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Looking for large foam ear tips for RHA MA750

    Hey guys,
    I recently got a pair of RHA MA750s and they're awesome, but basically I think my ears have big canals(?) and the black foam tips that came with them are they only ones that are comfy, but even then after a while they feel like they're a bit small and start to fall out.
    So can anyone recommend some large foam tips? I've not the faintest idea where to start other than amazon.co.uk :)
    even some rough ideas on where to start if no recommendations can be made!
  3. Ivabign
    The largest foams I have found are the Comply - the large - there are two of them that fit the 750 - T-200 and the TS-200. The TS (comfort) models I think actually have a little more diameter, but are rounder. Monster Geltips (L) might fit as well....
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