Looking For Earbuds
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Nov 17, 2013
I really need a new set of earbuds.

I use my iPod touch 5th generation for music and listen to rock/metal and I really need some good quality earbuds that will leak as little as possible. Can you suggest some good ones available in the UK that fit these requests? Thank you.
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If you can find the Klipsh Image S4 in the UK then you are in luck, Would not recommend getting Sony XBA 1, which are the ones on my profile pic which i need to change. Marley headphones are great if you are a basshead kinda person but other than that I dont know. i wish you could hear from other people but no one seems to give this thread a visit.
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Earbuds or IEM's? They are different types.
Earbuds are the type that don't go into your ear (they rest just outside of it)
IEM's are designed to fit into your ear canal.

If its Earbuds, look at the Sennheiser MX series.
IEM's well there's plenty out there, the Sony EX300 or above are pretty good all rounders for vocals or rock/metal.
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I would absolutely not recommend the MA750.  My pair is veiled in the mids to the point where I can hardly listen to them.  The GR07mkII blow them away in terms of overall sound sig, not to mention staging.  
I also have a pair of MTPCs that I like as well.  If you can find a pair of these or the GR07mkII at your price point (you should be able to in the FS section) I would jump on them.  

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