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RHA MA750 vs Brainwavz S5

  1. Mr Jalaf
    Does anyone have any experience with either of these two in-ears? My beloved GR07BE is starting to die so I'm looking for a replacement.
  2. FastAndClean
    I have MA750
  3. Mr Jalaf

    Well I just bought these on Amazon for $68. Hopefully they're worth the price. I'll report back once they arrive.
  4. drofeel71
    They're a steal at full RRP, so at $68 they're even better. What an aural treat you're in for. Congratulations I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy mine.
  5. FastAndClean
    They need a lot of burn in, maybe 200 hours, before burn in they sound bright and not very precise, but after that treble come down a little bit and the bass become more tight and with better texture.
  6. Mr Jalaf
    You may be right about the burn in. I just received my MA750 a few days ago and am not very impressed at all. The bass has more body and impact than the GR07BE, but the GR07BE seems more versatile, clear, and well balanced. Might be returning the MA750, but I'll let them burn in longer (probably about 5 hours burn in time total right now) and see what happens.
  7. onebigunion
    How did you get such a great price on the RHA, were they used or refurb?  Because the 750 is an exceptionally clear and balanced headphone.  Vocals are spot on and treble is sparkly without sibilance, not to mention the fantastic bass.
    Something doesn't sound right with your sample.
  8. shockdoc
    Can't speak to the RHA's but I absolutely love the Brainwavz S5. I feel it's very underrated and competes well if not surpasses all of my current IEM's including the TDK IE800 dual driver.
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