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5 days with the RHA ma750

  1. dfranco
    Hi guys,
    After significant time spent reading reviews I eventually narrowed down my search to the RHA ma750 and Shure SE215. In the past I have used Shures and more recently, the qJays. I was really impressed with the sound from the tiny qjays but there were also significant problems with those IEMs.
    I wanted something roughly comparable but I also didn't want to spend as much as I did on the qjays a few years ago (~$300?).
    I opted for the RHAs because the reviews were consistently superior and they seemed like better value for the money.
    First off, I am SO impressed by the build quality. I love the metal finish and the heft of the whole thing. The cable feels premium and the sound is pretty good. I am not blown away by the bass, however, but that's not a deal breaker.
    This is my issue. I am getting slight pain (or maybe discomfort) after wearing these for about 15minutes. I have tried them every day for 5 days to see if I would adjust, but so far, nothing. In the past I have typically used the standard silicone tipsand they have worked pretty well for me. In trying several out with the RHAs, I found i got the best sound from the silicone tips (a fair bit more bass than the foam tips). Unfortunately, I am getting discomfort near the outer ear canal. I believe it is because to get good isolation I have to push the tips in fairly deep. Deep enough that the metal housing is actually abutting against the cartillage and after a few minutes, it starts to feel uncomfortable.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Should I give them more time? Should I simply try switching to the Shures?
    any feedback would be appreciated.
    thank you!

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