1. Plexon

    [2015] Looking for IEM's under 300.

    I listen to a lot of house and chillstep, with the occasional dub. What's a good pair of IEM's under 300 that can suit my needs?   I prefer over ear but regular works too!
  2. ajb667

    Need inear headphones since ATH m50 broke. Recommendations?

    My ATH m50 headphones need to be sent away for repair since the hinges broke, and I'm stuck with crappy skullcandies and apple headphones, which really hurt my ears. What in ear headphones would you recommend that's close to that quality? I would like them to stay in well so I can use them while...
  3. honfoglalo

    Fiio E07K/E10 vs iPhone 4 SQ?

    Is there a significant difference with an easy to drive IEM? If u use the E07K from a pc and a 16ohm iem like RHA Ma750 or Re-400 is it an upgrade over the iPhone4? Is the Fiio much better (mainly as a dac)? Worth to buy for home use? /pls dont describe the difference between a phone and a...
  4. uric

    rha ma-750i or vsonic gr07 BE

    I am looking for new earphone and im in dilemma. First of all i mainly listen to rap , r&b and sometimes rock. My last pair was klipsch s4i and i was not satisfied,even earpods sound better , but because of their poor build quality they didn't last long.   I like the build quality of...
  5. Inks

    LG Quadbeat 2 Impressions Thread

          These have fallen under the radar, while so called "discoveries" [which in my experience have been nothing but hype]been getting all the craze. While the Quadbeat 1 was a fairly decent IEM, it still needed some refinement and fell in the shadow of the MH1. These, IMO, even surpass the...
  6. mark2410

    RHA MA-750i Review

    RHA MA-750i Review   Thanks to RHA for the sample.       First Impressions:  The box, well it’s rather nice with its magnetic flap on the front.  Inside though when you actually get to the IEM's is where you begin to get impressed.  The 750 positively screams fancy and premium at you...
  7. sabag123

    Better earphones than re-400 with a budget of 100$?

    For iphone 5 , electronic and rock. I already have the Shure se215 , so I'm looking for someone of that level. I'm not using the se215 because they're over-ear and I need in-ear. also,sound isolating is important. Thx.
  8. Kevbo

    Shure SE 215, etymotic hf3, or bose ie2?

    trying to decide which have the best sound clarity for the best price, right now im leaning to the shure's but im also interested in the bose.   id use these headphones for intense workouts and leisure listening    thanks
  9. warrenpchi

    New RHA IEMs: The MA750i and MA600i

    Those who know me know that I'm a bit of an RHA fan.  These guys from Glasgow make fantastic little IEMs (MA350 & MA450i) with an engaging sound signature, that are reasonably priced, and come with a 3-year warranty.  So far, most of their offerings have had signatures that are more on the fun...
  10. cardboardhome

    Listening to $100+ headphone directly from a smartphone?

    Hi I am relatively novice headphone user, here's the headphones/IEMS I've listened to: 1. RE-0 2. Monster Turbine  3. Monster Turbine Pro Copper 4. ATH-CKS77 5. Beyerdynamic Dt-770 Pro 32 Ohm 6. Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 Computer Speakers 7. A ton of crappy come with your device headphones  ...
  11. RHA MA750i

    RHA MA750i

    RHA MA750i noise isolating premium in ear headphone (with remote and microphone)Handmade dynamic drivers, machined stainless steel and a premium oxygen free copper cable; The MA750i epitomises quality and performance. Using RHA's aerophonic design, 560.1 drivers and a secure over ear fit, the...