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I can't make up my mind

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  1. FeedingNation
    Hello! I have been reading up about good recconendatuons and reviews here on Head First. Currently, I own a Sony Nwz-e384 and a RHA Ma750, and I was thinking of upgrading my portable setup.

    For the mp3 player, is the current one I have considered "high resolution"? And are there any other players that are good? The Sansa Clip reviews I read was good and cheap, but I couldn't find any.(Fiio X1 any good?)

    For Iem, do u guys have any recommendations for a " fun sounding" or "lively" sound with not too much base, and clear vocals. I listen to songs like dnb, electro, trap, etc.(JVC Fxd80? Ckr-9?)

    Can anyone help me? So many options and I can't make up my mind. Oh, and Budget should be around $400
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    For players or DAP (Digital Audio Player) you can look at:
    FiiO X1
    FiiO X3
    iBasso DX50
    Colorfly C3
    XDuoo X2
    FiiO X1 is a nice player with lots of features and make a nice upgrade from the Sony you have.

    As for IEM, you can research:
    Dunu DN-1000 
    Havi B3 PRO 1 
    Vsonic VSD3S 
    Brainwavs S5
    Dunu Titan 1
    Vsonic GR07 Classic
    ^ These are all solid performers but you must research them, read the reviews etc!
    I actually have quite a bit of gear atm and I'm really enjoying FiiO X1 with the Brainwavz S5, this will get you quite decent sound imo all for $200 USD roughly. if you want to spend a little more then you could opt for an XDuoo X2 player and Dunu DN-1000, this is another pairing I highly recommend. Or, if you want to spend a full $400 then iBasso DX50 and Dunu DN-1000 is very nice.
    Just remember, the main increase always comes from the headphone upgrade, so you could even just purchase the Dunu DN-1000 and try it on your Sony player first, it might sound great! If not then try one of the other players.
    Personally, I would use our search feature and start researching the names I gave you, but especially keep a close eye on the Dunu DN-1000 hybrid for $200.
  3. FeedingNation
    Thank you for your quick reply! I will continue researching the iem u listed! Sadly, they will be hard to find in Singapore (might have to ship :p) and the will probably cost more. ( Fiio x1 will cost ~$159 :frowning2: )
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Many of the items I mentioned can be ordered from:
    Penon Audio: http://penonaudio.com/
    MP4Nation: http://www.mp4nation.net/
    These are the sites I personally recommend using (both offer free worldwide shipping)
  5. FeedingNation
    One last question before I order :wink:: Personally, do u prefer the Dunu d1000 or Havi b3 pro 1? Also, my friend owned a JVC Fxt90 (dual driver as well), I gave it a listen, and it sounds like something I would enjoy. How does this compare to the other 2?
  6. reespa
    You are lucky being in Singapore. LendMeUrEars is on your doorstep and stock a great range of Chinese IEMs Havi, Ostry, Vsonic etc. I speak as a regular customer who purchased more from  the guys than I would like admit to (at least to me wife).
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  7. H20Fidelity Contributor

    For your genres I would definitely take DN-1000, it has the sub-bass you require whilst keeping the mids / highs clean and separated. The Dunu is a hybrid design which consists of a dynamic driver for the lows and dual balanced armature for the mids / highs, hence the term "hybrid" because it uses two different driver technology. What this does is keep the sound very clean with a dynamic punchy bass in this instance of tuning. Havi is still very good, but as you've probably read quite neutral and balanced. Regardless I would still take the Dunu DN-1000.
    If it was my money I would buy Dunu DN-1000 and an XDuoo X2 player, these will get you high endish sound all for roughly $250 USD with change left over.. I've heard the JVC FXZ100 and really didn't think much of them. In my opinion, (just my opinion) to find IEMs that excel you need to venture away from the mainstream brands and their somewhat mainstream signatures.
    This is why the Chinese IEM market is so popular right now, they're creating some fierce competition and aggressive prices.
    Put it this way, I prefer Dunu DN-1000 over both Westone 3 and Westone 4. 
  8. RedTwilight

    Actually most of the iems above, including the Dunus, may be found at the LMUE box at the boxshop at Plaza Sing top floor. Just go up to the counter girl and ask to auditon the iems.

    Edit: oops, hope I didn't open up the floodgates... :D
  9. FeedingNation

    Thx! I didn't even know ._.
    BTW: How is the cable of the Dunu Dn1000? I read that the iem is working fine, but the cable gets stiff. Will these cables survive for ~1 year, and how stiff does it get?
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    The earlier batches had cable problems, Dunu have corrected the problem from their end.
    All newer batches (being sold now) no longer have the issue. =)
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  11. TurboSuslik
    H20Fidelity help me with advise please.
    Dunu DN-1000 and XDuoo X2 player
    Dunu DN-1000 and FiiO X1
    for DnB music?
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Both will be good choices though I would lean towards X1 being the better option if you can put down the money. Reasons being, it has more features such as 24bit support, true line out for amping and the bass is a little better textured and impactful than the XDuoo X2, plus a better user experience. I think take X1 in your situation.
    X2 is still a great little unit, small, cute, does its job well.
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  13. FeedingNation
    So many iem I wanna try, may eventually buy the xDuoo X2, Fiio X1/X5 etc and the fxt90, gr07, etc

    *looks at wallet*
  14. TurboSuslik
    H20 do you use smehting between X1 and Brainwavz S5? Maybe Portable Headphone Amp?
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor
    No, straight from headphone out for that pairing,
    I used to amp quite a lot mucking around, achieved some decent results, though really most of IEM discussed in this thread don't require an amp. I did achieve good results amping DN-1000 however, I was using a $250 USD Tralucent T1 amp. (though its not really required in general)
    If you want to have a play with X1's line out just for gaining experience then do some research on Topping NX1, little credit card size amp, runs for 120 hours per charge, very popular, measures well, lots of people use it. If you use an amp from FiiO X1's line out you'll bypass X1's internal amp section. Some people like this to adjust the sound / tone / themselves. Around $50.00 http://www.head-fi.org/t/696825/topping-nx1-portable-headphone-amplifier-impressions-thread
    X1's internal amp section is quite capable regardless in my opinion, just a fraction on the warm side, smooth, decently refined, great for long listening sessions.

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