1. CoCoon

    help this newbie some question :)

    hi guys i've been a reader not for long enough to say that i am understand audio after i read this, as a noobs in audio world i purchased sennheiser hd 439 and my mobile galaxy note2 as my player i do not satisfied with the sound on note 2 since it doesn't have enough volume even at it full...
  2. Anoop

    Headphones to buy for $130 or less

    Hey,   I am looking to buy some headphones. Currently I am using 'monoprice 8323' and was really impressed with them considering the price. I listen generally(but not only) to rock(stuff like Queen, ACDC), alternative rock, dubstep, house. I am looking for a pair of headphones that cater to...
  3. Quaresma

    Which Sennheiser HD 4x9 series is right for me?

    Hi.   I'm currently using a Sennheiser HD 205-II.    I want to upgrade to a 400 series.   I was thinking about the 439, because it's a tad bassier than the 449. 449 should have better clarity, but I also want the headphone to be "fun", so I think the "neutral sound" of the 449 may be...
  4. nouveau riche

    which headphones to buy

    hi... i am new to this place.   i want to buy a headphones and my price range is $100. also i live in India so I cannot go for European brands. I am a bass head, i enjoy bass but that does not mean that I would love to destroy the sound quality just because of heavy bass. in short, i need...
  5. L

    Closed headphone advice?

    I am looking for a good pair of headphones. I have almost no experience what so ever. The only headphones worth noting that I have had before are Astro A30's and they're more of a headset anyway.   I need them to be closed, as I would occasionally be using them in loud environments (such as...
  6. footballguy108

    Best Headphone For Under 300$?

    Hey everyone, im new so please dont hate on me. I recently returned my old headphones to best buy (Beats by dre Solo HD). I got in store credit for them and i opted to upgrade to the Beats Executives because i likes the look and the comfiness. I think they are great but i want to see what other...
  7. mgr1397

    Good quality headphones for under $50

    Since it was boxing day this week I picked up a pair of HD439s from future shop for 50$. Do you guys think there is a better choice around the same price range? I'm not a crazy music fanatic but would like to get a nice pair of headphones for home use Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  8. elkend

    Just bought Bose AE-2 for $99.

    Can't decide if I should open them or take them back. Are they good headphones for $99? Are there better ones for that price? I'm completely new to the audiophile world, besides knowing they hate Bose.
  9. johnsoft349

    Looking to switch from IEMs to cans

    But I only want to spend 100 bucks, maybe a little bit more if necessary.    I've been doing a lot of reading and it sounds like the Grado S80i's are popular for that price range, and very good.    The one thing I'm worried about is that the sound signature will be too flat. I already...
  10. iso

    Headphone w/ more bass imapct than AKG q460?

    Hi, could someone recommend me a headphone w/ more bass impact than the AKG Quincy Jones Q460. I really like the bass impact on the q460 and I also like that the treble is really soft/ the complete opposite of harsh. What I dislike about the Q460 is the mids, they sound boxy/congested.    So...
  11. Alexinder

    What should i buy as an upgrade for HD 25-1 II?? Plz suggest!!

    I had hd 25 1-II for two years and its sound quality is superb. Since when i change the wire from hd 25-sp, the left and right connectors starts to be a problem. I need to jigger whenever i use it. So i changed to original wire but same result. hd 25 is a legend but after more or less 20...
  12. jigglywiggly

    Sealed headphones under 100$, a bit bassy and comfy?

    So I had the dt-770s and they broke. They were very comfy, and they sealed okay.   I currently have the takstar hi-2050s, and they sound nice, but they are open.     I know about the takstar pro 80 headphones, but they will take forever to be delivered.   Any other headphone...
  13. Moonkist

    Looking for a decent headphone with emphasized bass under $200

    I'm relatively new to the audio world, I usually listen to genres that favor bass (All kinds of EDM) and i'm trying to look for a pair of headphones i can walk around with in public. I currently own the v-moda crossfade lp, sony mdr-xb500, jvc ha-m5x, sennheiser hd 439, hd518, and ihome ib50b. I...
  14. jenriquenunez

    need some help on some portable headphones

    i narrow down my choices to sennheiser hd 439 and monster inspiration, monster's are 100 bucks more expensive, i want to know if its worth it to pay 200 for some monsters headphones.   is mainly to listen r&b, electronic, dubstep and all that. Plz some good oponions guys btw im new here 
  15. jloew05

    Over the ear headphone under $150

    Ive done some reading but alot of the posts are older so as my title says im looking for a over the ear preferably closed back headphone.  I would consider on ear if i had to and prefer it to be somewhat portable.  I listen to a lot of rock music along the lines of the used, a7x, and metallica...
  16. jenriquenunez

    is there any option? please help

    is there other portable headphones better than the sennheiser hd 439 in a $100-150 bugget?   i need some portable headphones for listening to r&b dubstep motivational songs ect. plz help any recoomendations
  17. JohnLD


    I know there are many threads out there, but I've tried asking on those threads and people just ignore my questions. Anyways I own Sennheiser HD 439's. the soundstage is great, good mids and highs, they are really light and super comfortable. But I'm looking for the two things they are lacking...
  18. JohnLD

    Circumaural Headphones with Great bass?

    I like the bass signature found in Beats, but I dont like beats because honestly, every tool I know has one. As of now, I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 439's which are circumaural open back headphones with great soundstage and I really cant complain about it. But Because of its lack in bass, I...
  19. noobftw1989

    Help with Tv headphones

    hi all, Im new to the forum so i hope my post is by the rules :) i tried searching the forum for an answer but there is none catered to my question and i need some help before purchasing. Im wanting some Tv headphones and i am looking at the Sennheiser Hd 429/439/449, just wanted to know which...
  20. Povell42

    Differences between Ultrasone Pro and HFi lines? + Gaming headphone requests.

    I could not find a thread that clarified what separates the different product lines from Ultrasone.  Mainly the HFi vs Pro.  Anyone know? 
  21. doublea71

    The Hassle-Free Headphone Recommendation Thread: Cans that sound great without amping, modding, or burn-in.

    I think the title says it all. What are the best headphones, open or closed, that need no amping, modding, or burning-in to sound great? If I just want to plug something into my ipod and be on my merry way, what should I buy?   Suffice to say, many will likely improve with amping, but let's...
  22. SleathX1

    Sennheiser HD 439 SALE!!!

    Just wanted to make a quick announcement for anybody who wants to get a cheap stocking stuffer for a friend:   The Sennheriser HD 439's are on sale at Newegg for $39.99. That's right, only $40 for cans worth $100. Just add...
  23. Saudi Maniac

    Whats the best headphones for rock/metal?

    Good morning guys, I'm not really sure if this is the right place for my thread I'v just registered this moment and I'v been searching lately for the best headphones I can find for my budget around $70-75 maybe a little bit more but surely not over $80.   I mainly listen to rock/metal and as...
  24. guitaristanime

    Seeking advice from this wonderful community.

    Hi All,   Please bear with me, I'm no expert on this subject, I just enjoy music and have a limited budget and want some help from you friendly people who know these things.   I've got a few issues surrounding listening to music out and about, mainly walking to and from the train station...
  25. JohnLD

    Best "Movie" headphones?

    I mostly watch movies on my laptop, so I wanted headphones that are super comfortable considering I'll have it on for long periods of time, also, I am only looking for circumaural headphones that have a really refined soundstage and possibly don't leak out too much sound, as I tend to watch...