1. Gorktastick

    TTPOD T1-E Impressions thread

    I have only found a handful of posts regarding these babies.  Hisoundfi, I took your advice and ordered a pair from amazon the other day (gotta love that Prime shipping, as I recieved them next day), and I have to say that I think they are fantastic.  I currently have the Pistons, the Tenores...
  2. ShooterMacG

    AH-C300 base disappears with solid silicone and foam tips.

    Hi Everybody Just thought I'd say hello, and share a little fact I'e noticed about the Denon AH-C300. I'm a complete newcomer, to headphones, its amazing that I thought the standard apple cans that came with the ipod were as good as it gets,, I've since bought a cowon and a little fiio amp...
  3. ibro911

    Best bass IEM for $200 and under

    Any recommendations on what might be the best IEMs with a significant. thumpy, fun bass priced around $200 and under? I listen to a significant amount of hip hop, edm and I'm trying to get one which has great bass and clear sound.
  4. Azaril000

    Suitable replacement/upgrade for my JVC FXZ-200

    Greetings folks!   I absolutely love my FXZ-200's, but the wires are starting to fail (frequent right ear cut outs) and it is slightly damaged. Ive had them for a good while (around 1-2 years). Alas it's time to move on with a new set.   To give a indication to what i listen to, its mainly...
  5. BassLoverDK

    In Ear headphones

    Hello everyone! I am currently looking for some in-ear headphones with some good bass to play some dubstep or trap. My budget is around 200€ and 275$ and they'll have to be available in Denmark (Europe). And of course they'll also have to play other genres pretty smooth too:) Thanks in advance!:)
  6. xkonfuzed

    Denon AH-C300 IEM Review

    *I spent a lot of time on this so i would appreciate it if you could leave some feedback, even if it was negative . *   TL;DR: These have a very bassy sound signature without drowning out the mids and highs. They also have some fit and build issues.    MSRP: $220, Street price & Amazon...
  7. ShibeSuchBass

    JVC HAFX1X vs JVC HAFX3X vs Denon AH-C300?

    So today i finally got my JVC HA-FX1X's which i paid $18 for and i found out they are broken, the right earphone is making a rattling sound when there is bass. I'm a big bass head, but also want clear mids and highs. They were alright, bass was kinda better than ive experienced in the past, but...
  8. warlock07

    Hi, need help in choosing between Denon AH C300--ATH IM 50/70---RHA MA 750I

    Hi,   I lost my apple earpods last week and been in search of new in ear phones. After searching a lot of threads and |jokers| reviews finalized with    Denon AH C300 - 50$   ATH IM 50 - 65$   ATH IM 70 - 100$   RHA MA 750I - 130$   I will be using these only for listening to music...
  9. ShibeSuchBass

    Denon AH-C300 vs Hisoundaudio Wooduo 2?

    I want a pair of iem's and i have found a few good ones. My budget was around $40, but a lot of people are saying the AHC300 and the Woodoo 2 are great. I am a huge bass head, but i need clarity as well in the mids and highs. Both have great reviews and sound perfect for me, but i just dont know...
  10. archaicspartan

    Looking for In-Ear headphones for less than $100 (Android?)

    Hello Everyone,   So I am currently shopping for some in ear headphones that will not break the bank, but will provide me the best sound possible.   My preferences: I listen to a huge range of music from techno, rock, indie, hip-hop, rap, etc.  I really want headphones that give a clear and...
  11. mikephone

    first IEM'S in cyber monday

    well as the title says! im going for my first IEM'S!! i want to take advantage of today's deals on the cyber monday! so help me as fast as you can! right now im between this ones! :   Polk Audio AM5109-A   161$ Monster Turbine             98$ Denon AH-C300             80$ Shure...
  12. rtar

    $20 difference,

    For all types of rock music, which is a better value Creative Aurvana 3 or Denon AH-C300 (the Denons are $20 more). Any and all recommendations will be appreciated.
  13. CMN16

    SOL Republic Amps HD vs Sennheiser CX 685 vs Denon AH-C300. (First Thread)

    Hi, after doing lots of research on potential new earphones this website was a great deal of help, so thanks for that!    Anyways, I'm a student and stick to budget IEM's. I have been using RHA 350's and SoundMagic E10's which both sounded great, especially for their respective prices...
  14. toriko759

    Shure SE215 or Denon AH-C300

    I get the feeling that the c300s have more bass, but whose mids and highs are better?
  15. autumnholy

    Denon Ah-C100 impression

    Stopped by a local headphone store, tried the Ah-C100 on a few tracks on iPod Classic Rockbox ed (no eq, crossfeed Simple, no extra bass/treble boost/gain).   Impression: Accessories: It's funny that I started with accessories first. But with that kinda luxurious packaging, it's hard not...
  16. Frankyspanky

    Looking for upgrade ( I have Monster Turbines now), or not...?

    Hi,   I've been reading a lot of reviews (including the big comparing thread by joker) and now I am excited about buying a better (or atleast different) IEM. I could be described as a Basshead, but I dont really know what it means. What I can is that almost all the music I listen to is...
  17. butter30

    Denon AH-C300 and Denon AH-C301 any difference?

    Was looking into these Denon earphones but I just cant see to find any difference between them apart from;  ah-c300 came out 2012 and ah-c301 came out on 2013   Not sure if you are allowed to post external links to shopping sites so will just state; On amazon UK ah-c300 cost £65 and ah-c301...
  18. iOnlyEatMusic

    Can anyone tell me if these look fake? IE80

    Selling is selling these at a low bid but from the box itself it seems to be real.    The space between the 'd' in the sound seems to have that nice gap compared to the fake ones where it's almost touching the words above.    The seller has 100% and isn't selling any other items right...
  19. bobjohnson201

    Updated: Monster PRO Copper VS Klipsch X10i VS Sony XBA 3 ?

    Hi, This is my first post here and I'm looking to buy in-ear headphones and would like some advice.  The ones that I am strongly considering are: Edit: I narrowed down the list to my favorite 3 Monster Turbine PRO Copper  Klipsch Image X10i, (would prefer X10, but discontinued) Sony XBA 3...
  20. chevy454

    Narrowed down suggestions...Now what?

    Since I made my first post I been searching for the right type of IEM' s for my music style. I'm a complete bass head that loves clarity. I never would have thought it was this hard to make a decision on good IEM's. My friend swears his beats pro are best around. So I made a list of the top...
  21. aznsniper911

    Need more bass in my IEM

    Long story short my Monster Turbine Copper died and now I have to get a new pair of IEM but I need something with more bass!!! Yes those had some good bass and clarity but I want moar bass!!!:D my budget this time is about $400 and I listen to mostly pop/hip hop/rap with the occasional classical...
  22. SanjitS95

    Looking for help with first higher end in-ear purchase

    First off, I know there are already a bunch of threads like these but hopefully mine is a little more specific, so anyway... I've been lookin around online for a new pair of in-ear headphones recently since my most recent pair blew out on me. This would be my first higher end in-ear purchase...
  23. butter30

    Denon AH-C300 and Denon AH-C301 any difference?

    Was looking into these Denon earphones but I just cant see to find any difference between them apart from;  ah-c300 came out 2012 and ah-c301 came out on 2013   Not sure if you are allowed to post external links to shopping sites so will just state; On amazon UK ah-c300 cost £65 and ah-c301...
  24. Faringan

    Best IEM for rock (under 250 €)?

    Hi, this is my first post but I started reading this (wonderful  ) forum months ago... I'm going to buy a new pair of IEMs but I can't decide which one is the best in the 250€ price range... My library is 90% composed of rock, hard rock and metal music. I'm searching for something that...
  25. silversonic6500

    IEMs For PUNCHY Bass

    Hey guys, I am new to head fi, and this i my first thread. I own an Ultrasone Pro 900, Audio Technica M150, and Klipsh Image S4. Right now I have saved quite a bit of money and know that I'm willing to take a giant step into higher end products all the way to $2000. I'm looking for a portable...