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Why are IEMs not used in/for gaming headsets?

  1. Rush-n-crush
    Always wondered this.. I dont even think a gaming IEM exists.. I also realize most if not all gaming headsets sound like crap.. but still why no IEM gaming headset? 
  2. FeedingNation
    I have been researching, and there are Iem made BY gaming companies, but I have never tried it, can't speak for that.(Steel series )

    I tried iem like the ma750, and they seem alright for me (League of Legends doesn't require imaging sound) Doesn't really have "surround sound" on such iem imo
  3. sonicxtreem
    Cos  IEMs have Comparatively low soundstage than over/On Ears , While Gaming Soundstage Matters a lot
    Considering the fact that most, if not all pro gamers at big lan events use IEM's and noise cancelling cans on top they can be used no problem. However having gaming branded IEM's would most likely be just as bad as any gaming branded headphones... So just use good IEM's as if you would use good headphones for better performance.
  5. Mooses9
    thats somewhat true and false, there are iems that have a great deal of soundstage however they are not in the pricerange of a gamer, or a marketing aspect for gamers and you can get better soundstage and imaging with iems with amplification and dacs but again we are getting out of the realm of just a headphone.
  6. ubs28

    There is a pro starcraft II player that uses IEM's underneath his over the ear headphone. 
    Soundstage and imaging is simply not something IEM's excel at, especially at the price range of gamer headphones. 

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