1. bassophile

    Dynamic driver IEM's with bright treble?

    Is there anything out there that fits this description apart from the Hifiman RE0/RE-Zero/RE-400/whatever it's called nowadays...   Looking for something slightly more high-end than that - though I know it performs very well for its price range.   I don't like the sound of BA drivers...
  2. jyoder13

    ex Klipsch S4 owner looking for something new!

    I used to own a set of Klipsch s4 headphones. I had them for about 4 years and never had problems with their durability, not until my cat chewed them up recently... I enjoyed them, so I was just going to go with another pair but then I realized I was missing out on ALL kinds of different...
  3. RustA

    Changed title: SM64, or EX1000, or RE272 for a Senns HD800 fanboy?

    I want to get as close to HD800's sound as possible... It's neutrality from the bottom to the top, separation, imaging and expansive soundstage with incredible width and depth. I understand that IEMs are different from full-size, of course, but there are IEMs that are offer the best in terms of...
  4. Kunlun

    Crutchfield has a 60-day money back guarantee--are they a good place to buy iems from?

    Or, will they eat the souls of those who buy from them, in addition to charging a $10 fee for returns.
  5. St0RM53

    Help me make a choice with your experience! Anyone with EDM taste!

    I've made a post in the question thread but didn't got the answer i wanted. That's why i made a thread. Here's how it goes:   Hello again. After making lots of research i'm ended up having to decide between these: -Vsonic GR01 -Fischer Audio DBA-02 mkII -Vsonic GR07 bass edition...
  6. takowhut

    Any IEMs that require amps?

    My understanding is that most IEMs already sound good unamped, but out of my curious mind I'd wish to know if there are cases of otherwise. I have a 2nd hand d10 on the way so I'd want to audition some good pairs one day...
  7. benavery

    EQ vs bassier hardware

    I recently purchased some Shure SE425's - which sound amazing. But I'm finding that sometimes I just feel like listening to something with a more vicious punch to the bass.    In terms of bass output, and audio quality - what is the perceivable difference between using an EQ to turn up the...

    Adventures in Balanced Cables for IEMs

    I've had several IEMs with balanced cabling for a while - HIFIMAN RE262, RE272 and RE600. I didn't have an amp or player with balanced output, so I just used the included TRRS-to-TRS adapters. Then along came the HIFIMAN HM-901. I go it with all of the different amp cards, but so far, I having...
  9. thedocdetroit

    Best IEM for the gym?

    Vsonic GR01 vs Westone Adventure vs Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII vs HiFiMan - RE 272 vs Brainwavz B2 vs others   What would be the best IEM that provides good lows, mids, and highs with good isolation and durability for a gym environment?
  10. jwdjwd67

    Is there a better Portable Non-IEM Traveling/Commuter Headphone than the Martin Logan Mikros 90 for $150 or less New?

    Is there a better Portable Non-IEM Traveling/Commuter Headphone than the Martin Logan Mikros 90 for $150 or less? I got to thinking about this since I was looking for a pair of non-IEM's to go with my RE-272's for riding the train to and from work in the morning. Most reviews seem to say mostly...
  11. proedros

    Hifiman RE-262 and RE-272 recabling.....Is it possible ?

    I have a pair of RE-262 and RE-272 and i want to ask if anyone here had them recabled at Vesper Audio (or somewhere else) and if he saw changes/improvements in the sound ? And if so , what kind of improvements did you notice? Checking possible options if/when the cables become too...
  12. vegetaleb

    What are the best BT IEM under 50$?

    Hello! I am searching for affordable BT IEMs but with good sound quality and functions (vol +-,tracks,play/pause buttons) To use with my HTC M8 (BT 4.0 and APTX compatible) I have found the Sony SBH-20 to be a good solution as I can plug my RE-272 to get BT + very good sound quality, though...
  13. vegetaleb

    Sony SBH50 or SBH20 users here?

    Hello! I want to know if there are Sony SBH50 or SBH20 users here? How's sound quality with a good pair of IEM like HIFIMAN 272? Did you take the white or black version? And should I buy SBH50 for jogging or better get the smaller SBH20?
  14. Zowzout123

    IEM VS Headphones

    So I am looking to replace my AD-700's that my dog ruined and I can't seem to properly fix and I'm trying to decide if I should go with another pair of AD-700's or if there is a comparable/better IEM for sound.  The budget is around $100 (Could spend more if I wanted but like to keep it under...
  15. Minijim

    Is The Hifiman re262 and re272 discountinued once and for all ?

    Hello people,   It is my birthday today and I wanted to offer me new in-ears :).   Months ago, I discovered the re262 but can not afford em but now I can but it's impossible for me to find it on head-direct.   Can someone tells me, how/where to purchase them ? If not, which in-ears...
  16. jinque

    Spend $550 on IE80 + Toxic Silver cables or something else?

    Hi All, I've had IE8s for 2 years and need to replace them (too much wear and tear / accidents unfortunately). I love the outstanding soundstage and bass of the IE8s, so looking to buy IE80s with Toxic's silver cable which would run about $550. Both would come overseas to the US so I wanted to...
  17. kite2400

    Better headphones or headphones + amp?

    So over Christmas, one of my buddies gave me a $100 gift card. I wasn't sure what I was going to spend it on, but I finally decided I wanted to get a decent pair of iems. I was just wondering if I would be better off buying a pair of $40-60 dollar ones like the gr06 or am90's along with one of...
  18. O

    Best headphone/earphones for about £100 - £150

    Hi, i need some headphones or earphones for the price listed in the post title(about $150 - $220).   I mostly listen to music from the 80's such as Paul Simon and Nanci Griffith. i am driving it form my HTC one x and don't want an amp. they need to be portable to an extent but i don't really...
  19. gmoney9438

    JVC FX700 : How bad are the mids actually?

    I hear people complaining about the mids on the FX700's. How bad are they exactly?   I'm shopping for a new portable rig, and I want a sound that can replicate that of my Audio Technica W1000x's.   I'm a very big classical and electronic listener. I like juicy mids, very good timbre is a...
  20. JosephKim

    Any news on re272?

    Ive been selling off my IEM/headphones in anticipation for these haha. Wondering if anyone has any info on the release.
  21. antonyfirst

    HifiMan RE272 - Tony's Review

    I own a review sample of the HifiMan RE272 and, after a few weeks of listening, I have finished my take on them.     Presentation   The RE-272 to me build on the to that of the RE-262, not just for aesthetics, but also for sound signature. The main earpiece “grows” to form a...
  22. EraserXIV

    Hifiman RE272 now available

    Hey for those interested, I was browsing the head-direct website and saw that the RE272 is finally available for purchase: http://head-direct.com/product_detail.php?p=105#      
  23. Nankai

    Hifiman RE272 top of the line IEM Loaner program

      RE272 In-ear Headphones Retail: $249 Driver Size: 9 mm Impedance: 20 Ohm Effeciency: 103 dB  Freqancy: 15 Hz to 22K Hz Earphone to TRRS balanced plug length: 55cm Extension Cords Length: 60cm Three different extension cords: TRRS to TRS TRRS to TRRS TRRS to TRS (phase...
  24. kiteki

    [kiteki review] - Hifiman RE0 / RE252 / RE272 versus other IEM's (post #153)

    RE0 multi-review skip to post #153     Just started listening to these about an hour ago.   I like them a lot so far, so they are worthy of a review, imho.     These are my initial impressions, posted in a different thread, copied here.          I just opened up my RE0...
  25. psygeist

    HiFiMan RE 262 and RE 272 plug query

    I am planning to buy RE262 or RE272 but the only caveat is the TRRS plug.   Isn't the TRS plug provided with the accessories or will I have to buy it separately ?   Thanks.