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Oct 12, 2019 at 11:59 PM
Jul 21, 2014
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Community College

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Headphoneus Supremus

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Oct 12, 2019 at 11:59 PM
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    Community College
    Headphone Inventory:
    - Headphones Closed and Open-

    Sennheiser HD 600 modded (neutral sounding great detail gets better if you get good amp.)

    Monoprice 8323 (Poor mans m50x)

    Bose Qc15 ( Good isolation, Good sound)

    MEElectronics Ht21

    Sennheiser Hd 558 modded ( great first headphone with nx1 topping )

    Gemini DJ HSR-1000 ( Great bang for your buck pretty neutral )

    Philips Fidelio x1 ( Great sound and Sound Stage. Good for movies Games )

    Grados SR80e ( Great clarity best $100 headphone you can find. Very good vocal Great soundstage and Bright )

    Logitech UE 4000


    Empire Ears Athena Adel MAM ( END GAME for now )

    Campfire Andromeda

    Trinity Audio Vyrus ( Laid back vocals pretty good)

    Senfer 4 in 1

    Sony MDR AS800ap ( Very fun Iem and very underestimated )

    Philips Fidelio S2

    Dunu Dn 1000 ( Wow factor iem very clear)

    Monster Nenergy ( Not bad )

    KZ Zs3

    LG QuadBeat 2

    LG QuadBeat 3 ( great bang for your buck )

    Vsonic Vsd3s

    Hifiman Re 600 Song Bird

    Hifiman Re 400 Waterline

    Shure 425

    Audio Technica ATH Ckb50 ( Ok iem good sound stage good for dubstep or classical music imo )

    MEElectronics M6 Pro

    MEElectronics M9P

    Xaomi Pistons 2.1

    Philips She 3590 (Very good for budget iem. What got me into headphones)

    Philips She 1360

    Sennheiser Cx215

    Skull candy Inkd 2

    Kz Ate (Gave to dad)

    Kz ed (Gave to mom)

    Kz es

    kz cm9


    Koss Esp950 ( very mid forward, warm, good imaging, pretty decent soundstage but treble rolls off, end game for now) SOLD

    Hifiman He 350 modded (Bright and Harash, Ok for $100) after modded everything sounds nice and gives more bass. SOLD

    JH Roxanne ( took me awhile to get use to the sound signature but they are very organic sounding ) SOLD

    Audio Technica IM03 ( great headphone best you can find in the $300-$500 range ) SOLD

    Shure 215

    Bose Soundtrue SOLD

    Logitech UE 6000 SOLD

    Rha 750i

    Meelectronics m duo

    TTpod t1e

    Vsonic VSD1s

    Sol Republic v10 (RIP)

    Audio Technica Ath M50x

    Audio Technica Ath M40x

    Sennheiser Amperior ( just amazing headphone good isolation and portability. Con is comfort) - Traded for Bose qc15

    kz gr gk (Broke)

    kz dte (channel imbalance)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Magni 2
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Cayin i5

    Fiio x5 2nd gen

    Fiio x1

    iphone 6 plus
    Music Preferences:
    Electro House




    Top 100





    iem>full size. 18 Years old Audiophile


    Dap: Cayin i5, Fiio X1, Fiio x5 2nd gen
    Amp: NX1, Magni 2
    Iem: Empire Ears Athena Adel MAM
    Full Size: Hd600
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