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RHA MA750 noise isolating premium in ear headphone. Handmade dynamic drivers, machined stainless steel and a premium oxygen free copper cable; The MA750 epitomizes quality and performance. Using RHA's aero phonic design, 560.1 drivers and a secure over ear fit, the MA750 excels in sound reproduction and a comfortable, noise isolating fit. Sound signature: Precise, balanced and articulate sound reproduction with a great depth of soundstage. 3 year warranty 303F grade stainless steel construction Handmade dynamic driver for clear, natural sound reproduction Reinforced, 1.35m oxygen free cable Signature aero phonic design 10 sets of dual density, silicone and memory foam ear tips What's in the box. RHA MA750 premium noise isolating in ear headphone Premium carry case 10 sets of dual density, silicone and memory foam ear tips Patent pending stainless steel ear tip holder User guide

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Pros: Build quality
Customer service,
Engaging signature for e.g. commuting
Cons: Does it hold up on sound quality in 2019 against its competition?
Mids a bit back, but that is a matter of taste
Detail retrieval better at some of its competition
This is a very short review and comparison of the RHA ma-750i. My background is as an academic writer, so please let me know if the writing style is a bit off. This is also my first review and English is my second language, so any feedback is welcome! The RHA MA 750i was purchased by me about two years ago after a recommendation from Innerfidelity’s wall of fame when it was curated by Tyll Hertsens.

Build, fit, case

They come in a nice small leather pouch, with a decent amount of tips available. The build quality of the RHA is just fine, but there is cable is not detachable (the cable itself is a bit thick, but it is supple enough). The first impression is that they are built like a tank, but I got a pair with one side dead on arrival. Luckily, they gave me a new one, no questions asked. Since then, no build quality issues were found. Also, they come in an “I” version with remote and mic, which I found to work just fine. There is also a wireless version, but I have not reviewed that. In short, build and fit are good, and the design are great and industrial.

Sound impressions

I have used the RHA out of iphones, Huawei phones and my grace audio m900.

Fit is always tip-and user dependant, but for me, the comply t400’s were the best, isolation is great (the RHA 750s are vented, but I did not find this an issue).

The sound of the RHA ma-750s are not neutral in any way, but not so off that it is offensive. Rather, it has a sort of v-signature, where the bass is emphasized. Bass quantity are great for EDM, the extension as well, but the quality is not as good as, say a shure se846 when it comes to speed and resolution. That is not a diss of the RHA ma-750, as its bass is far better than say, Hifiman re-400 and the price of the se846 are, well, many times higher.

The mids are there, but they are not the greatest I have heard in the price bracket. It is probably found to be a bit back due to the bass quantity and present treble. It is a bit warm, probably because of the bass and a possible bleed, but not as warm as a shure se535 or a final audio heaven II, where vocals is a bit more forward and lush on the others. I find myself cranking up the volume a bit extra to get the vocals more forward. The highs are energetic, but they are inoffensive and rolling off before it becomes too much. Some details are lost when comparing to e.g.the re-400.

Soundstage is decent, but not overly wide or deep. The separation and imaging is also relatively average. Detail retrieval is also as expected for the price, maybe slightly behind the re-400 (maybe due to the sound signature. They are clear enough, and they do not appear congested before you start compare with iems 2-3x the price. Impedance is 16 ohm, and the dynamic driver makes this even along the fr spectrum (see e.g. innerfidelity measurements).


I would recommend them for under 100 usd, mostly due to the build quality and service-minded attitude when a problem occurred. They are fine for commuting, as the isolation and the sound signature makes for an involving listen when not listening critically (most 100 usd gear falls short here). I believe the competition is coming in when it comes to price/sound quality, as chi-fi brands like bgvp among others, and I think just as good sound quality can be had for slightly less. But if you are like me, you might need something that is built like it should last, and RHA is great at that!
Pros: Amazing build quality, especially in this price range
Nice package and accessories
3 year warranty
Very comfortable
Great SQ based on v-shaped plan and big soundstage
Cons: Problems with seals at the beginning - I just needed to learn how to apply them in ear
Not for people looking for flat response and high detail level
I needed some IEMs better than cheap KZ ZST and Urbanfun Hifi. I managed to buy new RHA MA750 for 70 EUR, slightly cheaper than normal price.

The packaging and accessories are beyond expectation for rather cheap IEMs - nice magnet closed box, 3 size classic tips, bi-flange tips and Comply foams (two pairs each).

These IEMs has amazing build quality, small - metal shells and really strong looking cable. The only drawback are little bending due to strange packaging in a box, but it is not a problem.

MA750 is really comfortable to wear - I listen to music few hours a day with short break between each album and I do not feel any discomfort. The only problem I has was getting proper seal, I needed to learn to apply them, but it was matter of few trials.

I paired these IEMs with my Shanling M1 as my portable rig. Many people mention many sound changes during burning time, however I did not notice any significant changes through listeting.
The sound is "flattened V-shape" - middle range is slightly in the back of bass and trebles. The bas of based on subbass range, it's warm and rather soft, however it is not sloppy in fast and heavy music, bassists are perfectly accented, drums have required power. Middle range is nice, maybe for sometimes vocals could be closer to listener, but it depends on music and its source. Highs and ale nicely "wide" and clear, without any hisses and sibilance. Sometimes it can be unequal and unbalanced, but really rarely - it also depends on listening material.
Soundstage is wide with some level of depth - I would compare it to gigs in some big closed stages. It is more narrow than f.e. DT990 Edition, but sill pretty wide and you can hear nice instruments positioning.

I could call them "fun variation of natural sound". This is not the level of details of. f.e. Vsonic GR07C/BE, they are more focused of giving pure pleasure.
RHA MA750 are perfect IEMs for energetic, fast paced music with dome dynamic needed - electronic music and metal are perfect. In its price range these are on of the best option to get.
Pros: Quality
Price (Sweden around 50$)
Most of all, Really great sound
Cons: Need burn in!
Cable still has memory of being in box after one month.
I am very satisfied with these iems. Specially at the price which these are sold at the moment in Sweden.
I demoed then in the store and after 2 minutes bought them. Loved the quality of build. But to my surprise they sounded thin and ear piercing at home. Made me a believer in burn in. Did that for a couple of days and they got better. It's been a month now, still every day I feel I got something worthy.
Btw i have CKR9 and HD600s as well.
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I don't mean to add to the "propaganda", but I have to agree with the others. Save for micro-phonics and the lack of a removable cable, I don't think anything beats this for the price. I would get the wired, non-mic version.