Best bass IEM for $200 and under
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Jul 21, 2014
Any recommendations on what might be the best IEMs with a significant. thumpy, fun bass priced around $200 and under? I listen to a significant amount of hip hop, edm and I'm trying to get one which has great bass and clear sound.
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The Yamaha EPH-100's ($100) are great for EDM imo from what I remember. I believe the RHA MA-750 ($120) is supposed be more geared towards the basshead and better than the Yamaha's, but I do not have experience with them. 
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MA-750 is one I hear a lot too. Haven't ever heard it, but it gets a lot of love as far as bassy IEMs go. Joker's review:
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Joker said: There are no rivals to the bass quantity of the SF5EB among the hybrids I’ve heard. The XBA-H3 is closest in bass emphasis but still not as much of a monster.

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Bass and clarity would go to the altones a200 and the ckr9s if you want a 200 or less price point.

You could also get an fx750 possibly.
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My vote goes to HiSound Wooduo 2. 
These will make Klipsch X-10 sound anemic and V-Moda XS like being stuffed with a sock. What amazes me apart of brutal bass is their amazing clarity in mids and non fatiguing smooth highs.
Honestly, I didn't expect them sounding so good in my setup. I had my finger hovering above "BUY Now" button on JVC-HA FX850, but somehow convinced myself to go easy and try the (much) cheaper option first. Best buck I've spent on head fi for quite a while.
Strongly recommended for bass head. 

PS: Gotta play with different foams, the proper seal is a must. Small Comply T-400 works the best with my ears.
They change dramatically with good fit to ear canal. 

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