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Best IEMs for Around $100 - Details inside

  1. FortyEightHours
    Hi Everyone, 
    I am fairly new to the audiophile world and am now looking for a good pair of IEMs for while at work. Here is what I what I've been considering
    Comfort (will be using for 5+ hours per day) - I have small-ish ears.
    Sound Isolation (needs to be decent)
    No/minimal microphonics
    Will be listening primarily on a laptop (soundcloud, spotify, youtube, some lossless downloaded tunes) but no amp
    I mainly listen to electro, vocal trance, electro-house, and some classical. I want something that can bring out the best in these types of music something with good bass but not basshead, something with good soundstage, soulful, and fun. I want to be able to be immersed in well-composed electro and really feel enveloped by the layers it has (both vocal and instrumental) as well as be able to really get my head bobbing when the beat drops. 
    So far, I have been lurking this forum for a week and have come across some worth mentioning:
    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition - I'm worried about comfort and isolation as many people have said you need to swivel the tips in your ear to find the sweet spot. Also slightly worried about persistent sibilance.
    VSonic VSDS - Great price and seems to have some good reviews behind it I'd just like to know more about how it stacks up to my music preferences.
    RE400 - Based on the reviews I've seen I don't think I'm interested in what these have to offer but I feel they are worth acknowledging. 
    Are there a pair that I have overlooked that fit my budget (ideally less than $100) and my preferences? Please help!
    Much appreciated everyone!!!!!
  2. smy1
    check out the yamah eph 100
  3. FortyEightHours
    Thanks for the reply! I like what I'm seeing about the bass and the mids but the recurring comfort complain is worrisome. As I mentioned, I will be using these for 5+ hours per day.
  4. zunehdrocks
    What kind of sound are you looking for?
    What have you tried and liked?
  5. zunehdrocks
    The tips can be replaced with these:
  6. FortyEightHours
    I'm looking for something best suited for WELL-composed electro. I want to be able to distinctly hear the layers (including vocals) but also want a fun sound and a bass that delivers (not bass-head though). I just want a sound that will let me re-discover my electronic music.
  7. zunehdrocks
    The v-shaped and warm+smooth iems on the list would probably suit you well.
    Stuff like the:
    Shure se215
    Rha ma750
    Yamaha eph100
    Are there any headphones that you have tried and liked/disliked?
  8. FortyEightHours
    I like what I'm seeing upon reading the Warm+smooth and V-Shaped but I'm having trouble distinguishing the true differences/nuances between the two signatures and how it might relate to my preferred music. Could you perhaps elaborate (sorry, I'm new to this). How will size of soundstage factor in to my choice in music? 
    Problem is, I haven't listened to ANY decent IEMs for comparison and I've only owned two pairs of mid ranged cans in my life (Bose AE2i and then the Sennheiser HD439) both of which I no longer have for comparison's sake. 
    I want the wow factor, ideally and I'm still slightly unsure as to which sound signature would definitively bring out the best life in my music (keeping in mind that I like my electro to be more composed, layered and orchestral than dubstep, and the like.).
    A perfect example of the type of music I'm into can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KKKGpAZHAA   Overwerk - Daybreak (GoPro HERO3 Edit)
    Thanks for all of your help so far!!!!
  9. zunehdrocks
    The biggest thing I would worry about is sound signature. You said you're not looking for a basshead can (which has the most wow factor for many people) but do want a little fun with bass emphasis. The hd439 and ae2 both seem to be a bit warm (bass tilted upwards) which is why I think a v shaped (elevated bass and treble) or warm and smooth (bass emphasis with more laid back treble) would work for you.
    Heres the hd439's frequency response measurements:
    Soundstage is very recording dependent. I don't think its crucial for listening to electronic music in general but it could be an added bonus.

    To get an idea of what a well recorded track sounds like:
  10. zunehdrocks
    What did you think of the hd439s when you had them?
  11. FortyEightHours
    I did like them but the fit was poor so the isolation was a big issue. If I pressed them to my head snuggly, they were impressive but (with my elementary knowledge) were lacking in the soundstage department and that was slightly disappointing.  (on a separate note, I think I'll be getting a pair of ATH-M50x to try something new and replace them)
    Upon reading a lot of the reviews on that site you sent me, I'm gravitating toward the GR07 Bass Edition. They seem to stack up quite well and I think that I am indeed looking for something more premium than the VSD3.
    Anything else I should be considering? I know the GR07 BE are considered to be more on the Balanced end of things... Trying to avoid buyer's regret and disappointment upon listening to my favourite tracks lol
  12. grumpybrit
    A buddy of mine just got a pair of sennheiser cx 3.00 iem's. he keeps going on about how good the sound is and apparently the bass is good too. might be worth checking out.
  13. zunehdrocks

    On the warmer side theres the rha ma 750, yamaha eph100, and shure se215.
    ljokerl's mini comparison
    Isolation: Shure se 215 and eph100>ma750 and dn1000>gr07 and gr07BE
    V shaped
  14. FortyEightHours
    Based on this thread I think I'm sold on the GR07 BE. Speak now or forever hold your peace :D 
    Thanks so much for all of your help so far!
  15. zunehdrocks

    You're welcome
    It might be a bit more neutral than what you're used to but I think it'll be fine.
    Worst case scenario:
    Don't like it and return it.
    Be sure to leave your impressions if you do end up getting the iems [​IMG]

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