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1MORE Triple Driver IEM vs HiFiMAN RE-400?

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  1. djangomango
    I was originally going to get the RE-400, but I just found out about the 1MORE: http://www.amazon.com/1MORE-Triple-Headphones-In-line-Microphone/dp/B01A7G35S0
    It seems to have gotten great reviews everywhere I've seen. Does anyone have experience with either?
    I am coming from a Yamaha EPH-100
  2. joe Administrator
    I'm actually giving the 1MORE IEMs you mentioned a listen right now. While I don't have experience with the Yamaha EPH-100, I'm noting 1MOREs have plenty of bass.  One of the tracks I like to use when listening to new gear is "Royals" by Lorde, and the sub-bass is plentiful through the 1MOREs.
  3. djangomango
    Awesome! How are you liking them so far? I've looked everywhere for info on them on headfi but there isn't much.
  4. joe Administrator
    I didn't get a long listening session (I'm planning to give them another longer go tomorrow, and I didn't get a chance to pop them in my ears today), and I'll report back.
  5. Bourbon
    I'm planning to buy that pair also  ! But I'm confusing between it  and RHA MA750 
    Luckily I found this topic. 
    So I'm looking forward for your report ! :D 
  6. joe Administrator
    @Bourbon - In comparison, I feel the bass on the MA750 is faster. I find the mids to be fuller with the MA750, whereas with the 1MORE, I think there's more sub-bass. I find that when using "Royals" as a test track, Lorde's vocals are perceived to be closer to the listener, and more emphasized than the 1MOREs, where the vocals are detailed but more recessed in presentation. The 1MOREs shine to me a bit more with another test track of mine, Die Antwoord's "Fatty Boom Boom". (I know, I have an odd set of test tracks, but they work for me.) I find Yolandi Visser's higher voice is a bit too much with the MA750's presentation, but the 1MOREs, I'm pleased with the positioning, as Die Antwoord is intense, so the distance works a lot better for my ears. 
    On a side note, I'm really digging the 1MORE with Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter". It's a good mix for me for the guitars and bass in comparison to Eddie Vedder's vocals. @djangomango, what types of music do you listen to? I might be able to give my opinion of the 1MOREs with tracks you may enjoy as well. 
  7. Bourbon
    joe Thank you for your report. Btw ,My type of music mostly are Instrumental, acoustic and classic rock. Does the 1More fit those type in your opinion ?
  8. ikks
    I'm also curious about how 1More E1001 (Triple Driver) compares to RE-400. In fact, I already own the HiFiMAN RE-400 for about six months now and they are brilliant for acoustic and instrumental music. Excellent mids and crisp highs. Bass, although is precise and present, lacks quantity.
    Yesterday I place the order for 1More. Sadly, shipping from China to EU will take a while.
    What's wrong with your EPH-100? Why are you looking for a replacement, because they also seem to be a decent pair of earphones (reviews say so).
  9. djangomango
    Pretty much everything. Recently I've been going through a prog phase haha
    It finally died after four good years. I loved the EPH-100 but figured it might be time to try something new.
  10. lurkusmaximus
    I recently purchased the 1More Triple Driver IEM and have been listening to them for about two weeks. Overall, I think they are a great value. They give a superb selection of ear pieces, so you are bound to find a size that seals well, and a good seal is important. I listen to a lot of Trance and EDM. They do very well with the layered sounds often found in trance instrumentals. When I switch to the EDM genre, they have sufficient punch where it counts, and do really nice with the vocals. They can show flaws with lesser quality recordings, but that is not unexpected. I think they would work well for you, particularly with your instrumentals. I listen to the occasional rock, and have not been disappointed.  The cord is nice and sturdy, and I find it does not tangle as easily as other models that I own. Top notch value in my book.
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  11. dakslf
  12. GreedIslandGM
    Just bought* one, might write a review here when I get it.
  13. fadedlogic
    I have had the 1More Triple Driver's for a few months, and used them for my daily everyday use.  I found the 1More's to give great value for the price with high build quality and decent sound.  I did find I needed to turn the volume up more than most other IEM's to get the best sound.
    I just received my Trinity Audio Engineering Delta V-II Hybrids on Monday.  They Trinity's blow the 1More's out of the water.  They also sport detachable cables and tuning filters to customize the sound to your taste.  They are only a few dollars more than 1More's but with the head-fi discount shrinks the difference even further; factor in value of detachable cables and tuning filters; no contest.
  14. ikks
    Finally got them. 
    As a first impression, RE-400 are far more comfortable than 1More. Maybe because 1More has a genormous sound nozzles. 
    I'll come back in a few days with some audio comparasion.
  15. GreedIslandGM
    Made a review on reddit, there's a coupon "REDDIT10" for ten percent. Got it, bass and mids were meh but everything else like soundstage was cool.
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