 1/5mW Weight: 35g Cable: 1.35m, reinforced, OFC Connections: 3.5mm, gold plated   And of course, there's a...
  13. phallan

    Looking for new headphones

    So yeah I'm looking for a new pair of headphones that suits my lifestyle. I love audio and have preciously owned a pair of m50's. What I need is a pair of over, on-ear headphones (Bluetooth or Bluetooth optional) or in ear that have great deep bass but doesn't miss out on highs and soundstage...
  14. FortyEightHours

    Best IEMs for Around $100 - Details inside

    Hi Everyone,    I am fairly new to the audiophile world and am now looking for a good pair of IEMs for while at work. Here is what I what I've been considering   Comfort (will be using for 5+ hours per day) - I have small-ish ears.   Sound Isolation (needs to be decent)   No/minimal...
  15. Rush-n-crush

    Why are IEMs not used in/for gaming headsets?

    Always wondered this.. I dont even think a gaming IEM exists.. I also realize most if not all gaming headsets sound like crap.. but still why no IEM gaming headset? 
  16. RHA MA750

    RHA MA750

    RHA MA750 noise isolating premium in ear headphone. Handmade dynamic drivers, machined stainless steel and a premium oxygen free copper cable; The MA750 epitomizes quality and performance. Using RHA's aero phonic design, 560.1 drivers and a secure over ear fit, the MA750 excels in sound...