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Best headphone/earphones for about £100 - £150

  1. olafgarten
    Hi, i need some headphones or earphones for the price listed in the post title(about $150 - $220).
    I mostly listen to music from the 80's such as Paul Simon and Nanci Griffith. i am driving it form my HTC one x and don't want an amp. they need to be portable to an extent but i don't really mind that much.
    I looked at the sony xba-3's and also the sennheiser hd 558's but i'm not sure. They also need a nice open soundstage with minimal sibilance.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. kaixax555
    BA200 should fit the description I believe
    If need portable headphones then V-Moda M80 are highly recommended because amazing soundquality include tight punchy bass, crsip clear very detailed mids, highs and fairly wide open soundstage(they don't need AMPs help to sound loud but they highly improve with good AMPs like JDS LABS C5. On other hand IEMs like Sony EX7550, RE272, JVC FXZ200, EQ7, GR07 are great buy( for these genres music )under this budget and they are very detailed.
  4. TwinQY
    Not sibilant, big stage, under 220 - gotta second the suggestion for the BA200s. Extremely balanced, wonderful mids and vocals for Paul Simon, easy to drive, some of the most refreshing, immersive soundstaging in an IEM I've heard. XBA-3s would be nice as well, but IMO not as coherent or balanced/smooth as the TDKs. 
    There's also the oft-recommended EPH-100, great staging, a bit bassy and warm, but the sound is large-as-life and powerful. e-Q5, FXZ100, should also be heavily considered.
  5. olafgarten
    Thanks guys, the tdk's are alittle out of budget but i may get them. What do you think of the PHONAK Audeo PFE 112
  6. davidcotton
    Top end of £150 plus costs of impressions (say £30) would get you customs from Cosmic ears such as the BA1 or 2.
    Just a thought.

    Edit : Little confused.  You use £ in the thread title, but $ in the post itself, which is it please?
  7. pacman46
    You can't go wrong with the etymotic hf3 my friend..I think they are the best sounding best bargan for under 200.00 actually under 150.00. Very clear and detailed..love them..and the service is great at etymotic..and with a two year warranty I might add..good luck in your journey :)
  8. TwinQY
    Apart from the large soundstage that is desired (sadly the BA200s beats them in that regard - the Phonaks' stage size is fairly average though positioning is a notch above), they would also fit the criteria. 

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