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Looking for new headphones

  1. phallan
    So yeah I'm looking for a new pair of headphones that suits my lifestyle. I love audio and have preciously owned a pair of m50's. What I need is a pair of over, on-ear headphones (Bluetooth or Bluetooth optional) or in ear that have great deep bass but doesn't miss out on highs and soundstage.

    They will be used on the go, at work and in the gym. My price range is about $100-150. I have been looking at the jabra revo's but never tried them.

    Thank you!
  2. bluejay
    I've used the Sol Republic Relays and they're great for the gym and running (they never fall out) and they have deep bass. They do have a very tailored sound though, so you won't be getting a neutral or analytical frequency response.
    Some others that are good for sound quality (though not necessarily designed for gym use, though should work alright) are the RHA MA750s, The VSonic GR07 (There's a bass edition too since you like that). Oh, and the Shure SE215s!
    These are all IEMs though, as I wouldn't recommend over the ear for working out, but if that's the route you've decided on, then go for it :)
    p.s. I don't know what your biggest focus is for your lifestyle, but there are new wire-less wireless :p earbuds coming out that look really cool (and are a little out of your budget but I thought I'd share them anyway). The Bragi Dash (oh, and Earin). You should check all of these out!
  3. phallan
    Thank you for your input! I mainly want either in ear or on ear. I tried using over ear for working out but it gets way too sweaty. Those wireless in ear were amazing, but I doubt they'll be available in Sweden anytime soon..
  4. bluejay
    Haha well the ETA ship date for pre-orders on both of those is April! and you're welcome :) but yeah, check those models out, they're great! Also check out the Jaybird Bluebuds X and the Plantronics BackBeat Go 2.
  5. phallan
    Yeah maybe I'll check them out :wink: awesome! I'm looking up all of these :wink:

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