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Is there a better Portable Non-IEM Traveling/Commuter Headphone than the Martin Logan Mikros 90 for $150 or less New?

  1. jwdjwd67
    Is there a better Portable Non-IEM Traveling/Commuter Headphone than the Martin Logan Mikros 90 for $150 or less? I got to thinking about this since I was looking for a pair of non-IEM's to go with my RE-272's for riding the train to and from work in the morning. Most reviews seem to say mostly good things but then quote the retail price and say "not worth the money", well for the "over half-off the retail price" for which they are now actually selling are they a bargain? No one carries them near me to audition (now that Best Buy discontinued them) so reviews are my only options. Any thoughts?
    About my listening preferences:
    I LOVE my AKG Q701s with an Ear 4 (original tube preamp) and Pioneer SX-780 but obviously not a very portable option! I also Love my Hifiman RE-272s but IEM's irritate my ears some times and I just need rest with some On-Ear or Over-ears that won't annoy my fellow commuters. I listen to Jazz/Acoustic/vocal stuff main and require nothing more of my bass than it be accurate and I like my mids as crystal clear as I can afford and a cymbal should sound like a cymbal. My sources are mainly the Colorfly C4 and an original Galaxy S with Voodoo Sound, accompanied by a 18V CMOY JRC4556 Amp. I have a modded JVC S500 and it sounds great but too bass heavy and just not well suited to my musical tastes. 

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