1. RatFarm

    So if I don't care for these IEMs, which ones would I like?

    So if I don't care for the following IEMs what would you think I would like?   Klipsch X10: Decent sounding but not very transparent. Musical but a bit veiled, lack of details.   Senn IE7: Nice bass but grainy mids, highs. Veiled.    JVC FXZ200: Very transparent and revealing, great...
  2. SDee

    Bass IEMs

    Got 50$ to spend on Bass-oriented IEMS currently have the M9Ps and Klipsch X10s    love them both (for the money) but looking for something that is bass oriented (not boomy bass though) and preferably something durable, I want the Bass to be noticeably better than the X10s otherwise am...
  3. subseasniper

    Aaaaaargh! Help me get my IEMs to fit

    Hey guys,   I am the happy owner of a pair of Sennheiser IE80s but I can't seem to get them to fit really well.   This isn't a problem with the Sennys, I have had this with my Denon and Klipsch earbuds too.   I am using the large foam tips and for a few minutes the Sennys fit well...
  4. Dickymint

    IEM's for big ears.

    I have been born with big lugs, they have advantages and dis-advantages. At school there were a burden but as I got older, they became enjoyable, in that I can hear very low frequencies, helicopters miles away, earthquakes a second or so before they hit. you get the idea! Due to having big ears...
  5. LordMegapants

    IE 80s very uncomfortable, looking for alternatives

    I recently just got a pair of IE 80s hoping they'd be the perfect fit, unfortunately this is not the case. I've tried all the stock tips and none of them fix the problem entirely: the speaker itself is just too big, a lot bigger than any others I've tried.     The result is that they...
  6. Dangerous

    Sony ZX stereo series headphones vs. JVC HA-S500 over ear headphones?

    I've pretty much taken it down to the two headphones. I found the sony's just by searching their site and reading the reviews. And the JVC was suggested to me by a user on this site.   My main needs our: good sound quality, portability, and a price range from $50 - $150   BTW: there...
  7. Rewkie

    Looking for iems with a LOT of bass for under $350

    I pretty much only listen to electronic music with heavy bass. So i want subwoofers in my ears. :D Ive heard of asg 1s and fxz200s having good bass,but just wondering if there are any others to think about.
  8. jonyoo

    Anyone else getting distortion in FXZ 200?

    Hey head-fi people.   I recently got myself the JVC FXZ 200 (ordered it from amazon Japan) in-ears and I was blown away at my first impression. But after I turned the volume past 60% on my HTC 4G evo I started getting a lot of distortion no matter what I listened to. I tried playing it from...
  9. hughjass91

    Time for some new IEMs

    I'm looking for some good "fun" bass but not muddy. I primarily listen to electronic music like trance and hardstyle. My budget is about $80-$150. I have my eye on a few already: Sony xb90ex, Shure 215, Etymotic mc3, Atrio m5. I'm leaning towards the shures or etymotics because they go deeper in...
  10. ubs28

    IEM overrated?

    So I bought the Shure SE535 expecting that it would destroy my designer B&W P5 (much cheaper than the Shure SE535), however it doesn't. It has got a different character but I wouldn't say it's better. ( the shure sounds cleaner, thinner but more seperation while the B&W sounds full and warm )...
  11. hi-fi amateur

    Best bass IEM for under $200

    Hello everybody, I've recently bought the GR07 MK2 and love it. But I'm yearning for something with more bass to compliment the MK2, I bought the BE version hoping it would satisfy my needs but I find it lacks impact or thump. Guess you could say I've been spoiled by bass heavy earphones. I used...
  12. sdugoten

    The top-tier (USD 300+) "Bassy enough basshead IEM" list.

    I have been trying to search for the best basshead IEM for a while.   I am looking for a earphone that gives the MOST quantity of bass as well as sub bass rumble without using an amp.  I have tried quite a few IEMs, the following (supposed to be basehead recommend IEM) do not give me enough bass...
  13. rdamato

    Best Value in a Dual Universal IEM for Stage Use

    I'm looking to try a 2 Driver pair. Just wondering if there is a sweet spot for price.   Best Ron
  14. raymond1035

    jvc fx200 or fxz850

    Which one to buy? I listen to edm. Soundstage and massive bass is what i need. Which one will satisfy more?
  15. ibro911

    Best bass IEM for $200 and under

    Any recommendations on what might be the best IEMs with a significant. thumpy, fun bass priced around $200 and under? I listen to a significant amount of hip hop, edm and I'm trying to get one which has great bass and clear sound.
  16. Wolvebain

    Suggested IEM for rockboxed Sansa Clip+

    Hi all.   Please suggest some IEM to be used with a rockboxed Sansa Clip+.  Would be using it to listen to the follow music: Guitar Instrumental [Buckethead, Satriani, etc] Classic Rock [Led Zepp, Cream, etc] Prog-Rock [Dream Theater, Tool, etc ] Rap-Core [RATM] Some R&B & Rap [Public...
  17. Azaril000

    Suitable replacement/upgrade for my JVC FXZ-200

    Greetings folks!   I absolutely love my FXZ-200's, but the wires are starting to fail (frequent right ear cut outs) and it is slightly damaged. Ive had them for a good while (around 1-2 years). Alas it's time to move on with a new set.   To give a indication to what i listen to, its mainly...
  18. Matt B

    Maybe I don't like IEMS? please read and tell me if it makes no sense to try any more of them...

    Ok so a few years ago I was into iems. I started with the shure e4c which I loved, and were my first experience with good transducers...until the cable broke. After that I picked up a less expensive but well regarded (at the time) pair...the klipsch s4... and enjoyed them. Than I went on a bit...
  19. ShootingStar

    300 dollar range earphone for EDM

    Hi guys, please prompt headphones for EDM. I choose between:   1. Klipsch Image X10i 2. HiFiMAN RE-400   What do you think is better? 
  20. kimvictor

    Lending out gears!

    About myself: http://www.head-fi.org/t/674373/story-of-a-new-reviewer-kimvictor   Hello all! It's winter, and I'm bored. So, I'm willing to lend out the following items: Sony MDR-7550 Lent! JVC FXZ-200 Voxoa HD Wireless Headphones   It would also be great if you are willing to lend me any...
  21. Airwin

    JVC InEar HA FXZ 200 mint

    SOLD     Was 125 Euros to expensive? O.K., here comes a *price update* :-)   For sale are the JVC FXZ 200 InEar in original packing and mint condition.   Ear tipps NEVER USED (got foam types instead the originals to keep the phones mint) I used them for a short time till my other inears...
  22. kyrian

    JVC HA FXZ200

    Selling JVC HA FXZ200 I bought the FXZ200 2 months ago in Amazon.com from Japan dealer. Then I'm the first owner and condition is like new   Original box, digital receipt and all accessories included 135 euros + shipping Paypal preferred
  23. hi-fi amateur

    JVC FXZ200

    I have a fully burned-in (1000+hrs) fxz200 available for sale or trade. The item will come with all the original accessories plus added tips. I am looking to sell these for $150. Given that these retail for over $200, $150 should be a fair price. I am also willing to consider a trade for these...
  24. owais

    Best bass orientated IEM's around $200-300

    Hi, I recently broke my GR07's and am now looking for a new pair of IEM's. The GR07's were great but not practical at all.    I like earphones with good bass, so factoring that in, which earphones should i be looking at?   I wanted a pair of TF10's as i've heard them before but i can't find...
  25. quisxx

    JVC FXZ200

    Selling my FXZ's.  They come with all the retail accessories and such. For $4 more i'll throw in a pair of Comply TS400 tips (Your choice of size S,M,L), and for $10 I'll include 3 pairs of comply Foams (1 in each size S,M,L) Shipping is included in price if shipping within the US.  Contact me...