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Comfortable isolating IEMs (with mic for Android) for subway, street, and plane?

  1. coldbeverage
    I tend to use my IEMs when travelling/commuting on subway, street walking, or planes.  Had the Ety HF3 for a few years but I've gone through 3 pairs now.  They're not the most rugged or comfortable things out there.  I am rough on them!  I am a bass player, but I don't like over-powering bass --- always liked the Ety balance.
    So, here's what I want -
    -Isolation - obviously I am used to good isolation, but I'd like to hear what others experiences are in these situations with other brands?
    -Mic - needs to have a mic for Android.  Doesn't need volume buttons, but an answer button. Needs to be wind protected.
    -Tips - I like the Ety olives and triple flanges, but am wondering if people find anything else more comfortable? I have small ears.
    -Sound - super important. I never use EQs.  I want the most natural sounding possible.  
    -Cable - straight down and replaceable (although, neither are major)
    -Cost - would love to keep it under $400 Canadian
    Thinking RHA MA750i, but not sure about over the ear style?

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