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Any IEMs that require amps?

  1. takowhut
    My understanding is that most IEMs already sound good unamped, but out of my curious mind I'd wish to know if there are cases of otherwise. I have a 2nd hand d10 on the way so I'd want to audition some good pairs one day...
  2. TwinQY
    Source-matching - the CK100s would be very much guilty of being picky on this.
    There's plenty of other IEMs with funky impedance stuff that you might want to circumvent with an external amp. The XBAs for one (although with a clean enough DAP there's isn't much reason to do so as they'd still sound fine), or some higher impedance stuff that would need the extra juice, like the RE262/272 or the Tzars (wouldn't know this one first hand). It's also been popular to load up extra resistance on IEMs to change up the FR - just read Rin's blog - so that might warrant adding some extra power.
  3. Spyro
    Most don't need it but most will sound a little better with it no matter how efficient the IEM is. Tighter with more clarity seems to be the main theme.

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