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Good SQ and isolation for on the go

  1. Flyinace1
    Howdy. I'm new around here so let me give some background. I used to be a sound engineer. During that time I found that I really enjoyed a V-shaped sound for the most part. And high female vocals. I listen to a weird range of music mostly consisting of hard rock, alternative rock, metal, folk, new age, neo classical and every now and then rap, pop and dance music. My favorite tho is symphonic rock which is actually quite difficult to truly appreciate on cheap or unclear earphones.
    As for what I'm looking for:
    I ride a motorcycle pretty much every day so I need isolation (not loudness). The sound on a bike at highway speeds can and do exceed 100db, I want to be able to hear my music without killing my ears.
    Clarity. As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy symphonic rock and folk music which both tend to have a lot of intricacies. I'd like to be able to hear as much of it as possible.
    Bass. I like bass. Which I know goes against clarity but I'm not looking for a basshead earphone just something not flat.
    Treble. As mentioned earlier, I like a v shape but it doesn't have to be extreme just with the midst a little less pronounced than the rest.
    Not looking to spend more than $100 because these will get used for anything and everything and my wallet is thin enough. I don't have a problem buying off eBay or used.
    My music is usually played off a android connected via Bluetooth to a Sena SMH-10, my laptop or a Zune HD (yes I still have one :) )

    Some of the earphones I'm considering
    Klipsch Image X10
    Ultimate ears 700 (if they can be found)
    Etymotic HF5 (I've seen them on eBay for under a 100 from time to time)
    Vsonic GR07
    Vsonic VSD3
    JVC HA-FXT90

    The only 2 pairs of earphones I've had worth mentioning are the Ultimate Ears 600 and Meelectronics A151 (the 1st generation I think). The UEs were great and had amazing isolatiin but lacked in bass quantity and the A151s had the same problem but also didn't isolate well. I liked both of those earphones clarity and detail tho. Also cable over the ear works much better in a helmet.
    Any suggestions?
  2. cel4145
    This list might help: http://theheadphonelist.com/headphone-list/. Each make/model links to a review which describes the sound sig and rates isolation. I know the reviewer has rated the A151s, so you could see how he describes them to know how to read the other reviews.
  3. Flyinace1
    I've already done tons of reading on a number of different earphones and those are what I narrowed it down to. Also the headphonelist has the A151p and UE600 rated the same for isolation but my experience the UE600 had much better isolation even with just a single flange silicone tip.
    Right now I'm leaning towards the RHA MA750 but I'm not sure about the isolation of a dynamic driver earphone compared to the BA drivers. Other than that it seems like it would work for me. Especially in regards of reliability.
    The Klipsch Image X10 and Etymotic HF5 seem to have the isolation I want but not the sound.
  4. cel4145
    I wouldn't think that BA vs. dynamic driver generally influences isolation. Seems like it would be related more to the housing used, insertion depth, tips, and then of course with dynamic, whether it's sealed or ported.
  5. Flyinace1
    From what I understand BA driver earphones are often times sealed while dynamic drivers have holes in them since they need air
  6. cel4145
    Dynamic drivers could be ported or sealed, just like speakers.Ported vs sealed affects the tuning point and bass rolloff, so it's a design decision based upon the frequency response they are trying to achieve with the driver and enclosure they are using.
  7. bixby
    If you are looking for bass and use the stock silicone tips with the RHA 750s I did not find it.  Very nice otherwise.  Yes, Sony tips helped but still nowhere near enough bass for me and I am not a basshead but do prefer a bit of extra to help counteract the din of cars and other noises on my walks and bike rides.
    I have no clue what to recommend because so many decent under $100 iems are plagued with quality problems.
  8. Flyinace1
    Hmm, that's interesting. Most of the reviews say it has pretty decent bass. I'm not a basshead but do enjoy some extra punch at the bottom end

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