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Crutchfield has a 60-day money back guarantee--are they a good place to buy iems from?

  1. Kunlun
    Or, will they eat the souls of those who buy from them, in addition to charging a $10 fee for returns.
  2. puffmtd
    I've ordered several things from them with no problems.  In fact, received a set of re-272's from them today. [​IMG]
  3. Kunlun
    If people want to share, then they are welcome, too.
  4. KimChee
    Ive ordered from them before, no problems.  I still get their magazine in the mail every once in a while..
  5. FieldingMellish
    Good dealer from the old school days just staying competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing world. Years ago, the good stuff was dealt by fewer quality conscious companies. Then the big box stores arose as did the Internet.

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