1. djangomango

    1MORE Triple Driver IEM vs HiFiMAN RE-400?

    I was originally going to get the RE-400, but I just found out about the 1MORE: http://www.amazon.com/1MORE-Triple-Headphones-In-line-Microphone/dp/B01A7G35S0 It seems to have gotten great reviews everywhere I've seen. Does anyone have experience with either? I am coming from a Yamaha EPH-100
  2. Flyinace1

    Good SQ and isolation for on the go

    Howdy. I'm new around here so let me give some background. I used to be a sound engineer. During that time I found that I really enjoyed a V-shaped sound for the most part. And high female vocals. I listen to a weird range of music mostly consisting of hard rock, alternative rock, metal, folk...
  3. FastAndClean

    RHA MA750i Impressions and Appreciation Thread

    Deep tight bass, very well extended in the treble, ok mids, good soundstage, enourmus power when i want very big bass amped with my Fiio E11, amazing build quality, it is time to give this amazing for the price iem Impressions and Appreciation Thread.  
  4. N3wKids

    Anyone else have bad experience with rha ma750i

    I've already gone through a pair of these and now my second pair is broken. I've never had earbuds or any headphones break and stop working so easily. Is it just me or does anyone else have this issue? The problem is the headphone jack, it bends way to easily from just sticking my phone in my...
  5. jimmyyong

    RHA MA750i - 5 wires inside cable

    Hey all,   I cut apart the rubber housing on the cable of my RHA MA750i so that I could replace the plug but I can't figure out which wire is responsible for the right/left/mic etc. It seems different from the conventional 4 wire cable which most IEMs with mics carry. Anyone have info on which...
  6. longtalltechsan

    How to pick the right headphone amp

    Hey everyone.  I have really enjoyed the wealth of information from this website.  Based on what I read here, I bought a pair of RHA M750i's several months back and have been really happy with them.     Now, I am an audiophile on a budget.  Spending the money on those is something I never...
  7. tuckers

    [Limited Review] Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 In-Ear Headphones

    I recently got two IEMs to try out.  The Bowers & Wilkins C5 S2 In-Ears and the RHA T10i.  I wanted something to improve upon my RHA MA750is which I really love. For other headphones I also have the Mr. Speakers Alpha Prime and the Original Audeze LCD-2s.     My whole reason for an IEM...
  8. coldbeverage

    Comfortable isolating IEMs (with mic for Android) for subway, street, and plane?

    I tend to use my IEMs when travelling/commuting on subway, street walking, or planes.  Had the Ety HF3 for a few years but I've gone through 3 pairs now.  They're not the most rugged or comfortable things out there.  I am rough on them!  I am a bass player, but I don't like over-powering bass...
  9. Zelda

    REVIEW: RHA MA750 - Flawless Victory!

    REVIEW: RHA MA750 - Flawless Victory!         Specifications:   Driver: 560.1 Dynamic Frequency range: 16-22,000Hz Impedance: 16ohms Sensitivity: 100dB Rated/max power: 1/5mW Weight: 35g Cable: 1.35m, reinforced, OFC Connections: 3.5mm, gold plated   And of course, there's a...
  10. Darknyt

    Klipsch X11 or something else?

    IEM noob here, have a couple cheap sets (Klipsch X4, same in sport variant) but nothing over $100 yet. Have enjoyed a set of Senn 555's for going on 10 years now. Did the tape mod and liked the extra bass.   There is a deal today on a set of Klipsch X11 for about $115 (realizing the MSRP is a...
  11. Solarium

    Best IEM <$150

    I was wondering if you guys can help me decide on which IEM's to get, as an upgrade for my Klipsch S4i. I'm looking for the best bang for the buck IEM's with the following preferences (ranked in order of ones I most value to least): 1. Comfort - I have narrow ear canals and I want to wear...
  12. a-nnabelle

    Looking For Earbuds

    I really need a new set of earbuds. I use my iPod touch 5th generation for music and listen to rock/metal and I really need some good quality earbuds that will leak as little as possible. Can you suggest some good ones available in the UK that fit these requests? Thank you.
  13. allotropic

    Which IEM with iPhone control up to £150ish

    I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks now as it seemed the most useful site for helping to select some new IEM's for use with my iPhone.   I've read lots of posts, have got a little confused, and unsure about the best way forward, so please help some one whose ears want educating ;)...
  14. Luca B

    IEM's For Office Use

    I'm looking to purchase a pair of IEM's to replace my Klipsch S4's which recently broke. I've outlined some of the important information to consider when choosing an IEM.   Budget - Up to $100. I'm willing to spend a little bit more if it's absolutely necessary to find the right headphone for...
  15. nutellarise

    Where to try out RHA MA750 in japan?

    I'm going to take a quick trip to japan (osaka), and i'm thinking of buying the RHA MA750's when i'm there, but I want to try them out first.   I know that apple stores sell them, but I'm guessing that try out is not an option. Do you guys have any idea where I can try them out?

    Looking for large foam ear tips for RHA MA750

    Hey guys,   I recently got a pair of RHA MA750s and they're awesome, but basically I think my ears have big canals(?) and the black foam tips that came with them are they only ones that are comfy, but even then after a while they feel like they're a bit small and start to fall out.   So can...
  17. Sylanel

    Replacement for Monster iSport Immersion - RHA MA750i or Westone ADV Beta?

    Greetings Head-Fi'ers!      I currently own a pair of Monster iSport Immersion which I've tried to use and like by trying various tips, nerver to manage to keep a good seal, have them stay in my ears while being comfortable for long periods of listening to music. As such, I've been reading a...
  18. nutellarise

    Can you guys help me find pictures of the RHA MA750 being worn?

    Just like I said in the title. I'm going to get a pair of RHA MA750's, but before I buy i want to see how they look when being worn, as my circumstances make it impossible for me to try one out. I looked on google and youtube, but I can't find anything.   I'm looking for something like...
  19. vong

    Suggestions on upgrade from Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro's?

    Hi guys,   New to the forum and still a bit of a newby when it comes to do audio but I'm willing to learn.   I've got a set of DT990's running off a NuForce ICON HDP and I'm not completely sold on it's bass. I purchased them based on reviews as there's no places nearby that stock...
  20. gjohnston

    RHA 750i

    Really looking forward to the T10i headphones so much that (given I'm in NY for a few weeks without any headphones) I've bought a set of 750i to tide me over. Just got them today and liking them a lot. I've agreed my wife can have these when the T10s hit the shelves. Only issue with the 750i...
  21. slowpogo

    BASS SHOCK: Am I crazy???!

    B&W C5 Brainwavz B2 NAD HP20 Polk Nue Voe RHA MA750i HiFiMan RE-400 RBH EP-1   These are the in-ear headphones I've auditioned over the last 10 days or so. I listened through my iPhone, to 320k+ AAC files or lossless with the EQ "off" or "flat." All of them, other than maybe the NAD...
  22. ibro911

    Best bass IEM for $200 and under

    Any recommendations on what might be the best IEMs with a significant. thumpy, fun bass priced around $200 and under? I listen to a significant amount of hip hop, edm and I'm trying to get one which has great bass and clear sound.

    About to buy first pair of IEMs - RHA MA750s

    Hey guys, I'm about to buy my first pair of IEMs and I just want to make sure I'm making the right choice. I've had a pair of DT990s with modi/magni and an E07K for a while so I'm used to a bassy sound signature, obviously the sound is going to be different but that's the only comparison I...
  24. warrenpchi

    ***NEW*** RHA (Reid Heath Acoustics) T10i IEM to debut at IFA 2014

    Hey y'all,    I received a nice invitation today from RHA to check out their latest IEM at IFA 2014 this year.  Check it out:     It's going to be called the T10i.  Following their naming convention, the "i" is probably for the iOS-control version... so presumably there may be a T10...
  25. cstjean

    IEM for Symphonic Metal, Rock, plus occasional Trance and Soundtrack Orchestral?

    Hello all,   I'm looking for an IEM for my workplace and am looking for some opinions.  Given that I can't bring my HE-500s to work (oh how they have spoiled me...) I am considering the VSonic GR07 (BE or regular), JVC HA-FXT90, or Yamaha EPH-100s.  I typically listen to metal (bands like...