Help me make a choice with your experience! Anyone with EDM taste!
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Apr 20, 2013
I've made a post in the question thread but didn't got the answer i wanted. That's why i made a thread. Here's how it goes:
Hello again. After making lots of research i'm ended up having to decide between these:
-Vsonic GR01
-Fischer Audio DBA-02 mkII
-Vsonic GR07 bass edition
-HifiMan RE400/RE-272 (discontinued?)
-Anything else that falls into this price and quality range
For instance i would have bought the V-moda vibrato (which have almost no comparisons with the above and it is so hard for me to believe the above will sound bad)
This list summarises want i want a bit, but is missing models-or it's outdated; etc you can buy Monster cooper turbines for $200):
Additional information on my music tastes:
-EDM, trance, house, electro (main)
-Orchestral/game-movie-epic-music, etc. Final fantasy music-violin+piano
-Metal-well a bit rare but i still do
I really like to hear the bass strong and detailed. Especially the low freq. If you ever been to a club with a good sound system that produces the very low freq band which you feel when your body get the idea.
And vocals..especially on trance, electronic--acoustic versions..this is where i want to sound clarity. My Pioneer average ICE system, with the engine shut off is able to reproduce it very very clear.
Here are some examples of almost all the types of music i listen:


(listen to the saxophone)

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